Chapter 0027—Demon Wolf King

Drako Yau contemplated his choices. Willing to take on challenges, difficult ones at that, didn’t mean he was digging his own grave. The demon wolf king was a formidable enemy, but he didn’t forget that he was a different person than before now.

His increased proficiency with the Empyreal Dragon Step, not to mention that his level had increased by three, and also the Fire Crystal Bracelet… But most important of all, he now had Zephyrwolf.

Zephyrwolf wasn’t strong, but he was still a player who could help him out, if only a little.

Drako Yau broke the silence and said, ‘Alright, but you have to listen to my orders. That’s my condition.’

Zephyrwolf breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that in order to clear this quest, he needed to borrow the strength of none other than ‘Dragonspear’, so he immediately agreed.

‘Of course, yeah.’

After the two of them chose to accept the quest, Lelei immediately expressed her gratitude and said, ‘Thank you, brave heroes!’

The two looked at the thin layer of red light. The moment they stepped through it, the quest would begin.

‘You must listen to my orders. Even if it seems suicidal, you have to trust me’, Drako Yau said with a serious look.

Zephyrwolf found it weird and muttered, ‘No way…’ It was only then did he remember that the emotionless young man had brutally killed him not too long ago.

Drako Yau simply looked at Zephyrwolf with an indifferent expression. The two had a staredown for a while, and in the end, Zephyrwolf gave in despite his fierce look.

‘Dammit! I’ll do it even if you tell me to throw myself into the wolf’s jaw!’

The cold look on Drako Yau’s face showed a smile ever so slightly as he said, ‘Good.’

The two entered the red barrier together with a determined step. Right as they did, a demonic aura devoured them.

‘What is this!’

A devilish purple dyed the entire plaza. The killing intent that felt like an actual substance splashed against their faces, and it was clearly coming from the demon wolf king which was gradually opening its eyes.

The demon wolf king that had been lying on the ground all this time slowly got up the moment they entered the quest area. Its massive body that stood several metres tall made the two couldn’t help but gulp. Drako Yau was faring just fine, while Zephyrwolf’s legs were trembling as he murmured a bunch of inaudible words.


The demon wolf king made a deafening howl that pierced the heavens and vanished.

‘Watch out!’ Drako Yau forcibly pushed Zephyrwolf out of the way and leapt to the right. The two of them dropped to the left and right respectively, and moments after, a gigantic purple shadow smashed into the place where they had been.

With a bam, shards of rocks shot out in every direction, grazing Zephyrwolf’s cheeks. His mind went blank, and his body was completely overwhelmed by fear. He could only sit helplessly on the ground and stare at the ferocious amethyst giant wolf.

Suddenly, a red light glowed near the demon wolf king. Drako Yau had a heavy look on his face, but he still thrusted his spear with precision, bringing a painful cry from the demon wolf king as it slashed both claws heavily at him. The breeze that accompanied the slashes was so strong that he knew immediately his head would be smashed like a watermelon if the attacks landed.

As though mist had shrouded his legs, he pushed his arms out and leaned backwards, the claws flying right above his face as they sliced off a few strands of his hair. At the same time, his spear connected with the demon wolf king’s torso, creating a splatter of blood.

Zephyrwolf stared intently at the man who waltzed with the demon wolf king. His face… There was a tint of heaviness in his eyes, but he was just as calm and cold as usual.

Seeing his expression, Zephyrwolf felt strength filling his body once again.


As Drako Yau engaged the demon wolf king, he gradually figured out its attack patterns.

I can win, I can win… 

The moment he had this thought, the demon wolf king that had been relentlessly attacking suddenly came to a halt. Before he could blink his eyes, his vision was engulfed by sheer purpleness, and a searing pain emerged from both his shoulders.

The monster that had been ten or so steps away from him suddenly teleported and shoved him to the ground, strangling him. Not holding back, the demon wolf howled, then widened its jaws and snapped at Drako Yau.


Just when the demon wolf king was going to bite Drako Yau, a roar accompanied by a sword slash came from beside him. The Crescent Slash landed squarely on its waist. Enduring the pain, the monster snapped a powerful kick at Zephyrwolf and sent him flying.

Drako Yau seized the opportunity and escaped from the wolf’s hold, immediately counter-attacking with Dawnlight despite the intense pain in his shoulders.

‘Keep drinking health potions, maintain your mana! You don’t have to deal damage as often, but keep it consistent. The aggro of this wolf’s different, it doesn’t target the one who deals the most damage!’

As he fought against the demon wolf king, Drako Yau gave instructions to Zephyrwolf. The warrior quickly acknowledged his commands and drank a health potion before charging in again.

The fight went on as the two humans engaged the wolf.

‘Watch out for its claws! Their damage is really high! Thank goodness it’s not that quick, except…’ Before Drako Yau could finish, the demon wolf king suddenly ceased attacking again. He squinted his eyes and yelled, ‘Dodge!’

Startled, Zephyrwolf wondered, Dodge? Which way?

Before he knew it, his vision spun like a top and a third of his health was suddenly gone. He was staring straight into the wolf’s jaws when he finally recovered his bearings.

Drako Yau stepped forward in a horse stance as his spear thudded into the demon wolf king’s waist thrice in quick succession, biting into its flesh like a dragon.

‘Ouuu!’ It howled in pain again, its head now snapping towards Drako Yau.

Several blades of wind that were a metre long emerged from its mouth and whizzed towards him.

‘Hmph!’ He then pulled back his spear and shifted his legs.

The wind blades hammered into his spear along with four loud clunks. Every time a wind blade clashed against his weapon, he would slide his leg back slightly to unload the force into the ground, but the joint between his thumbs and forefingers were still hurting slightly.

Zephyrwolf, who had been tossed aside by the demon wolf king, was awestruck by the magnificent technique Drako Yau displayed.

This guy… He’s a mad lad… How can he parry all four wind blades that are travelling so fast!

‘Don’t just look!’ Drako Yau cried out, his voice waking Zephyrwolf up from his daze.

Immediately, Zephyrwolf grabbed his sword and ran over to help while shouting a battle cry.


After figuring out the demon wolf king’s patterns, they gradually got used to its rhythm. Apart from the teleportation bite that was almost unavoidable, the wolf was landing fewer and fewer hits as the fight dragged on.

Even so, Drako Yau’s shoulders were dyed crimson from his own blood after getting hit by the teleportation lunge twice. Thanks to the healing and wound suppression effects from health potions and the few times which he secretly used Bandaging when the boss was focused on Zephyrwolf, he could still barely hold his spear.

Losing track of time, they continued to fight. The wolf then suddenly leapt back and pulled some distance from the two.

Zephyrwolf, having much more gaming experience than Drako Yau, quickly yelled, ‘Critical health!’

Drako Yau nodded and braced himself.

‘Ouuuu!!!!’ The demon wolf king pointed its snout to the ceiling and howled. It was so loud that their ears hurt.

Realising its intentions, Drako Yau shouted, ‘It’s calling for help!’