Chapter 0028—The Demon Wolf King’s Secret

‘Calling for help?’

The two shot a glance at one other. As the demon wolf king howled, the two of them were completely immobilised.

Zephyrwolf shook his head and said, ‘It’s part of the quest! Dammit! So the part where it calls for help whenever it gets to critical health can’t be avoided…’

The demon wolf king howled and howled and howled…

After howling for a while, a tint of suspicion emerged from its eyes.

Drako Yau was delighted as he shouted, ‘We killed all the wolves on the second level! That’s why there’s no reinforcements!’

‘This dumb ass wolf is so dead now!’ Zephyrwolf quickly realised that as well and chortled.

Finally regaining their freedom to move, they immediately ganged up on the demon wolf king. The boss, however, crouched on the ground after failing to call reinforcements over.

The three lumps of golden hair radiated a spectacular gold glow, the light gathering above its head and forming a crown. Upon donning its crown, the demon wolf king suddenly became an existence that even Drako Yau feared.

‘Zephyrwolf! Run!’ He howled.

The demon wolf king widened its jaws and pointed it at the two. Zephyrwolf didn’t seem bothered by it; he had dealt with the wind blades so many times, as long as he was careful…

A streak of flames erupted from its jaws, whooshing through the air.

Fire and wind—two elements!

Drako Yau immediately flipped his spear around and swung the end, which was now pointing forward, at Zephyrwolf. Knocking his party member away, he also threw himself to the side as far as possible.

Drako Yau got onto his feet and saw that the land where they had been standing was now a scorched path. Just how devastating were the flames!

Looks like I can only use that now…

A while back, he had checked his newly obtained skill, Dying Precision.

‘Wanderers roam the lands and have seen various instances in life. They see through the true nature of life and death, gaining intuition about death itself.

Status effect skill, lasts for 10 seconds. Skill cannot be upgraded. 

Within 10 seconds, the enemy’s fatal weak points will be visible. The weak points will each show up for 0.1 to over 1 second depending on the situation. The damage dealt will be random, and there is an extremely low chance of instantly killing the enemy. Your body will be void of strength for 3 seconds after the effect is over.’

Drako Yau stood up silently before finally saying, ‘Zephyrwolf, follow me.’ Not waiting for a response, he immediately started running forwards.

The demon wolf king that had been a close-quarters warrior suddenly turned into a turret-like mage, firing off fireballs and wind blades in quick succession. Thankfully, it wasn’t using the fire breath attack again, so it probably was currently under cooldown.

Drako Yau’s steps looked eerie as he seemingly took random steps left and right from time to time. However, he could always dodge the fireballs and wind blades just at the right time. He even had the leisure to use his spear to parry the attacks that would reach Zephyrwolf.

‘Raaa!’ The demon wolf king roared and kept its mouth open.

‘It’s coming! Dodge to the right!’

The two of them dashed to the right together. The streak of flames brushed past them, and Drako Yau could even feel his hair drying up and curling from the heat.

The moment he evaded the powerful magic attack, he activated Dying Precision and left behind the words, ‘Do as you see fit!’, before jumping straight at the boss.

Dying Precision only lasted for 10 seconds, and he would be rendered immobile for three seconds afterwards. It was a double-edged sword—if the demon wolf king’s strength hadn’t exceeded his expectations, he had no intention of using such a skill.

An orange marking started flickering all over the demon wolf king. It was like a rune shrouded in mystery, blinking in and out of existence rapidly. This moment, it was on its forehead, and the next moment, it was already on its neck instead.

Seeing Drako Yau approaching it, the demon wolf king no longer shrunk back and sent its claws endowed in magic at him, one containing powerful winds while the other shrouded in flames.

It’s flickering way too quickly! 

He made a bitter laugh at the flashing orange marking. The palm-sized marking continued to transfer rapidly across its massive body as Drako Yau tried to attack those points.

Some of his attacks were blocked by the wind and flame claws. It appeared that the demon wolf only displayed its true prowess after donning the crown. Meanwhile, Zephyrwolf couldn’t even approach the boss because it swung its magical claws around wildly.

Seven, six, five…

Seconds ticked by one after another.

Drako Yau was starting to get impatient as he yelled, ‘Zephyrwolf! Attract its attention for me!’

‘God’s sake, how am I gonna do that! I can’t even get close!’ Zephyrwolf roared back as he used Dash and ran forwards, ignoring the wind blades and flames slashing and burning him. His health was rapidly diving towards rock bottom.

Dash, Crescent Slash, Shockwave Slash—the ordinary combo landed squarely on the demon wolf king.

Enraged, the demon wolf king turned around to face Zephyrwolf with its jaws wide open. He could see the flames sparkling inside it…

Suddenly, a weird crackling sound erupted after Drako Yau struck his spear through the orange marking.


As though it had taken a critical blow, the demon wolf king was blown away. After flying through the air for a few metres, it slammed heavily into the ground.


Just when Drako Yau was going to pursue the enemy, his entire body went dumb and he toppled to the floor.

‘Dammit! Zephyrwolf! That thing’s still alive! Go!’

Before Zephyrwolf could finish admiring Drako Yau’s spectacular blow that sent the demon wolf king flying, he immediately charged at the boss upon hearing the shout. Warriors’ movement speed was fairly quick after using Dash, and he ran at the demon wolf king as if his life depended on it.

There was no time to waste. That Dragonspear guy was out of the equation, he thought, and if the demon wolf king could get up, they would be the ones killed.


The demon wolf king struggled and tried to get up, but it lost strength in its claws and flopped onto the ground again. The demonic amethyst pupils had melted away like snow, revealing crystal clear eyes that aimed at the cave entrance.

The cave entrance… was where the young lady Lelei stood. The word unbelievable was written all over her face as she locked eyes with the demon wolf king.

At that moment, Zephyrwolf was already next to the dying wolf, his sword lifted high. ‘Die!’

Drako Yau witnessed the scene and yelled at the top of his lungs, ‘Stop!!!’





The longsword descended from above. The demon wolf king glanced at the shining blade, then sighed and closed its eyes, accepting its fate…

The longsword stopped barely a few centimetres away from the demon wolf king’s forehead. Zephyrwolf muttered to himself, ‘This damn guy, I’m following every order you give me… You better not screw me up…’

The crisp ting resounded in their minds at the same time.

‘Triggered hidden quest: The Demon Wolf King’s Secret.’

The red barrier gradually dissipated. Lelei, the young female NPC, hurried over and looked at the demon wolf king in disbelief.

‘You… You’re Huth?’

The demon wolf king made a wry smile and coughed out a puddle of blood from its terrifying jaws.