Chapter 0096: The Grand Feast

Chapter 96: The Grand Feast

The sudden zombie tide had caused the already tragic situation to be a lot worse. It was so horrible that the word tragic could not describe it.

Due to the dense population, while it also happened at dawn when people had been in their sleep, a lot of people suddenly woke up, being surrounded by chaos with all the screamings everywhere. With the reason unknown to them, they flustered, panicked and run away in a flurry.

Yet, the zombie tide hit much faster than the ordinary people could run. A large number of refugees fled to all directions. The zombie tide submerged them all very quickly as pitiful screams filled the air in the process. Wherever the zombie tide hit a place, human corpses filled the streets as their body parts turned into a pulp of muddy flesh on the road trampled by the zombies.

Certainly, a small number of people who were injured, then turned into newborn zombies after a few minutes, muddle-headed and moving swaggeringly, trying to catch up to the zombie tide’s direction.

Unfortunately for them, humans rushed out of small alleys once in a while, and kept attacking the newly born, weak, or even wounded zombies.

After the descent of the Apocalypse, each time the zombie tide occurred, it would result twice to ten times of the casualties of the population compared to the zombie’s number. Yet, on the other hand, there were also Awakened people who dared to fight them, as long as running away was not a problem for them. The zombie tide itself was a rare chance to make a fortune as they could trace the edged area around the zombie tide to hunt and kill the zombies that fell behind, the wounded ones, or picked the bitten-wounded people or the corpses that were bitten to death by the zombies.

Using these means to expand themselves was not the patented method solely used by the Awakened from the Southern District. There were many people in the Northern District and the mobilization of zombie tide rarely happened here, so the method had been also grasped not only by major guilds but also adopted by those Awakened who had yet joined any organizations. Even some bold individuals among the ordinary that luckily escaped from the zombie tide also wanted to take this opportunity, using this chance to obtain Blood Crystals and become an Awakened.

Amidst the unceasing screams, the blood that was shed became a river, but some nevertheless enjoyed their grand feast of the opportunity provided in it!

In the southern part of the district, Zhao Yinwen, the Guild Master of the Heavenly Seal Guild who was in charge of the most populous district, had long received a notice from the scouts about the zombie tide that had been mobilized near the East Bridge and ransacked to the Northern District. Not only did he not show fear, instead he was hit by exceptional excitement.

The distance from the East Bridge to their headquarters was about 3-4 kilometers, but he immediately sounded the alarm. Within a mere few minutes, more than 200 Awakened members gathered completely.

If Jiang Menghua was still alive, he perhaps would really organize everyone to face the zombie tide as well as trying to protect everyone. But Jiang Menghua had died and the Heavenly Seal Guild which originated from the disbanded soldiers, was the People Liberation Army no longer, and thus became Zhao Yinwen’s private army. He hadn’t had enough Blood Crystals in stockpile all this while, so he couldn’t implement his plan to develop his Guild in a large-scale. Hence, the upcoming tide of zombies was just a very fortunate time to hunt for Blood Crystals.

He divided his forces into many small units. A small number of people stayed to guard the headquarter, a few other units to outflank the edge area around the alleys while avoiding the main road to ensure that they wouldn’t be hit severely from the harassment attack toward the zombie tide when they hunted the Blood Crystals. Thus, they were assigned to collect Blood Crystals from the wounded populace and the corpses of the deceased.

Certainly, such a situation was not only limited to his guild. At the initial stage of the Apocalypse, there had been no fixed base built prior to this event. Even if they had temporary headquarters and directly attacked by the zombie tide, they didn’t fight to the death to defend it. The zombie tide was only preying on blood and flesh., so they might as well let them hunt and kill ordinary people. By using people as baits, the Awakened would then gather around the zombie tide to reap the reward. This was the best policy adopted by various guilds.

At the same time after the member of the Heavenly Seal Guild passed the news and left, Zhao Yinwen didn’t stay idle. He had been a Second Level Awakened for many days, along with other seven Second Level experts in his guild. However, after advancing to the second level, the second order Blood Crystals were no longer able to increase their stats and could only be used as an energy supplement in battles. How would they be able to advance to the third level or higher? That was what interested Zhao Yinwen in. While this zombie tide was in unprecedented in scale and size, could it be that it was being led by a zombie a level higher than the Green ones?

Upon thinking up to there, he took a few core members of his guild to bring the most lethal armament they possessed, a rocket launcher and mounted it on the topmost floor of the building.

Although the distance was very long, by standing on the high place and using a military-grade telescope, the lucky one would find what he wanted. Quickly, he locked on the zombie tide’s central location and discovered that it was led by the Purple Zombie. At this time, a Green Zombie had just caught an ordinary Awakened and offered the person to its leader, a Purple Zombie to drink his blood.

“Motherf*cker! Becoming a leader is so very damn convenient and comfortable, eh!”

Zhao Yinwen cursed with Sichuan local accent and immediately commanded the artilleryman next to him, Sun Nantong to set the aim target of the rocket launcher. The target now was higher than the Green Zombie. Thinking about it aroused the greed of the people.

The artilleryman’s movements, Sun Nantong, were rather strange as he was unfamiliar with the weapon. As he locked the coordinate position, he spent more than a minute to have it finally set the coordinate fixed. However, he hadn’t enough time to shoot as the Purple Zombie had already turned to a corner from a wide road to a small alley and his sight was blocked by a residential building.

“Aim at the other end of the alley!”

Zhao Yinwen certainly wasn’t that stupid to become muddleheaded if he couldn’t see the enemy. His decision was a wise one, but then, the artilleryman—Sun Nantong had to adjust the fixed position yet again. But the Purple Zombie then went back from the alley again. It was like the zombie was playing a joke with him.

Certainly, it was not like that the Purple Zombie intended to do it. However powerful the Purple Zombie was, it wasn’t strong enough of being able to sense the intent of a few kilometers away that Zhao Yinwen had been wanting to kill it. It was just a Black Zombie encountered one Awakened in the hiding who didn’t have enough time to escape from there, so it went thereafter. After the Purple Zombie dealt with the poor man easily, it naturally went back to its original old route.

“Hurry up! It will come out!”

Seeing that the Purple Zombie came back out from the previous entrance, Zhao Yinwen immediately issued an order!

While the artilleryman Sun Nantong was rather knowledgeable in the instruction of how to operate it, he had yet to participate in the live military training for it. It was his first time using the weapon. He hastily adjusted the target locking and fired it. Even though it was no complete bombardment and didn’t hit the target directly, the shell fell about four or five meters away from the Purple Zombie’s position.

Having achieved such a result for his first time should have given him praise originally. Yet, it was very obvious that he failed the task and Zhao Yinwen’s complexion turned ashen.

There were only a total of eight shells left for this rocket launcher. It could be imagined how precious they were. Prior to this, he originally believed that this Purple Zombie would be his, but he didn’t expect that the shell would fall four to five meters away next to the target. Even the target itself felt the danger would befall upon it. Even though the scattering shrapnel severely injured it, yet it didn’t die on the spot.

Feeling that the shells attack was struck from the air, as high as its intelligence was, the Purple Zombie hid in the alley yet again and began to command the zombie tide to rush quickly toward the direction of the fired shell.

“Ugh, it can sense the direction from the fired shell. The zombie tide is heading toward us here and we can’t see it now! What should we do, Chief?” The artilleryman, Sun Nantong asked anxiously.

“Fuck! It’s bad. Be sure to kill it. Or else we’ll be fucked up!”

Just as Zhao Yinwen finished speaking, the Purple Hair went out from the alley. This time, Sun Nantong didn’t wait for his Guild Master’s command and fired the weapon again.

Who would have thought that it was just a feint from the enemy? While the Purple Zombie could sense the direction of the shells just now, it still couldn’t determine the exact location of the artillery. It came out once again and another shell bombarded it over. Finally, it was able to lock the building where the Heavenly Seal Guild was located.

Seeing the shells came out of the blue, it flashed to hide in the alley behind the residential building yet again.

Zhao Yinwen roared. He too had heard about the zombie tide raid toward the Dragon Slayer Guild in the Southern district. While the casualties of the Awakened had been a few, the periphery staffs, including some family members of the Guild’s core members, most of them had died by the might of these bloodthirst creatures!

While the zombie tide was still 2 kilometers away from them, considering their speed, it wouldn’t take more than several minutes for those zombies to break through here.

Yet, there was still time to organize everyone to rush out and escape. But they wouldn’t be able to take a lot of their things either.

“This is a bad omen. That damned thing has just locked our position and that small alley is rather long. Get ready to aim as per my order!”

If the Purple Zombie had been moved in high-speed, it would be impossible for the rocket launcher to take it in one strike. The artilleryman, Sun Nantong, understood the intention of his Guild Master. He was estimating the time and speed when the enemy crashed out of the alley and took a blind shot at it.

As it was traversing across the residential houses and he couldn’t see it, he didn’t know whether the bombardment would hit it or not. But soon after, a smile revealed on Zhao Yinwen’s face, because he saw that the zombie tide began to disperse.

“That Purple Zombie has just died. Some of you, get your asses there and get its dead body!”

Since the thousand zombies tide had been disintegrated, twenty soldiers Awakened composed of the disciplined troop was able to find opportunities to cut through the tide. Compared to the precious corpse of Third Order zombie, Zhao Yinwen felt it was worth it even if he would lose several men.

But this time, he was mistaken!

The artilleryman, Sun Nantong had estimated to take a shot at the Purple Zombie at the mouth of the alley, but it hadn’t hit it directly and only stunned it for a while.

Just as the Heavenly Seal Guild’s strike force arrived at the alley, the Purple Zombie woke up yet again at the other end of the alley. Although its body had been pierced by more than ten shrapnel and weakened its strength somewhat, yet, after it woke up again, it was basically easy for it to solve these First Level soldier Awakened and break their defense.

The assaults of twenty people resulted in the casualties of more than half of them. Seeing that ordinary blades and guns unable to break the enemy’s skin, the rest of them who had yet to be injured ran away completely.

The Purple Zombie that was in a bad situation didn’t pursue them as it leaned on the corner, issuing a few low shrieks. Soon after, three Green Zombies nearby caught up with it.

The zombie tide had been collapsed and dispersed. The Purple Zombie was severely injured and unable to control the overall situation now while it also realized the cunningness of the humans and didn’t want to throw itself into such danger predicament further. With the three Green Zombies alongside it, it traversed quietly along the alley to return back to the East Bridge.

All the way there, it traversed close to the wall. Zhao Yinwen, who was in the higher spot also unable to spot them. Originally, it had thought that it would be able to return back to the Eastern District, the safe haven for the zombies, and then waiting for a few days. Enough for it to recover completely. By that time, it certainly would mobilize a larger zombie tide to kill its enemies in one fell swoop. Yet, however, the Purple Zombie didn’t expect that it had yet to come back to the Eastern District, but Yun Tu and his team would give it a bitter encounter.