Chapter 0098: Good Intention

Chapter 98: Good Intention

A few kilometers away from here, Yun Tu’s group of seven who were now being targeted by the Heavenly Seal Guild’s Zhao Yinwen to be sent to their death by a rocket launcher, were still busy to reap the fruit of their victory, unaware of the danger that soon to befall them.

However, even if the Heavenly Seal Guild’s Sun Nantong was able to shot at the center of the target, it was impossible to completely kill all of them at one go with the bombing. After all, the blasting range of the shells might be large but the core killing area was only ten meters wide, to begin with.

Not to mention that, outside this effective range blasting zone, those who had fast response could immediately take cover by laying down on the ground and not necessarily be killed.

At this time, that group of seven were not concentrated at one point and waiting to get killed by his bombardment either. By that time, if one or some them were just injured and not died, they would definitely take the treasure he wanted and then escape.

Hence, some preparation to be done was a must so as to make sure 100% of probability for the Heavenly Seal Guild to snatch the fruit of their victory. After ordering to load the shells, Zhao Yinwen did not immediately order Sun Yantong to fire but send a signal to the nearest squad to head to the East Bridge as fast as possible.

Only after their people arrived near the target location could they fire so as to guarantee their harvest of the fruit of victory, denying the chance of the injured of the other party or those from other guilds to pick it up cheaply.

After all, the rocket shell was too precious. It was a resource he did not want to waste!

After the advent of the apocalypse, the rapid communication devices of the peace era had been rendered useless. Even though the hunting squad that had been sent outside could sense that there were changes with the zombie tide, they were not able to grasp the overall situation clearly compared to Zhao Yinwen who was on the roof. Yet, it didn’t affect them to execute Zhao Yinwen’s orders.

The Heavenly Seal Guild was the one that tried to kill the Purple Zombie who led the zombie tide, to begin with, hence it was granted that they must take the fruit back now that someone was trying to steal the fruits of their victory.

After receiving the order, the former Jiangnan Garrison army’s company commander, Zhang Chu, who was now the captain of first 20-man hunting squad of the Heavenly Seal Guild, rushed to the direction of the East Bridge at once. Shortly after, they appeared at the vicinity nearby the north side of the East Bridge.

In accordance with the appointed point, Zhang Chu firstly sent one man to carefully head to the bridge. The man then looked back to Zhao Yinwen’s direction, sending signal gesture and then withdrew quickly.

From a few kilometers away, a hint of a ferocious smile appeared on Zhao Yinwen’s face after seeing the squad led by Zhang Chu had reached the appointed location by his telescope.

Having sent a simple hand signal, the artilleryman Sun Nantong at his side immediately adjusted the position a bit, carefully setting the line of bombing target to aim at the center position of the bridge floor where Yun Tu and his men positioned at.

Those people on the bridge had cleaned up the Blood Crystals and materials they could obtain from the zombies’ bodies. Even though they did not gather together in one place, they did not stand far away from each other either. As long as the rocket shell hit the locked point of bombardment he already set up, he was sure that those seven people would be gravely injured even if the shell blast was not able to completely decimate them.

“Everyone, watch out! That man just now could be bringing some troubles!”

Having been living in the apocalypse for so many years, Yun Tu himself had developed an extraordinary perception to sense danger. Although his perception could not sense some people a few kilometers away, who were now currently aiming at them with a rocket launcher, he spotted someone came to the north side of the East Bridge and suddenly withdrew the moment after. His instinct told him that something was amiss.

Hearing the reminder from Yun Tu, the rest who just finished the work and rest on the bridge, quickly gathered their energy again. At this moment, a rocket launcher’s shell suddenly flew over from the northern sky toward their location.

Had they rested as they did a moment ago, this rocket shell would have been a game over for the Dark Night Guild that was newly established for a couple of days. It was very fortunate that a timely reminder from Yun Tu made all team members in a state of full alert.


At the same time, the sound of the rocket shell was shot, Yun Tu suddenly shouted and threw himself down to the ground along with Feng Ling whose injuries were just dressed up by him. His action was followed by the rest of the team who also threw themselves on the spot.


The shell landed on the ground, sending off a shaking loud explosion that shook the bridge. A large pit was created after the newly laid out concrete of the bridge floor blasted out.

Even though they were able to lie down in time and Yun Tu also gave them some protective gears this morning, yet nearly all of them who were hit by the splashing shrapnel were still lightly injured.

“ZHANG FENG, BAO ZI, XIAO BAO…” Yun Tu shouted each name of his team members. After making sure that no one died, he immediately ordered, “DON’T GET UP! INSPECT AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR INJURY ON THE SPOT!”

“Got one wound on my left shoulder. A light one!”

“Got two on my bottom by splashed concretes. Not serious!”

“Got injured on…”


After everyone reported their injuries, only two people who were not injured, one of whom was Pock Face Zhang Feng. He wasn’t injured at all due to the protective gears that covered nearly all his body parts while he was also seven-plus meters away from the shell’s bombard point.


The other one who was completely uninjured was Feng Ling who had been originally wounded. It was thanks to Yun Tu who immediately covered her body.

Yun Tu himself had two wounds on him. He always pursued light and fast movement so he did not like wearing relatively heavy protective gears so it was fortunate that his injuries were light.

“Who the hell has such hostility towards us? To think that they use a rocket to kill us!” Feng Ling fumingly asked while struggling to crawl out from Yun Tu’s body.

Yun Tu did not get up. Even though he did not face North direction, his ear was against on the bridge floor and quickly noticed 20 men who were running toward the bridge from the North side. In that instant, killing intent filled his eyes as he ordered:

“Everyone, listen to me! This fight is not over yet! Even it’s a time for life and death struggle for us. All of you are not to move. Stay still especially you who have bleeding injuries! Those bastards will come to us. Wait until they are getting closer before sending them surprise attacks. I don’t give a fuck of who they are, just strike them first and talk later!”

Whether it was in his previous incarnation or this life, he was sure that the hostility between him and the Heavenly Seal Guild was not to the point of no return. He had indeed uprooted the House of Duan from Jiangnan Family, but he did not want to continue the hostility with the rest of the other party. And yet, things happened even though he did not want it. Since the other party did not even hesitate to expend such a valuable rocket shell to plot them, he must break their teeth today even if he had to take risks with his life.

“Who hit that shot, huh? That guy is so damn accurate locking at them, even none of them can get up!”

Zhang Chu originally said that there would only be one or two people who would be able to struggle and run away. Never did he expect that the results were much better than he had imagined it to be.

“It must be that kiddo, Sun Nantong. He’s been quite close with Guild Master recently even I heard that he got some protective gears from him. But then again, it’s just a non-moving target so he was able to pinpoint them accurately, though.” A subordinate next to Zhang Chu replied. There was a tinge of jealousy in his tone.

“No need to be that jealous. You won’t have unjustly treatment being with me either!” Zhang Chu replied. He could tell what his men thought of.

“Yeah. All of us are your men, Captain Zhang. But still, if we could pick up the weapons and gears those people have, we—brothers can upgrade our gears to more advanced equipment and then send the rest of the gears to the Guild!”

The man next to him was evidently Zhang Chu’s trusted confidante, else he would not have dared to say such a suggestion that was an obvious violation of organizational discipline.

“Upgrading the gears of our team’s brothers is indeed a way to strengthen our Guild’s power and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think those from the second hunting squad are unlikely to be that unbridled so as to sell us out to the Guild either. Yet still, we can do some things but not speak about that. Things wouldn’t go well should the Guild Master find out about that!” Zhang Chu put on a fake serious expression as he lectured the man.

“I know that. That’s why I only talk about it in front of you, Brother Zhang. Besides, everyone here is your man, Big Brother. Except for the stuff from that Purple Zombie, it’s fine to get some things from the others, no?”

His man kept running his mouth, but Zhang Chu himself didn’t reprimand him and just began arranging their work.

“Anyways, cut those who are still alive once get there, lest making them suffer more. They probably snatched the Purple Zombie from our Heavenly Seal Guild unintentionally. We are all humankind Awakened, to begin with. There’s no need to watch some others suffer!”

A murder just to silence the witness of crime was never a good deed, yet what came out of his mouth was like Lei Feng’s propaganda and made it sound a good deed. He said so lightly and one wouldn’t be able to sense the malicious intent within his words without listening to it carefully.

“I’ll listen to your good intention, Brother Zhang. Rest assured!”

“Yeah, all of us will do it according to Brother Zhang’s intention. Come on, let’s get it on!”

Those few core members under Zhang Chu conveyed his order to the men under their men with some flattery.

With the thought of obtaining those people’s equipment to upgrade theirs, the team members under these several core embers could not help but speed up their pace, causing their previously orderly formation began to scatter a bit, even they looked to be racing against each other to arrive first.