Chapter 0037—Dancing Flames

They were all surprised to see someone who held an important role on the battlefield. While they could resurrect immediately after death, it still took around a minute for the entire process to complete. It also took time to run all the way from the resurrection altar to the east gate. The players could easily fall into confusion and chaos if the chain of command was severed for even a while, which was why Hades had such a poor evaluation of Zephyrwolf.

You’re heading out even when you’re one of the commanders, do you think you’re a Level 40 guy cutting through a bunch of Level 10 monsters like butter?

Zephyrwolf arrived at the forefront of the frontlines in no time. The beastmen’s overwhelming charge scared the living daylights out of the players, and they were faltering as the monsters pushed them back.

It was way too realistic.

The game was indeed true to its name, ‘Real World’. Despite knowing they could resurrect after dying, everyone was still subconsciously afraid—of the disgusting and terrifying monsters, of death itself.

By the time Zephyrwolf arrived, the beastmen army had gained a lot of ground and was now 1500 metres away from the city walls. In just merely 10 minutes, the army had pushed forward over a kilometre.

As Drako Yau had mentioned, if they arrived at the city wall, they would surely lose.

Zephyrwolf took the lead and stood at the foremost. The frightening beastmen charged at him with their swords. He was afraid, so much that his legs were trembling slightly, though the players behind him didn’t notice it.

He was no hero. He was just a thug, a random nobody. Even when he had received the Demon Wolf Cave encounter quest, he had never dreamt about actually clearing it. Even when he got his hands on Night’s Venator, the weapon that topped the weapon ranking list, his first thought was to sell it.

It was Drako Yau who had given him a second chance at life.

Back when Drako Yau had been visiting Evergrand, he had sent Zephyrwolf the 10,000 dollars as promised. Zephyrwolf asked himself, Do I ever want to go back to living like my previous self?

‘Hell no! I’m not having any of that crap again!’

Zephyrwolf was as ordinary as ever, but his legs no longer trembled. He looked like a compulsive gambler who had lost everything and was making a final bet—by throwing out the palm-sized purplish summoning token from his item bag. The demonic head of a wolf was engraved onto the token.

The summoning token sparkled as the purplish glow grew larger and larger.


Accompanied by a howl that pierced the battlefield, a dark purple demon wolf that stood two metres tall made its grand entrance into the battlefield as it gazed into the sky. Zephyrwolf swung his arm out and pointed forwards. ‘Kill them all!’

The demon wolf king’s eyes turned ghastly green and widened its jaws at the beastmen army. It shot out wind blades one after another in rapid succession.



Several dozens of beastmen were struck by the wind blades and were growling in pain. Their health bars above their heads were rapidly decreasing. Zephyrwolf turned around and yelled at the awe-struck players, ‘See? They’re just monsters! It’s not impossible to beat them! If you have balls, show it by following me!’

His voice cracked and it sounded hoarse, but no one laughed at him. A bunch of players had blood-shot eyes as they cried, ‘Go!!! Kill them!’

Zephyrwolf looked at the charging players who were high in morale and joined in while shouting, ‘Kill!!!’

Under Zephyrwolf’s lead, the players surprisingly went on the counter-offensive. Their morale and momentum were so great that they not only held out against the beastmen army’s charge, but also regained ground while penetrating the enemy ranks.

On the city walls, Hades was somewhat shocked upon seeing the purplish wolf. ‘He knows a thing or two for sure.’

Drako Yau chuckled in response. ‘In large battles like this one, personal strength isn’t the most important factor. It’s charisma and bravery.

‘Zephyrwolf looks like your average thug, but it’s exactly because of his appearance that most players can relate to that feeling. I’m sure most players are as ordinary as he is in real life, no? Under his lead, their inner desires and feelings will naturally surface. It’s a talent in leadership that even he himself doesn’t know of.’

Even with the mask on, Hades could feel Drako Yau making a not-so-friendly grin at him. ‘Now, do you still think I’m bad at reading people?’

Hades could only make a wry laugh at his question. When facing Drako Yau, even he who had always reigned above others felt the pressure clawing at him.


The worst was now over. The army of players managed to regroup themselves and consolidated the line of defence. They were inferior in terms of numbers, but their advantage lay in being able to resurrect without any limits. The players had gotten used to the cycle of reinforcements; whenever a batch of players died, those who had died before them and had resurrected would fill the gaps. The steady supply of reinforcements stabilised the situation, and they were now slowly but surely wearing down the beastmen.

‘Grrr! Bunch of trash!’ A curse came from the rear of the beastmen army.

Heavy footsteps boomed throughout the battlefield. A beastman who was a metre taller than the regular beastmen emerged from the ranks of monsters. Standing at least three metres tall, its round, bulging belly made one wonder whether it had devoured a bull and left it inside its stomach.

It held a thick, spiked mace instead of a sword. Those ghastly spikes looked like they were made from the teeth of other monsters.

Seeing the gigantic beastman, every beastmen lowered their ugly heads and slowly got out of its way. Even the players took a few steps upon feeling the oppressing aura radiating from it—all except Zephyrwolf.

Soon, the battle of life and death resumed. In the centre, however, was a circular open space. In it stood none but Zephyrwolf and the gigantic beastman… and the demon wolf king, of course.

Zephyrwolf thought he would be shuddering in fear by now. Much to his own surprise, he didn’t; was it because he could feel the demon wolf king’s furry leg beside him? He was no believer in those bullcrap theories of ‘transferring power’ to one another, but just by standing next to the demon wolf king, his fear was miraculously transformed into battle intent.

Glaring at the giant beastman, he had only one thing in mind: he had to win! He must defeat it!

‘Breaking past your limits, the hidden Warrior skill has been unveiled. Skill learnt: Dancing Flames.’

‘When in battle, a true warrior has such unwavering bravery and battle intent that they materialise into dancing flames. The flames will surround the warrior and empower him or her.

Status skill: Lasts for 10 seconds. Skill cannot be upgraded.

For 10 seconds, attack damage is increased by 50%, defence is increased by 30%, critical hit rate is increased by 10%, movement speed is increased by 5%. After 10 seconds, all attributes will decrease by 30%.’