Chapter 0035—Joining Hands

The group of Underworld players outside the tent looked at the masked man with suspicious looks the moment he left the tent. Not that Drako Yau cared about them anyways as he walked towards the teleportation array.

‘Zephyrwolf, how are the preparations going?’

‘It’s fine, but our guild doesn’t have a good reputation. We’re the largest guild among those who chose to stay in Yoda, so they’re following our instructions ’cause there’s no other way. Oh yeah, why did you go to Evergrand?’

Drako Yau chuckled. ‘I’m bringing help over.’


In the tent, Hades had a complicated look. After Drako Yau left, he slumped into the chair, exhausted. Drako Yau’s voice resounded within his head like a siren’s song.


An alert from his phone, albeit not too loud at all, made Hades shoot up from his seat.

Nine minutes.

It was the timer he had set to remind himself of every minute that passed by.

For every minute you hesitate, our chances of winning will fall by 10 per cent. It’s your decision to make. Drako Yau’s words suddenly popped up in his head.

Hades immediately rushed out of the tent and even used the city-wide speaker to make an announcement. ‘My fellow Evergrand comrades. Together we stand, divided we fall! We have received a request for reinforcements from the city of Yoda. Those who have faith in me, Hades, head over to Yoda now!’

The announcement that repeated itself thrice made every player in Evergrand dumbfounded.

What was that supposed to mean?

The players were in an uproar, and the entire plaza sounded like a bustling market in no time. Players started questioning members of the Underworld guild.

In fact, the Underworld guild members were just as puzzled, but they kept their cool. Over 80 per cent of players in the guild were veterans from War of the Daemons who transferred over. Putting aside their strength, their temperament alone different from that of typical players.

Hades took no notice of the commotion and calmly trod towards the teleportation array. Soulsmith, Everlastor, Bloodless Bladester, along with several other strong veterans of Underworld stepped forward and followed behind him.

Slowly but surely, the entire Underworld guild joined in, creating a long queue of players led by Hades at the forefront. They all looked calm and composed as they headed for the teleportation array.

The clamorous crowd gradually quieted down. They looked at the queue of Underworld players with troubled looks. Soon, one player joined the queue, then two…

With someone taking the initiative, countless Evergrand players also decided to follow Hades and started walking towards the teleportation array.


After a pzzt sound rang through his ears, Drako Yau’s vision turned hazy momentarily before the familiar scenery of Yoda entered his sights. Several players were waiting for him before the teleportation array. One of them was Zephyrwolf’s close aide who had fought against Drako Yau back in the forest, Dogsnout. Of course, with his mask on, Dogsnout couldn’t recognise him.

‘Masked brother, is it? The boss has been waiting. He ordered us to bring you to the plaza right away when you show up.’

Following Dogsnout’s lead, they walked towards the plaza. Drako Yau could see many players from different parts of the city converging towards the plaza on the way.

When they arrived, Zephyrwolf didn’t put up a cool tent like Hades and instead ran over while saying on the private chat channel, ‘What next?’

Drako Yau replied, ‘Order a few players to clear the way from the teleportation array to the plaza so the Evergrand players can come right away.’

‘How are you so sure that they’ll come…’ Zephyrwolf mumbled.

At that very moment, the guild chat blew up.

‘Guild master! There’s a lot of people! Many players are teleporting over through the array! Tens… no, hundreds… The number just keeps rising!’

Zephyrwolf immediately started yelling, ‘Are you stupid? Clear the way from the teleportation array to the plaza right away!’

Thankfully, the players in Howl of the Tempest Wolves were all used to Zephyrwolf’s special way of communication. They weren’t bothered by getting yelled at for no reason, shrugging it off as they opened the way and led the Evergrand players to the plaza.

While players from Evergrand flooded into the city, time ticked by and it was now only five minutes away from the start of the siege.

A system announcement rang and popped up. ‘Five minutes until the siege begins. Once it begins, all teleportation arrays will be closed.’

Once the players who stayed in Evergrand heard the announcement, those who had been taking a ‘wait and see’ approach immediately went to the teleportation array and joined the army of players.

Meanwhile, in Yoda, the person who led the crowd of players from Evergrand was none other than Hades.

Every player, without exception, gave way to him. Having reigned at the apex for so long, far and few between could match up to his imposing grandeur. They soon arrived at the plaza of Yoda. Surrounded by a chilly aura, Hades’ gaze quickly landed on Drako Yau and Zephyrwolf. He flicked his right arm and a tent popped up in the centre of the plaza.

‘Perhaps we should discuss the battle to come.’

Drako Yau nodded and sent Hades a private message. ‘Zephyrwolf is the guild master of Howl of the Tempest Wolves, he’ll be joining me.’

Hades nodded without caring about it too much. The three entered the tent.

After the three disappeared into the tent, the several Level 15 veterans who had been following Hades immediately spread out and surrounded the tent, barring anyone from entering. The entire Underworld followed suit, creating a cobweb of people with the tent as the centre.

Compared to them, the players of Howl of the Tempest Wolves were like a mob. They could only stare with burning eyes at the Underworld members who disregarded them and even set up a defensive perimeter.

Underworld had the qualifications to be arrogant. Tiny guilds like Howl of the Tempest Wolves couldn’t come close to them, not in the slightest.


With just the three of them in the tent, there was no need for Drako Yau to wear his mask. He took it off and said, ‘The story quest’s about to begin. My guess is, we won’t get to know how we’re supposed to defend the city until the last minute, quite literally speaking. But first, let’s talk about our roles.’ He then turned to look at Hades. ‘Hades, I’ll leave commanding and deploying the Evergrand players to you and your guild. I and Zephyrwolf will cooperate with the Yoda players. Does that sound good to you?’

Hades shot a glance at Zephyrwolf, then looked back at Drako Yau. ‘This guy, can he be trusted?’

Enraged, Zephyrwolf barked back, ‘Brat, what was that?’

Zephyrwolf was a man in his thirties who had joined the workforce. Indeed, Hades who looked to be in his early twenties was a brat in his eyes.

Hades snickered and asked, ‘Do I really have to work with such a brainless person? Dragonspear, while you’re really good at fighting, your ability to read people might need some improvement.’

Zephyrwolf didn’t hold back any longer and unsheathed Night’s Venator from the scabbard on his waist. Hades chuckled mockingly and flickered out of existence.

Zephyrwolf narrowed his eyes.

Metal clashed against metal. Zephyrwolf held Night’s Venator horizontally in front of his chest, while the dagger in Hades’ hand was locked onto the sword’s blade. The two broke away shortly after.

Zephyrwolf’s gaze turned sharp. His true nature was that of an uneducated thug. The viciousness within him aroused, he was about to summon the demon wolf king when Drako Yau stepped between the two.

‘Alright, that’s enough. We don’t want to die from infighting before the siege even starts, do we?’