Chapter 025—Horns of the Counter-offensive (Part 1)

Translator and editor: SaltyTank

On the other side, Hilde and Marie were still in a neck to neck fight with their own opponents. Despite noticing something had probably happened, they could not spare a moment’s attention to look at it.

Especially Hilde, things were starting to spiral downwards for her. Her stamina was rapidly declining, and her situation was even worse than she had originally anticipated. She had lost one of her two swords and ran out of bolts after the god cut down the last one with its claws.

She managed to sever both its arms, but the scythe-like wings proved too much for her to handle. Unable to follow the pace of the enemy any longer, she was solely on the defensive and could only retreat while dodging.

Just when her last weapon, the longer sword, was about to be knocked away from her hands, a gust made its entrance into the fight.

‘Wh… What?’

She crouched and crossed her arms in front of her eyes to block the gust. The armless god was strangled by the strange wind and stood still on the spot, as if an invisible hand was clutching onto it.

Hilde could only see a silhouette enveloped in blue aura emerge from afar, though she was unable to identify who it was. At the same time, a dark shadow dashed past her.

The raging wind disappeared.

The force restraining it suddenly gone, the god stumbled, only to be beheaded by the dark shadow easily with a silver flash.

Hilde finally saw that Andre was the one who insta-killed the god, and much to her surprise, Jade was the one who controlled the powerful storm.

‘Jade! You!’

Faced with Hilde’s astonished look, Jade only laughed bitterly and gave her a hand.

‘I don’t want to hide behind all of you anymore. Also, we succeeded.’

‘Succeeded…? In what?’

‘The god slaying sword.’ Andre lifted the sword and said. ‘I’ll explain later, Marie’s still fighting.’


Jade summoned a storm to dissipate the smog in front as Andre ran along with the tailwind. In no time, the two were gone.

‘Your persistence was not wasted, Prom.’

There was no way for Hilde to follow their pace. Losing strength in her body, she sighed and muttered Prommel’s name while looking at the shining weapon Andre held.

Although Marie was not as worse off as Hilde, neither side could establish an advantage over the other and the battle was in a deadlock.

Looking back, Andre had originally hoped that Marie could defeat her enemy first, then support him or Hilde afterwards. He probably would have almost died when she finally finished her duel.

Marie blocked a heavy blow with her shield, the shockwave stiffening her muscles. She could see the opening but could not recover quick enough to exploit it. Even when she managed to do so, the enemy would always parry or block her attack.

The same pattern repeated itself for countless times. With Marie’s personality, it would not be tiring for her to loop the cycle of ‘defend, attack, then repeat’ just to wear down the enemy. Soon enough, Andre came to her assistance.

Marking his appearance together with a tempest that swept across the land and shuddered the trees, he passed by between Marie and the god as swift as lightning while stabbing the weapon into the god’s throat.

Marie was astounded by how casual and relaxed Andre’s attack looked, her eyes staring wide open.

The gods, even they can be so fragile?

Marie knew. The weapon that Andre held, it was the item that Jade had spent the whole night smelting and hammering. As a light sleeper herself, she had always monitored every movement surrounding and within the base out of habit. It was no surprise that she was aware of Jade’s actions.

The wind whirling past her, it was also something Jade had acquired on her own. She paid the price, mustered the courage, and abandoned her final path of retreat to become part of the team.

Marie finally fully accepted Jade as a companion in their group.

She threw aside her sword and shield, then slowly walked over Jade to lend her a shoulder. No one noticed that after using her magic consecutively, Jade’s stamina had reached its limit along with her magic powers.

Marie took out a brain core and stuffed it into Jade’s mouth, being a tad bit forceful in making her eat it.

With the enemy annihilated, the battle finally came to a close. Everyone only suffered from minor, superficial injuries as well.

There was now a massive hole in the common area. It was unavoidable that such a powerful blast would throw the base into a massive mess, with items thrown all over the place. Thankfully, they had packed all the important stuff away, so their losses were not too bad.

‘Geraldine! Are you okay?’

They pushed the boulders aside and went over to the living area to find Geraldine huddling the two kids in a corner, staying completely still until Andre called out to them.

‘Andre… Thank goodness, are all of you fine? Did you defeat the monsters already?’

Geraldine’s voice was still lacking the liveliness she usually had.

Under the protection of her magic, she had not experienced any physical damage to her body from the impact of Prommel’s death, but psychological damage was beyond the scope of her magic.

Geraldine looked around to make sure everyone was safe and sound. After all, it was almost as terrifying as doomsday when the gods struck. For a moment, she even thought that it would be the end of her life.

‘Everyone’s fine, we won. Also, I have some good news to share.’

‘Good news?’

‘That’s right.’ Andre nodded and held up his blade. ‘Look, Prom’s research finally succeeded. Jade spent the whole night on making this.’

‘Prom’s research… God slaying sword?’

Geraldine widened her eyes and quickly went over to receive the blade.

‘I killed the gods with this just now.’

‘This, this is… Jade, what did you make this with…?’

She held it with both hands and turned to ask Jade.

‘I was using the furnace in the workshop without permission last night… I’m not sure what I had to do actually… Ah, it’s made out of lightstone.’

‘Lightstone? Hah… It’s actually lightstone…’

Upon hearing her answer, Geraldine made a deep sigh, almost looking a bit depressed.

‘It’s been beside us all along, yet we never tried to… How much of a detour did we take, Prom?’

Geraldine’s words reminded everyone of the caring, buffed figure. To reach where they were, they had already lost too much, including the unfortunate death of an important companion.

Still, the legacy he left behind protected everyone and even showed them a glimmer of hope.

Andre shut his eyes, swearing that he would live on together with Prommel’s legacy. With the god slaying sword Prommel had gifted them, he shall seize the world from the gods’ grasp.


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