Chapter 0006—No Way Out

However, as Real World logged players into the game with brainwaves, his rapid fingers were rendered useless. His lightning reflexes only became a burden because it was useless if his body couldn’t keep up with it.

‘Get up.’ Dragonspear sounded more like a devil compared to Hades. ‘In this game, just having quick reaction time isn’t enough. Learn how to coordinate your body.’

Hades scrambled to his feet in an unsightly manner. ‘Who are you!’

‘A passerby.’ Drako Yau’s voice was void of any emotions. He simply stepped forward and swung the crude stick that looked like something a barbarian would use at Hades who had just gotten back up.

Hades was at his wits’ end as he fumbled forwards on all fours to dodge the follow up attack. His reactions were surely speedy, but he couldn’t control his body properly to execute the actions. These unsightly evasions were the only way he could come up with to avoid the incoming attacks.

Hades quickly got back up upon successfully evading the attack, holding a common grade dagger in his hands as he stared at the man facing him.

This aura…

A master in gaming himself, Hades believed games were not as simple as they seemed. Even when separated by monitors, he could feel and sense the aura others had infused into their characters.

This person…

‘Who on earth are you!’ As a person who carried a bit of weight in the world of gaming, he believed that there weren’t pros that he didn’t know of.

‘Stop blabbering!’ Drako Yau put on a stern face and attacked Hades. ‘Are you not even gonna use skills?’

‘Hmph! You don’t have to tell me what to do!’ Hades snorted.

Faced with Drako Yau’s attack, he didn’t dodge or evade this time, but instead cast a skill—Dual Slash, a skill that even newbie hunters could use.

‘Dumbass.’ Drako Yau’s silhouette flickered like a shadow. Even so, Hades could feel the crisp and heavy sensation from his weapon. It was evident that his attack landed.

However, Drako Yau was already behind Hades the next moment.

‘You don’t even know about parrying?’

Before his voice even faded, he swung the wooden stick at Hades’ kneecap. Hades caught sight of the stick in the corners of his vision. Lifting his leg to avoid the strike, he instead tripped himself over and sprawled onto the ground like an idiot.

Drako Yau’s attack resulted in a measly number that popped up upon landing; the damage he dealt was really low. Even so, despite their negligible physical damage, the attacks dealt heavy psychological blows to Hades.

‘Get up.’

‘Get up.’

‘Get up already.’


This was the eighth time Drako Yau had sent Hades tumbling to the ground.

Hades was already Level 10, while Drako Yau was only Level 3 and had yet to use his skill points on any skills, not to mention the full set of common equipment he was currently using. It was a difficult feat to kill Hades with just basic attacks.

Despite that, Hades, for the first time, felt that his chances of winning were absolutely zero.

‘Get up.’

Every time he heard the man say the two words in such a chilly tone, he would shudder in his mind. 

‘Just kill me already! This is pure torture!’ Hades finally lost it and yelled.

Once the top-ranked player in War of the Daemons, once the world’s best player, yet here he was, getting completely destroyed in another game.

Drako Yau remained silent for a moment before saying, ‘Did you hear what I just said?’

Hades screamed in response, ‘Of course! You’re telling me to get up! I’m not a dumbass!’ He then spread his arms out and lay on the ground. ‘I’m not getting up, screw you!’

Drako Yau almost chuckled at how childish the guy was. ‘That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to what I said about having quick reaction time isn’t enough. You need to learn how to coordinate your body.’

‘You can see my attacks, your brain can keep up with my attacks, but you simply don’t know how to dodge them.

‘This is all the so-called number one from War of the Daemons can do?

‘Or perhaps, you’re just a fake?

‘Nevermind, just give me the spear. There’s no need to talk to trash.’

As if someone had stepped on his tail, Hades sprung up and pounced at Drako Yau while yelling, ‘Who are you calling trash!’


By the time he was defeated the 30th time, the sky was already turning dark.

In the game, time passed twice as fast compared to the actual world, which meant a day in the actual world would be two days in the game. As such, most players would have the chance to experience both day and night in the game.

Hades dropped to the ground again. He was too exhausted to even speak. Controlling the avatar with brainwaves didn’t mean fatigue wouldn’t set in. Focusing the mind was still a burden for the brain, so mental exhaustion was only to be expected.

This guy, he actually waits for me to heal when my health’s low, then beats the crap out of me again! He’s crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

Hades cursed the madman of unknown origin in his head.


When Hades’ health had completely recovered, Drako Yau stood up once again. The starter stick in his hands looked no different from a divine sword that could cut through demons like butter in Hades’ eyes.

‘I surrender, I surrender’, Hades said as he took out the spear from his item bag and tossed it to the ground. ‘Take it.’

Drako Yau stared into the depths of Hades’ eyes, sending a shudder through the defeated man.

Dragonspear walked towards him and picked up the spear.

‘Hades, I’m disappointed.’ He then threw his dagger onto the ground and turned to leave.


After confirming that the madman had actually left, Hades heaved a long sigh. His head was suffering from a dull ache. In the top left corner his vision, a red alert was blinking, which meant the helmet detected that he had reached his limits, and it was suggesting him to log off and rest.

Yet, his eyes were fixed onto the dagger that the madman had left behind. As he sneakily picked up the shining dagger, he murmured, ‘I exchanged for your dagger with a spear… It’s a fair deal…’

He was absolutely shocked upon seeing the dagger’s attributes; it was an orange drop—a piece of epic equipment.

‘Dagger of Umbra: The favourite weapon of assassins who traverse the shadows, it morphs into the darkness as it strikes. A terrifying weapon indeed.’

The epic dagger was just Level 3, but its attributes were five times that of Hades’ common dagger! Having just been released to the public for a week, epic equipment was extremely rare in the game.

Hades immediately called up his system interface and clicked ‘Weapon Rank’ on the Ranking interface.

‘Rank 12: Dagger of Umbra.’


Drako Yau was a bit dissatisfied with the spear. He could only equip it at Level 5!

Anyways, he took out his phone and was about to log off. It had been over four hours in the actual world since he started playing, and he wasn’t planning on actually staying online for ten consecutive days.

‘…’ He went speechless.

Where the heck is the log off button?

Having spent over half an hour on his interface, Drako Yau still couldn’t find the log off button.

‘Maybe… is it voice controlled?

‘Leave game!

‘Log off!

‘Exit game!

‘Shut down…’

He was just like a madman jumping around while yelling random slogans. In the end, he took out his phone and created a holographic projection from the device.

It was a web browser. Soon enough, he found what he was looking for on the official forum. The thread title read, ‘Dear pros, how do I leave the game? (Solved)’. Seeing the words inside the bracket, he quickly clicked it while his eyes lit up in delight.