Chapter 0097: Total Victory

Chapter 97: Total Victory

Two against one. The Purple Zombie faced the joint attack from Yun Tu and Bao Zi. Although it had been seriously injured, frankly speaking, Yun Tu and Bao Zi didn’t even have the upper hand either. The Third Order Purple Zombie possessed the strength and speed that far surpassed both of them. They were totally not an opponent if they had to fight in a fair duel.

But at the present situation, they just had to prolong the time. As the rest five were fighting against three enemies at the same level, it was a sure shot assurance that Feng Ling and Pock Face would win.

Certainly, it was true that the Purple Zombie had high intelligence. Hence, it fought desperately to win. If it could take the lead to kill one of its enemies, even if it had to be injured yet again, it would only lose the momentum slightly and could regain the upper hand, that would be very vital for the overall situation for itself.

However, as it decided to kill Yun Tu desperately, the latter’s body suddenly disappeared. The Purple Zombie dazed for a moment before it forced out a big-wide range sweeping strike. At this time, Bao Zi executed his “Swift Thrust” skill once again and stabbed its back.

Although Bao Zi’s sword strike unable to kill the Third Order being that had such a strong body, yet his occupation skill coupled with Bao Zi’s formidable Second Level’s stats was still able to make an opening to strike its back.

Storming Yun Tu as the target yet losing him, whereas a strike also threatened from behind, the Purple Zombie was forced to turn again to face Bao Zi. Having been teamed up with Yun Tu for a few times, Bao Zi knew that Yun Tu was still around. In order to create a chance for Yun Tu to strike amidst in his stealth state, he clenched his teeth and met the charging head-on. When the enemy attacked him, he chose to stay still and directly cross his sword in front of his chest to keep it off.

With only 24 points for his Strength stat, whereas the Purple Zombie’s strength—if it could be measured, was at least 35 points or above, Bao Zi blocked the violent raging strike from its claws as his sword and the Purple Zombie’s claws clashed. Despite being fully prepared for the blow, he was forcefully sent a few steps backward and fell heavily on the concrete.

To be suddenly fallen on the concrete floor was absolutely dangerous. Seeing that Bao Zi fell to the concrete floor, the Purple Zombie stormed over at him yet again. It was unable to take Yun Tu down, but taking down Bao Zi would also serve the same effect.

Amidst the critical moment, Yun Tu suddenly appeared again!

Bao Zi action to meet the strike head-on was, of course, a foolish, stupid and unwise move, yet, it had created a chance for Yun Tu. As the Purple Zombie flashed and swept over, he appeared behind it. The Purple Zombie found him and turned to strike at him. Yun Tu avoided the attack in a hairbreadth chance and fiercely stroke its thigh with his dagger.

Regardless it was fighting against zombies or humans, the upper body’s dodges, movements, and changes were always faster. The lower body itself was the center gravity of the body, and under normal circumstances, it would be very difficult to avoid attacks.

Sensing that Yun Tu’s dagger was about to stab its thigh, the Purple Zombie was forced to move, yet it couldn’t completely avoid the strike. All of a sudden, Yun Tu’s dagger slashed open a long deep wound straight through its bone.

Two against one and three blows had been exchanged. Yun Tu and Bao Zi had even been able to gain the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Zhang Feng was fighting a Green Zombie by himself. Although he only used two Blood Crystals to advance to the Second Level and he had been estimated to have lowest stats amongst everyone, yet he was someone that almost had been crowned as the champion for the close combat tournament in the army. In addition, his Berserker Swordsman occupation still had Red Flame Armor skill that granted him an extremely high defense that may disregard the enemy strike to a certain extent. Singled out a Green Zombie and facing it in a one on the fight was not a problem for him. By the time the fight started, Pock Face Zhang Feng directly charge onslaught and had been able to injure the enemy under three blows with his blade.

In another separate fight, Feng Ling and the other three took on the other two Green Zombies as they had also been able to injure the two Green Zombies’ legs and forced them to half kneeling under several moves.

Seeing that the overall situation had been under control, Feng Ling suddenly pulled back to attack the Purple Zombie had was being ganged-on by Yun Tu and Bao Zi. This fight was the key to end the battle.

The Purple Zombie had been injured. The two against one had now become three against one. It then let out a roar, intending to desperately break through forcefully toward the Eastern District. However, Yun Tu seized the initiative to move and block its path toward the Eastern District.

Three against one while it had also been severely injured. Wanting to break through the encirclement had just become a wild baseless hope. Being in the fight and had its idea broke, it suddenly turned its head and crazily stormed a desperate attack toward Feng Ling.

The sudden change in a situation caused Feng Ling to be thrown into confusion all of a sudden, Yun Tu and Bao Zi also couldn’t react for a moment. The strong attack from the Purple Zombie sent Feng Ling flew just like what had happened to Bao Zi before he fell to the concrete floor. When Yun Tu and Bao Zi attacked from behind it, the Purple Zombie even disregarding its own life and death and wanted to perish together with Feng Ling.

At this time, Pock Face Zhang Feng that had ended his fight suddenly crossed over and kept off its attack in front of Feng Ling.

Zhang Feng already had his Red Flame Armor activated and armed to the teeth and forcefully crossed into its line of attack. Although the Purple Zombie had similarly gone all out, yet, it had been injured for the unknown of how many times already. It could only insist for a few seconds for the sudden attack as Yun Tu and Bao Zi who chased it from behind finally stabbed their dagger and sword into its back…

Up to here, the fight between the four people and the Purple Zombie ended the battle, whereas, on the other fight, Xiao Bao led the other two teenagers who didn’t have occupations skill also had solved their fights. Although they were just teenagers, having advanced into a Second Level Awakened made their heights to be almost the same as adults. After having gone through numerous life and death fights, these two teenagers may still be relatively weak, but had they been in other guilds, they would definitely be regarded as the top-class players.

“Pock Face, everyone! Take out their Blood Crystals!”

Qing Yi was missing and nobody could cure everyone on-site. Yun Tu immediately took out the red medicine to heal Feng Ling!

Since they also had experienced life and death fights and had gone through the test, for Yun Tu, these people were the core member of his team that worth his trust.

Certainly, the most important thing to do now was to harvest the Purple Zombie’s third order Blood Crystal. So after Zhang Feng had dug it out, he immediately gave it to Yun Tu.

The third order Blood Crystal was a good thing. If he swallowed it right at this moment, it would increase Yun Tu’s strength immediately, yet, Yun Tu couldn’t do it for the time being!

Seeing the bright dark red—third order Blood Crystal, Yun Tu was thinking about a Pharmacist occupation. The importance of this secondary occupation in a team was comparable to a Priest.

Aside from refining healing drugs, a Third Level Pharmacist and above could adjust and modulate the efficacy of medicaments. Although Blood Crystals were the main ingredient for preparing some auxiliary substances, it would allow the energy in Blood Crystals to be fully played its role.

Advancing from the First Level to the Second, Yun Tu had spent three Blood Crystals. But if he used it with the prescription from the Pharmacist, it would save half of the cost.

Leveling up from the First Level to the Second in the absence of Pharmacist’s assistance and swallow the Blood Crystals directly, would waste an insignificant 20% of its energy, approximately. At present, the Dark Night Guild was no shortage of second order Blood Crystals. But it didn’t mean that it was a reason for them to squander it.

However, advancing from the Second Level to the third by only swallowing the Blood Crystal the lost energy wouldn’t 20% but at least a whopping 50% or even more.

Hence, this Blood Crystal must be saved up first, for the time being, looking for the opportunity to get a Pharmacist or go to the other guilds to find a way to hire them.

Whilst bandaging Feng Ling, Yun Tu was also thinking about the Pharmacist issue. He wanted to return back to their foothold in the Northern District; and at the same time, he must start to begin developing it massively.

But right at this time, on the roof of Heavenly Seal Guild’s headquarter building, Zhao Yinwen’s telescope was directed at their position. Since he sent out a small unit to kill the Purple Zombie to that small alley and the team he sent turned out to scatter chaotically from both ends of the alley, he naturally felt greatly vexed.

However, the Purple Zombie had escaped along the wall and he couldn’t spot it with his telescope. He then increased his scope of sight gradually and finally landed his sight on the East Bridge. This might be unimportant but then, not only did he find the Purple Zombie he also found a team was fighting it.

It was too distant and even if he saw it through the telescope, he couldn’t see Yun Tu clearly. But since the seven people unexpectedly had been able to block a Purple Zombie plus three Green ones, it made him greatly startled.

He thought that even though that these seven people’s courage was praiseworthy, they would also be unable to escape and would eventually die. Yet, within a short two or three minutes, the battle ended as a Purple and all three Green Zombies fell down to the concrete floor, whereas the victory almost belonged to those seven people.

The Purple Zombie was but the third order being. Not only would people covet its third order Blood Crystal, but its body was also similarly very valuable. His guild also had some members that had secondary occupations and he knew from them that if there were some materials from the Purple Zombie that could be used to temper weapons or to manufacture leather protective gears, the quality, and properties of the said equipment would rise a level.

They were the first one that had made this Purple Zombie injured severely. In order to kill this thing, he didn’t hesitate to even fire three rounds of rocket shells. And now, looking at how this treasure entered others’ pocket like this, as long as ones were still human, they would absolutely be feeling vexed.

Thus, such a vexed and grieved feeling filled his heart this very moment!

Seeing that his Guild Master fixed his telescope to stare at the East Bridge’s direction, the artilleryman next to him, Sun Nantong also used his to look over there.

Three rocket shells had he fired off today, and it was such so unexpected that the Purple Zombie hadn’t even be killed. He was perfectly aware of how precious rocket artillery shells were. Although his leader didn’t speak about it, yet, judging from his face, Sun Nantong could tell that he was vexed by it. Now, as he used his telescope and fixed his sight toward the East Bridge, he naturally understood clearly what had happened.

“Those pricks are harvesting our treasure. How about we…”

He was cautious and didn’t finish his words. He just rightly reminded Zhao Yinwen! Perhaps it would be a great opportunity for him to make up for his failure.

“Do you have the confidence?”

Although he didn’t finish words, how would Zhao Yinwen be unable to understand it?

Seeing that his Guild Master didn’t blame him, Sun Nantong vouched for himself, “If it’s a motionless target and I can’t hit it, then my previous training is a kind of worthless! Guild Master, as long as you order me to do it, I’ll load the shell and I assure you that I can hit any spot you’re targeting!”

Even though attacking an unknown team of Awakened people a few kilometers away with a rocket launcher was seemingly not something that soldiers should do, yet, after having wasted three shells and couldn’t get the treasure, as long as another shell of rocket shell was able to take their treasure back, finally, Zhao Yinwen’s greed prevailed over his conscience.

“Load it!”

After the silence for a short while, he tightly clenched his fist and issued an order.