Chapter 0033—Resurrection of the Diabolos

Let’s turn time back by several days to back when Drako Yau had encountered Hades.

Picking up the Dagger of Umbra that Drako Yau left behind, Hades started recalling every word he said.

‘Quick reflexes are useless if your body can’t keep up…’

‘Oh? You’re quick with your hands, but you’re not using your arms at all, what are you doing?’

‘Dumb, you already know I’m striking from this side, there’s no need to dodge with such a large movement! Can’t you just lightly jump to the side?’

‘Unnecessary evasive movements will only create another opening.’

After that encounter, whenever he fought monsters in the wilderness, he would recall the demon’s words. His body gradually started adapting to the movements.

By the time he realised it, the monsters that he had once found difficult to defeat were now easy prey. Even someone as slow-witted as he was understood that the mysterious man was actually guiding him all along.

The resurrected Hades returned to the Underworld guild. He was the one who created the guild, and most of the players that joined were pros and top players from War of the Daemons who migrated over to Real World.

But he was no longer the guild master.

In Real World, others had doubts about him who had poor motor coordination. One of his close aides, Satan, believed that Hades no longer had the qualifications to lead them and requested him to step down. Satan naturally took over as guild master of Underworld afterwards.

Evergrand was the city where the Underworld guild was based in.

Bloodless Bladester, Everlastor, and other members sized up Hades. They respected Hades, but… it was the peerless Hades in War of the Daemons that they respected. Now, it was really just nostalgia more than anything else. The world was simply such a harsh place.

‘Hades my friend, why are you back?’ Satan sounded passionate about his return, but Hades, who had long since seen through his facade, only wanted to throw up at the sight of his acting.

‘Of course I’m back for a reason.’

‘Did something happen out there? Did you offend someone? Really, this game’s a lot more difficult than War of the Daemons. Try not to stir up trouble if you can. After all, this isn’t the game where you, alone, stand at the apex…’

The veterans who had been following Hades for years, such as Bloodless Bladester and Everlastor, had cramped looks. Satan was going too far with his mockery.

‘Satan, you better watch your mouth. If not for Hades who brought you up, you wouldn’t even be here right now.’ A veteran who was silently standing beside Bloodless Bladester stepped forward and taunted Satan.

Satan’s smile turned rigid. In a frosty tone, he said, ‘Soulsmith, are you revolting?’

The veteran, Soulsmith, sniggered. He had decided to go all out the moment he stepped forward.

Hades blocked Soulsmith with his arm and said, ‘Satan, you know me well. I don’t like pointless chit-chat.’

A gleaming golden flag whooshed down from above, landing between Satan and Hades.

‘A duel, the loser has to leave Underworld.’

Regaining his composure, Satan asked, ‘Hades, I’m curious. You, an otaku who can’t even move his arms and legs properly, has the confidence to challenge me to a duel?’ Satan dropped the disguise and stopped putting on airs.

Hades responded with a cold grin. ‘You scared?’

The veterans from War of the Daemons trembled from within. Yes, it was exactly this arrogant atmosphere that seemed like he looked down on the entire world! It was this haughty tone of his! It was like seeing the Hades that they hailed as Diabolos in person!

‘I’m scared?’ Satan was so furious that he chuckled instead. Pressing ‘accept’, he said grudgingly, ‘This time, I’ll thoroughly teach you that this isn’t War of the Daemons! Your era is over!’

Bloodless Bladester looked on worriedly from the sidelines. Hades’ only Level 11 while Satan’s Level 14! It’s a massive gap of 3 levels… 

As a sportsman in the actual world, Satan truly had overwhelming skill and talent. His attacks were relentless. Showering a flurry of attacks at Hades, who was in a tough spot and had only been dodging in the fight, Satan laughed viciously.

‘See? This is the real world! It’s not War of the Daemons where you dominate over everyone! Why do I have to be under your shadow! Why do people only remember the name Hades when it comes to War of the Daemons! On what grounds!’

Satan finished his words and charged forwards, then used Dual Slash. Hades barely evaded the slashes, but as if Satan had been waiting for it, he immediately followed up with a Level 10 Hunter skill, Shadowstrike.

Looking at Hades’ shocked look, Satan grinned and yelled, ‘Die!’

Shadowstrike, a short to mid-range teleportation skill, that allowed hunters to quickly close the distance, and the resultant strike would always be a critical hit. It was a fearsome skill for hunters who tread the path of an assassin.

A clang ringed in his ears. Satan looked at his dagger. The tip of his weapon was precisely blocked by Hades’ dagger.

‘This is your so-called ambition? This is why you betrayed me?’ Hades looked into Satan’s eyes calmly, then made a scornful laugh. ‘How childish!’


Hades’ arm that held the dagger disappeared like the shadows. By the time Satan noticed, his health was already plummeting.

‘If you feel bitter about being in my shadow, then train harder! Become stronger than I am! Using such petty tricks and ploys, it’s simply not the right way.’

The audience dropped their jaws to the ground. They couldn’t track Hades’ rapid arm, but they could hear sounds of attacks landing one after another.

‘Impossible!’ Satan roared. Seizing the opening Hades showed after attacking, he leapt back to put some distance between them.

Hades’ cold voice reached Satan’s ears. ‘Unnecessary evasion movements will only create another opening.’

Hades was nowhere to be seen as his voice faded.


A large number popped up the moment his dagger pierced Satan’s chest. The damage dealt by a strike to his weak point added with the 100 per cent critical chance robbed Satan of his remaining health.

‘Victor: Hades.’

The words appeared on the golden flag, which soon vanished into thin air.

Hades looked at Satan who was kneeling on the ground with bitter eyes and said, ‘You lost.’


Looking at the masked man, Hades immediately recognised the crazy bastard. Landing his gaze on the man’s spear, his heart skipped a beat; it was Dawnlight, the uncommon weapon that he had exchanged for the Dagger of Umbra!

Seeing Hades’ uneasy look as he stared at Dawnlight, Drako Yau showed a playful grin beneath his mask.

Before Hades could regain his cool, a system notification rang in his head.

‘You have received a friend request from Dragonspear. Accept?’