Chapter 0029—Tamed

Drako Yau sat on the ground without caring the slightest about his image. Using Bandanging to heal himself, he found out that the skill had better effects than healing potions. After using Bandaging a few times, the searing pain and swelling in his shoulders were gradually subsiding.

Looking at Dragonspear who now seemed to have a weight off his mind, Zephyrwolf grinned and thought, So this guy can also show a different look apart from that damn annoying expression.

In the meantime, the two recovered their health while the demon wolf king, or more accurately, Huth told them his story. The demon wolf king’s eyes were as clear as crystals as he looked at Lelei with loving eyes.

‘That day, I thought I was definitely going to die. But when I finally faced the demon wolf king, it was surprisingly weak. Turns out because it was coincidentally the new moon, it was in its weakest state.

‘Delighted, I immediately attacked and fought a deadly battle with it. It wasn’t an ordinary enemy even though it was weakened. After an intense fight that lasted over half a day, I finally stabbed my knife through its throat, but its claws also tore through my neck at the same time.’

Grief written all over him, Huth paused momentarily before continuing. ‘We were supposed to perish together, yet it casted a secret spell, absorbing whatever vitality that remained in my flesh to recover itself and sucked my soul into its body. I struggled within it countless times, but its aura was too powerful for me and I couldn’t gain control over the body from it. That was until you brave heroes wounded it gravely.’

Zephyrwolf dropped his jaws and was rendered speechless. What sort of plot twist is this! Damn, how bizarre!

‘Pouncing on the opportunity, I killed it from within. The demon wolf king no longer exists, so to speak. Only I remain… I, who is trapped within this body.’ Huth looked at his furry body, clearly disgusted by it.

Tears trickled down Lelei’s cheeks. Whimpering, she said, ‘If it wasn’t me, you wouldn’t have to…’

The demon wolf king shook its head. ‘No, you know that. Even if our positions were reversed, you’d do the same for me. Lelei, I love you.’

Lelei turned from sobbing into letting the taps in her eyes loose. However, her body started to turn translucent as she did.

Reluctant to part with her, sorrow swelled within Huth. ‘Lelei, are you willing to stay with me forever? Regardless of form and shape.’

Lelei’s eyes radiated a loving aura as she locked eyes with her husband. ‘Huth, my most beloved one. Yes, I am.’

Immediately after giving her response, she scattered into tiny sparks of light and drifted into the demon wolf king’s jaws.

Zephyrwolf and Drako Yau exchanged confused glances. What the hell just happened?

After all the fluttering lights were lost within his mouth, one of Huth’s pupils turned into pink while the other turned green.

The demon wolf king showed a ‘gentle’ smile with its terrifying snout. ‘Lelei, my wife, passed away long ago. The events she spoke of happened over a decade ago. The Lelei you met was her ghost that remained in this world because of her lingering worries about me.’

Zephyrwolf was shocked. Fricking hell, I got a quest from a ghost!

Out of nowhere, the voice of a female could be heard from the demon wolf king. ‘Indeed. But thanks to you brave heroes, I am forever with Huth now.’

Drako Yau slapped the visibly confused Zephyrwolf on the shoulders and said, ‘Huth absorbed Lelei’s soul into his body.’

‘Yes, now we will no longer be apart. Thank you, brave heroes, for setting me free from the demon wolf king’s imprisonment and even allowing us to reunite as one. We truly cannot be more thankful.’

The quest notification sound rang in their heads.

‘Quest completed. Your level has increased by 1 (regardless of experience needed to level up). As a reward, you can choose one of the demon wolf king’s treasures. You have also received 2 extra skill points.’

Startled by the rewards, Drako Yau was slightly annoyed as he reached Level 14.

My experience bar was 30% away from reaching Level 14… Why can’t it wait until I get to Level 14 and have 0% experience…

Even so, he was actually pretty excited about the 2 extra skill points. Each level only gave 1 skill point, so this was basically the reward for leveling up twice. There was also the reward which he could pick from the unknown treasures!

As expected, danger and rewards were often proportional. The greater the danger, the greater the rewards.

He turned to look at Zephyrwolf, only to find him completely spacing out on the spot.

‘Hello? What’s with you? Are the rewards so good that your brain had a short-circuit?

Zephyrwolf was somewhat stiff as he looked back at Drako Yau and stuttered, ‘I… He… I…’

At that moment, the demon wolf lay on the ground on all fours, his proud head now smothering against the rocky floor.

‘Brave hero, will you let me accompany you?’

Drako Yau was almost as dumbstruck as Zephyrwolf, who seemed like he was having a nice dream, was.

‘Did you really receive such a reward?’

Zephyrwolf nodded with a dreamy look and said, ‘Quest completed. You can choose your reward: Level up 3 times and gain 5 extra skill points, or tame the demon wolf king.

‘Epic grade. Demon Wolf King: special mount and pet. Always having the same level as its owner, it will grow stronger together with its owner. It can be resummoned after 30 minutes upon death. The owner of the demon wolf king can change to the hidden class “Demon Wolf Hero” when undergoing class progression at Level 20. This is the exact notification I received, I’m saying it word by word!’

Even someone as calm and cool as Drako Yau couldn’t help but glare at Zephyrwolf with envy.

What the hell is this! This guy gets a crazy strong demon wolf king as a mount thanks to his hidden class, what about mine!

Truth be told, Wanderer was even weaker than the four common classes. If it wasn’t for Drako Yau’s profound and spectacular spearmanship and the hidden skill Dying Precision, he would be having a really tough time.

Zephyrwolf chortled and slapped Drako Yau’s shoulders, then said, ‘I can tell, you have a hidden class too don’t you? I have no idea how strong your class is, but it definitely isn’t weaker than my Demon Wolf Hero. Don’t worry, we’re bros from now on. Big bro will look after you no matter what happens.’

Drako Yau rolled his eyes and replied, ‘Say that after you can win against me.’

Friendships between men are sometimes forged through fighting.

In this gravely dangerous battle, Drako Yau had exposed himself to danger plenty of times to save Zephyrwolf, and Zephyrwolf had not disappointed him either. Not only did Zephyrwolf rescued him several times, he also listened to all the orders given to him by his ex-enemy.

Of course, if it hadn’t been for Drako Yau who yelled at Zephyrwolf to stop him from landing the killing blow, the demon wolf king would’ve been dead and the hidden class would’ve been lost. Perhaps it was a masterstroke from fate itself.

Zephyrwolf was a somewhat profit-oriented person, but he was also loyal to the spirit of brotherhood.


The two headed for the far end of the plaza. The demon wolf king was currently inside Zephyrwolf’s item bag.

Although Zephyrwolf gave up on the 3 levels and 5 skill points, he was also granted the reward of picking an item from the demon wolf king’s treasures like Drako Yau. The place where they were headed for was where the treasures were hidden.