Chapter 0094: Breaking the Tide Away

Chapter 94: Breaking the Tide Away

There was a 20 stories tall building near the East Bridge. Yun Tu and all of the present members cleared out the whole building by force and then settled in the third floor.

As several of them sat to eat dinner, Yun Tu handed Feng Ling a few Second Order Blood Crystals so she could give it to the last two teenagers who had yet to level up and help them advance for the second level.

With everyone advanced to the second level, it was basically safe enough to pass the night without keeping watch, and yet, everyone still took turns to stand guard as per the system that had been made before, even without Yun Tu telling them to do so. Feng Ling had arranged it quickly, but this time, Yun Tu didn’t have a duty to keep a night watch according to her plan, since she asked him to stay at a specific spot alongside the main road where he had a vision of hundreds of meters around the area.

The night passed in silence. Shortly before dawn, the night watch member spotted a zombie tide advancing from the depth of the Eastern District and heading toward the East Bridge’s direction. He immediately hurried to wake everyone up.

The unavoidable had finally arrived. Furthermore, it was earlier than the same event happened in his previous life. Yun Tu was about a kilometer away from the zombie horde, so he didn’t feel anxious and quickly rushed to the top floor.

After occupying a higher spot, he was able to see the dense, crowded zombie army. The total number of the zombies definitely exceeded 2,000 zombies.

Although a Purple Zombie’s height returned back to the height of the average person’s, it was still obvious to see who the leader of the horde was, as there were an almost empty space few meters around it, where the lesser and Black Zombies didn’t dare to get close to, and only three Green Zombies stayed by its side.

Additionally, 20% of the large horde consisted of Black Zombies, mixed with Second-Order Green Zombies commanding them here and there. The entire horde consisted of a total of 20 Green Zombies units.

“That small guy whose hair turn purple seems to be the leader. Is that a Third Order Zombie? Could it be the Half Zombie that kidnaped Qing Yi? Anyhow, we’re all Second Level now, do you think we will be able to fight it?” Feng Ling asked.

“Looking at its posture and movement, it must be a male. So it’s impossible that it is the Half Zombie that kidnapped Qing Yi!” Yun Tu answered calmly.

“It’s so far, and yet you are still able to distinguish whether it’s a male or a female?” Feng Ling was a bit surprised.

“The way men and women walk is significantly different, to begin with, and yet you’re still not aware of it even though you’ve been fighting with the zombies for few days?” asked Yun Tu.

“When fighting I can certainly distinguish which zombies are males or females, but so far, I didn’t really pay attention to that!” Feng Ling answered embarrassedly.

In fact, it was one of the things that Yun Tu had obtained from the experience of his past life. Asking Feng Ling to do the same in just a few days was impossible, so Yun Tu decided to simply explain it to her.

“In the Apocalypse, everything is fated to change very quickly. You must pay attention and observe all the details you can. Take a look at that Purple Zombie. Its bottom is always motionless when it walks so that one is definitely a male. If it was a female one, its bottom would move and turn a little.”


Whilst paying attention, Feng Ling also thought to herself, “You shameless sex maniac. Even when you see a zombie, all you are paying attention to is its ass. No wonder that you like to grope people’s buttocks.”

“They are coming. Take cover!”

Yun Tu didn’t notice Feng Ling’s expression and quickly turned downstairs followed by everyone in the building.

“If we let this wave of zombie to flood into the Northern District from here, I don’t know how many people will die there. We don’t have a sniper rifle so we really have no means to slay this Purple Zombie and put an end to this zombie tide early,” Feng Ling said with unwillingness as they went downstairs.

“Even using a sniper rifle, it’s still hard to kill a Second Order Green Zombie. The Purple one is a level higher than it, so there is no way we can kill it with a sniper rifle. Not to mention that using gun amidst the tide of thousand zombies will only make us the first targets due to the gunfire sound. Also, we don’t want to die now, do we?” Yun Tu’s complexion changed since he didn’t want to bother explaining about these boring trivialities.

The tall building was on the main road that led to the East Bridge, even next to the bridge itself. Hiding in this building, even on the twentieth floor wouldn’t be safe, so Yun Tu and the others had to leave the building. Yet they didn’t escape through the bridge to the Northern District but quickly dashed and spread out to both sides of the bridge. The zombie tide suddenly mobilized. If there were no interferences, the Northern District would definitely become the target of this zombie tide. So it would be better to observe the zombie horde and approximate the scale of the next tides to come. With this information, he would be able to know how far the safe distance was, and the position where it was possible to avoid the wave.

While this zombie tide could create major casualties in the Northern District, saying that all the hundreds of thousands of people there would be swept in one go was simply impossible. Escaping through the East Bridge was, of course, the safest choice, yet, the reason he didn’t cross the bridge to the Northern District last night was that he had another idea in his mind.

As the seven people dashed about a mile away from the zombie tide, the gathering zombies from the Eastern District mobilized by the Purple Zombie had been rushing to the East Bridge in a terrifying momentum.

Standing atop another building, the seven people kept a watch closely for the changes in the zombie tide. When the highest leader of the zombie tide, the Third Order Purple Zombie had crossed the East Bridge and disappeared in the streets of the Northern District. After 70% of the zombies had already crossed the bridge, Yun Tu then suddenly issued an order.

“Rush there now and stop the last four Green Zombies and all the lesser zombies behind!”

Hearing Yun Tu’s order, the seven people rushed downstairs and hurried straight toward the East Bridge!

Although there were four Green Zombies followed by hundreds of lesser zombies, the lesser zombies that stayed behind couldn’t keep up with the speed of the large force and were relatively weak. Seven Second Level Awakened with weapons that Yun Tu had tempered twice, were as though tigers inside the herd of sheep, leading to large numbers of lesser zombies fell down like straws.

The leader, the Purple Zombie, kept continuing to the Northern District since there was a lot of blood for them to feed on. Even if it knew that the tail of the horde was being attacked by some humans, it didn’t stop. The main target of the horde couldn’t stop and turned around due to its tail attacked by some mere humans.

Bao Zi, Yun Tu, and Feng Ling hit half of the horde’s tail as the seven people team became a sharp triangle formation that dashed forward, killing forty plus zombies on the bridgehead and finally forcing the tail of the zombie tide to break apart.

As for all the zombies that had crossed the bridge, the Purple Zombie kept summoning the Green Zombies that stayed behind to hurry for the Northern District. Quickly, the last of the horde reached the bridge!

“Change position!”

Yun Tu adjusted everyone’s position yet again as the seven turned around and stood in an arc to protect the bridge!

Seeing that there were only seven humans, two Green Zombies led dozens of lesser zombies and rushed toward them.

At this time, the new formation immediately played its role as they flashed in front of the two Green Zombies. While the number of their force was far outnumbered and the formation was in the semi-surrounded state, they nearly didn’t need to use any profession skills at all. Each one of them attacked and struck, and soon, the two Green Zombie fell down.

“Don’t kill them. Just injure and don’t kill. Let them continue calling their brethren!”

Different circumstances begged different application of different strategies. They cut off the limbs of two Green Zombies as Yun Tu began to take the initiative to use the Green Zombies’ summoning wails.

As expected, the remaining lesser zombies had no ability to think by themselves. They kept rushing to their death, heeding to the screaming summon of the two severely injured Green Zombies.

Simply exhausting the enemy forces, the seven second-level experts began the constant slaughter of the rushing zombies without breaking a sweat. The other two Green Zombies that followed behind, was instinctively aware that the situation turned for the worst, yet they didn’t attack nor leave. They still wanted to cross the bridge to catch up with the main force. But unlike the lesser zombies and Black Zombies that already attacked, they had the basic ability to think.

With the Third Order Purple Zombies getting further and further into Northern District, the control it had toward the two Green Zombies began to weaken and they finally hesitated and slowly retracted back to the opposite direction.

This time, without Yun Tu issuing an order, Bao Zi and Zhang Feng left the formation after getting Yun Tu’s approval through eye contact. They quickly rushed to chase after the two Green Zombies.

The two Green Zombies themselves were yet to fully escape. When the two humans suddenly chased them, the two zombies gave up escaping and accepted the challenge. Seeing them entangled in the fight, after several blows, less than a hundred of lesser zombies remained as Yun Tu and the rest took the initiative to attack and assists the two people and clean up the zombies in the surrounding.

Before the Green Zombies died, the lesser zombies wouldn’t be dispersed automatically. Surrounded and assisted with such advanced tactics, even with the obvious, the immense momentum of hundreds of zombies were eventually unable to take advantage of the situation and ended up either dead or severely injured. Finally, the remaining zombies scattered when the four Green Zombies were all silenced.

After the battle, the seven people that killed hundreds of zombies were tired as well, so they went in the opposite direction. They were all resting whilst harvesting large and small Blood Crystals.

Since Yun Tu directed them properly, the harvest went much faster than walking around and harvesting each one of them on their own. Within twenty minutes, the seven people had harvested four Second Order Blood Crystals, more than 50 First Order Blood Crystals, and more than 200 small ones.



A thundering rocket launcher suddenly sounded from the Northern District right after they just finished cleaning up the battlefield.

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