Chapter 0095: The Encounter

Chapter 95: The Encounter

Artillery fire!

In his past life, Yun Tu only accurately knew the time of the first large-scale zombie tide attack in the Northern District. At that time, he was only an ordinary person. When the zombie tide came raiding, he was desperately escaping and finally escaped the tribulation when he reached the Northern suburb.

As for how this zombie tide was quelled, there were two rumors floating. One, some people said that it was due to the Regimental Commander Jiang Menghua who had just set up a Guild for a few days. He sent a death squad to rush into the zombie horde and managed to kill the zombie leader. The other rumor said that the Heavenly Seal Guild’s leader, who was also the Vice Commander of Jiangnan Garrison Army, Zhao Yinwen, blasted the zombie leader with a rocket launcher from atop of a residential building roof.

As he was just an ordinary person back then, who was only able to run between life and death predicament in his everyday life, he didn’t scrutinize the details of things. When he suddenly heard the sound of a rocket launcher, it seemed that the second rumor proved to be the correct one. In this life, however, Jiang Menghua weren’t able to set up his own guild because he had been murdered by Duan Hongyu, while on the other hand, the rocket launcher was shot in a timely manner at this critical time.

Jiangnan City never had a large military force to guard it. The regiment of the garrison troop was incomparable with the ones in the border provinces’ cities. The shells for the rocket launcher thus were rather limited and most likely would be less than 10 pieces. Storing too much rocket shells for the inland cities’ garrison army was simply meaningless after all. Perhaps, the most important function to store them was for training use.

In a short period of time, three rounds of rocket launcher being shot could be heard consecutively one after another. It seemed that this time, it was the Heavenly Seal Guild who had the shot. Considering the destructive power possessed by a rocket launcher, let alone the Third Order Purple Hair, even the Fourth Order Bone Demon wouldn’t be able to survive.

What would be the meaning of the shooting of three rocket launcher then?

Was it because the Heavenly Seal Guild was in possession of rich resources so they were playing with the firecrackers?

The answer seemed very obvious. The first two shots definitely didn’t hit the target. Since the first two missed, then the third shell did the job of exterminating the enemy. Yet, Yun Tu couldn’t help but keep his suspicion regarding this matter, mainly due to himself being accustomed to sneaking attacks he excelled on.

So to say, the first two shots were unable to destroy the enemy, thus the target became more guarded, causing the chances of the next projectile hitting drop. Unless, of course, the first two shots had already injured the enemy severely.

“Artillery fire? It turns out the military people that use a bazooka or artillery. That Purple Zombie should have died by them!”

Upon hearing the roaring-thunder like shot, Feng Ling instinctively hoped that some people could destroy the Purple Zombie that led those zombies. The Northern District was the most populous area in Jiangnan City with a total of at least two or three hundred thousands of people. The total population of the Awakened across the city was a lot more compared to the Southern or Western District. When the Regimental Commander Jiang previously distributed the Blood Crystals, several thousands of people became Awakened, so the number of Awakened people in the Northern District should have exceeded 10,000. As long as the super strong Third Order Purple Zombie had been eliminated by someone, the zombie tide was likely to disintegrate into a dozen of branches and finally, considering the number of humans, they would eventually be absolutely dominated.

“Let’s have some rest for three minutes first. We’ll see what is happening there afterward!”

Although his real opinion differed from his thoughts, Yun Tu didn’t like to firmly decide answers for uncertain questions. Seeing was truer that speculating!

The fight they had been through just now hadn’t been long, yet their stamina and physical strength had been largely consumed. Three minutes of rest would seem to be very short, but taking the initiative to rest in the midst of battle gave significant effect to relieve the mental stress even if it was but only for a minute.

Hearing Yun Tu’s order, whereby the bridge floor was also spacious and the day was bright, they basically didn’t have to worry about being attacked by the zombies. Everyone immediately lied on the ground to relax their mind and catch their breath!

After the three minutes ended, Yun Tu was the first one to stand up. Followed by everyone as they stepped onto the bridge once again, striding to the other side toward the Northern District.

As they had just walked halfway through the bridge, they were quite shocked to find that the Third Order Purple Zombie and three Green Zombies also entered the bridge from the other end without any other lesser zombies following them.

“The Purple Zombie is back!” The shock everyone felt was rather huge!

Could it be that because they forcibly broke and killed its subordinates in the zombie tide made it come back for revenge?

They had no assurance to confront the Purple Zombie, knowing that its strength was far greater than Green ones, everyone’s heart fell to the bottom as they instantly looked at Yun Tu.


Yun Tu himself, of course, knew perfectly well about the strength possessed by the Purple Zombie. If it weren’t for the three Green Zombies next to it, the seven of them desperately fighting it at the risk of their lives would perhaps be able to contend with it, yet, there was no assurance that they could win whatsoever.

With three Green Zombies followed the Purple one closely, escaping was the only right choice. Facing the stronger with much inferior strength could never be called as bravery, considering that the Green Zombies were also powerful adversary they needed to be concerned with.

There was no place along the 500 meters of the bridge they had to pass to take shelter in. At the same time when Yun Tu and the others noticed the Purple Zombie, it also noticed them.

The ability of high-level zombies to sense other powerful beings was strong. Upon seeing the seven people in Yun Tu’s group, they seemed to communicate with each other and the Purple Zombie could conclude that these people in the opposite party were all consisted of Second Level beings.

Yet, the first time the Purple Zombie saw Yun Tu’s group, it was also greatly startled inwardly.

It had abandoned its army of thousand zombies and hurried back to the Eastern District with three Green Zombies. Surely, it was caused by something, yet such a formidable combination possessed by Yun Tu’s group on the bridge was but an unexpected variable it never wanted to meet by chance. However, it was also an encounter they were unable to avoid, either.

It was especially true when it saw Yun Tu’s group saw them and hurried to retreat. It suddenly looked up and shouted as it rushed over toward Yun Tu and the others.

Even if their distance was rather far away, Yun Tu and the others instinctively had their pupils shrunk upon hearing the shrieking from the Purple Zombie. The Second Level facing off the Third Order was basically equal to the event where the First Level went against the Second Order. They could lose their lives in a flash. Everyone could feel the powerful aura effused by the opposite party.

And yet, something was amiss!

This couldn’t have happened! Since the rocket launcher had been unable to kill it, it shouldn’t have had any reason whatsoever to rush back to revenge to them so soon for there was still a lot of blood for them to feed on in the Northern District.

Whilst leading his group to retreat, at the same time, Yun Tu’s brain spun faster.


As the seven retreated to the end of the bridge, he suddenly figured out the key to the problem. The enemy should have been seriously injured!

Yun Tu stopped abruptly! Withstanding the pressure, he stood fearlessly in the middle of the bridge.

Behind him, Feng Ling and the others who didn’t understand as to why Yun Tu suddenly changed his mind to avoid the fight against the Purple Zombie, made a pair of groups as they stood there with expressions of being ready to fight to the death. They all stopped their pace at the same time.

“It should be a feint and everything is false. I’m sure it had been injured and quite severe at that!” Yun Tu spoke in a very assured tone, yet he didn’t have 100% assurances!

If he was wrong, considering that the enemy consisted of Third Order Purple Zombie and three Second Order Green Zombies, by their seven people’s strength, they must pay a sacrifice they couldn’t afford, even they would have to face the risk of being annihilated. However, the Apocalypse had no Ifs, 70% chance one could gamble, then fight blindly to the end one must have. Only then would one forever become a few powerful beings on top of the others.

From the First Level to the Second, the first consumed second-order Blood Crystal was the most important one. As long as one could win second order Blood Crystal first, their strength would naturally improve greatly, and it would be easier for one to advance. Yun Tu had enough second order Blood Crystals for everyone in Dark Night Guild to advance to the Second Level. But he had yet to have a direction to breakthrough from the Second Level to the Third. He didn’t expect that such a good opportunity would appear in front of him so quickly.

Certainly, it might be a pit that would send him to his death without a burial place. But after having calculated everything, Yun Tu decided to take such a reckless gamble.

“Let’s get their Blood Crystals!”

Yun Tu was well aware that it was no trivial fight they had to face now. Whilst talking, he took the last half of the second order Blood Crystal into his mouth as his physical ability and strength immediately raised to the peak yet again.

While the second order Blood Crystals had been stored centrally inside Yun Tu’s interspatial ring, but an important supplement in the fight, everyone also had prepared a few pieces of first-order Blood Crystals to be used at any time.

Seeing Yun Tu stopped talking and put a Blood Crystal into his mouth, everyone else also put a first order Blood Crystal into their mouths.

“I and Bao Zi will take the Purple Zombie. The rest of you will deal with the three Green ones. Be quick and do pay attention to not kill them first. The best plan is to injure and render their abilities to act to nothing!” Whilst instructing the plan, at the same time, he took his precious sniper rifle.

Purple and Green Zombies were all creatures that had gained wisdom. They might be unable to brew up the plan in the attack, but the most frightening aspect they possessed was that, if they rushed desperately and focused all their firepower to destroy one of them, the normal case was that the one that was being targeted would be decimated at once.

Between the Purple and Green Zombies, they neither need to communicate nor expressing it through language. Within a close distance, they could exchange their sense to mutually convey information. This advanced control method was far more efficient compared to the human’s language to manage a team. There had never been an error in misunderstanding nor was there any error in implementing the instructions. The enemy, all in all, was a tight hive team and it had been extremely difficult to break the mobs apart.

To protect their own plan to be effectively implemented, one had to take the initiative to break the enemy’s plan. Therefore, as their distance was only 200 meters away, despite knowing that his shot would be useless to hurt the enemy, Yun Tu didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. He didn’t attempt for the kill, just trying to break off the enemy’s plans.

As the gun was fired, Yun Tu’s team recoiled and met them face to face for the brave victory!

Facing lesser zombies without intelligence, such momentum wouldn’t make sense, yet in facing the Purple and Green Zombies that possessed intelligence, such an imposing momentum was of the utmost importance.

Confronting such enemies in the battlefield, this kind of shifting momentum was a must. As long as the momentum of the enemy was suppressed, one would snatch the decisive initiative in battle.

As expected, just as Yun Tu shot the bullet and the rest of his team took a rapid recoil, the enemy that was intentionally pretended to scare Yun Tu and his team couldn’t help but have their pupils shrunk, especially the Purple one. They couldn’t help but step back a half step and responded afterward. The Purple Zombie issued a shriek yet again, as at the same time, brought the three Green Zombies to rush again.

While it was only a small half step of retreat, it was obvious that it was restless and also affirmed the suspicion Yun Tu had.

Two hundred meters. Both sides charged at each other. Within a few seconds, close combat commenced as human’s blades and zombie’s scythe-like claws crossed attacks with each other.

According to the timing and the plan, Yun Tu and Bao Zi moved uniformly and attacked the Purple Zombie with everything they got. The duo’s purpose was very obvious. As long as they could withstand the barrage of attack of their enemy within ten blows, whereas the other five solved the three Green Zombies and then surround the Purple one, this tactic would give them victory.

Yet, the Purple Zombie was, after all, the Purple one. Even though it had been severely wounded, its speed was still much faster that Yun Tu and Bao Zi. It turned back for two steps and flawlessly avoided their strikes.

Feeling that Bao Zi’s sword strike seemed to be faster and more powerful, it intended to solve the seemingly and relatively weaker Yun Tu and ignored Bao Zi’s attacks from the side as it suddenly dashed to the side. Yet, however, Yun Tu’s figure suddenly disappeared!