Chapter 028—A New Start 

On the night after the wedding, Uncle Aunty Lei didn’t leave immediately. They decided to stay one more day. After all, this was their daughter’s wedding. In the evening, the three Lei’s and Tony chatted for a long while. Manman was moved by her parent’s decision and the importance they placed on her and her husband. She was also moved by her parent’s honesty, and her father tearing up during their chat. This was what Manman has always wanted. 

In another room, Cin Heung was calling her father to tell him her plan. She held the phone and waited for a long time before someone finally answered.

When the phone connected, the man was already yelling instead of saying hello, “Dear! I can’t find my pants! You help me find it!… Ah! Hello? Hello? Siu Cin?” 

Annoyed, Cin Heung complained, “Dad, how many times have I told you to answer the phone when you’re ready! You’re always airing out our dirty laundry!” 

“Those who practice martial arts are just that quick! I can’t help it. Did you have a good time traveling?” 

“It’s great! This place is very comfortable. How have you guys been?” 

“All is good! Everything is fine! Just that, your brother, Turnip, is a little strange!” 

“What’s the matter with him? He always manages himself very strictly!”

“Well, it’s not long after you girls went to America! I noticed that he’s not focused with his martial arts training. He got the accounts wrong, and even messed up some things from the gym… I suspect he is…” 

“What about him?”

“He’s dating! Some girl must be driving him crazy!” 

Cin Heung laughed and said, “He’s finally dating!” 

Cin Heung heard her mother yelling in the background, “Don’t talk about Man Ching behind his back! Don’t be a gossiper! Is it Cin Heung?” 


“Put it on loudspeaker and talk together!” 

“So many requests! Hold on!” After tinkering with the phone a little her father said, “Cin Heung, speak!” 

“Mom, do you miss me?” 

Her mother giggled and said, “Of course! Of course! Feeling much better now!” 

“Aren’t you guys bored without me?” 

“We have so many things to do. Your mother teaches calligraphy and I teach martial arts! Both literature and martial arts have nothing to do with each other! She is busy with her stuff, I am busy with my stuff. How could we be bored?” Her father said. 

“Dear, what are you talking about!”


“Mom, Dad, I have something to discuss with you.”

“Siu Cin, what’s up? Let’s hear it!”

“I… I want to stay in America for another year… to study baking… Will you approve it?”

After hearing that, both her parents became silent; only her father let out the occasional “Um” and “Well”. 

“Mom, Dad, you guys don’t approve of it, right?” Cin Heung asked softly.

All of a sudden, her parents laughed and then her mother said, “Daughter, you are already all grown up. You always do things appropriately and I never have to worry about you. This is the world for you young people. The future depends on what you young people can do. Go ahead! Don’t worry about us. Go and explore the world!” 

“Thank you, mom!” Cin Heung said while she teared up with joy.

“When you come back from your studies, take over the bakery on the nearby street!” Her father said excitedly.

“Dad!” Both mother and daughter rebuked in unison.

Her father then said quickly, “I’m going to look for my pants.” 

Her mother then said, “Well, take care of yourself.” 

“I will.” 

The next day, the five girls were in the backyard, sitting on easy chairs under a parasol, each with a drink. Cin Heung announced her plan, to which Wing Tung felt sad about, but the others praised her for her courage to pursue her own ideals.

Cin Heung said, “Wing Tung, remember to take good care of my brother when you go back! He’ll be a mess without you!” 

“Ah? Is that really the case?” Wing Tung blushed with shame.

“Well I do hope when I come back, then…” Cin Heung said as if hinting at something.

“What? Hoping for what?” Wing Tung exclaimed. 

“Here’s hoping Wing Tung and Turnip are going to get married next!” 

All the women clapped their hands while Wing Tung kept shaking her head.

Cin Heung also said to Gou Jing and Sum Ting, “Don’t make it hard for Wing Tung. When you girls have different opinions, you two always yell at her harshly when she tries to calm things down. If you two have a big fight, I can only ask Turnip to calm things down.” 

Sum Ting hugged Wing Tung and patted her chest. “Don’t worry! I will love your future sister-in-law!” 

“If there’s anything we can’t work out, I’ll have to ask you to come back and mediate! I’ll pay for your plane tickets,” said Gou Jing.

“I have faith that you don’t need this service!”

Gou Jing rubbed Sum Ting’s cheeks and said, “That’s right! How can men compare to you!” 

“Damn it! Of course! We are all ‘lifeguards’ in the same boat!” Sum Ting then reminded Cin Heung, “Don’t you need to find a place to live?”

Manman quickly chimed in, “No need! My father-in-law told her to live here. No one objected to it!”

“I’ll have to thank the Duen family for this.”

A few days later, they parted ways at the airport. Wing Tung was still crying, and the others had to comfort her. Everyone was reluctant to go, especially Manman.

“Manman, Wing Tung, don’t cry anymore. Just take a 24-hour plane ride if you girls want to see each other!” Sum Ting said with a strong front. 

“It’s time! Let’s go! Take good care of yourself!” 

Filled with tears, Cin Heung and Manman waved the three people off.

The next few days, Cin Heung was busy applying for a study visa and admission. Yi Po worked hard for her, and he enjoyed every moment of it. He took Cin Heung to the school, and then went to the Immigration Department to apply for a social security number. After that, she got her identification card and driver’s license from the Department of Motor Vehicles. These were the legal requirements that were needed. Cin Heung now felt like a new immigrant.

At the Department of Motor Vehicles, Yi Po explained to Cin Heung, “You’ll be taking a written test for your driver’s license later. You already have an international driving license, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Just make sure you answer the basic answers correctly.” He handed a small booklet to Cin Heung and said, “Use this booklet as a reference, it’s a piece of cake.” 

She read it over once and remembered the key points. After a while, the examiner called out her name and it was her turn. Still feeling a little anxious, she looked back at Yi Po at the entrance and saw him giving her an encouraging gesture. With that, Cin Heung strode into the test room with courage.

After some time, the exam was over. Cin Heung came out of the test room with an emotionless face, seemingly having nothing to say. Yi Po also looked at her silently. 

After a while, Yi Po comforted her and said, “It’s alright. You wouldn’t need a driving license in a hurry. Let’s apply for a re-take, and then we’ll come again!” 

Cin Heung hung her head low and suddenly, her body was shaking. Bursting out in laughter, she raised her arm and held up her license in her hand.

“I passed!” Cin Heung said triumphantly.

“You scared me!” Yi Po said with surprise. 

After getting all the government documents, Yi Po returned to the campus with Cin Heung and handed them in. After many days of running around, Cin Heung finally managed to enroll into the school.

The staff of the Campus Office kindly explained, “All the documents have been received. Please come to the classroom on the first day of school. The staff will explain all the details to you on that day. If there’s anything you don’t understand, just get your boyfriend to come back and ask.” 

Cin Heung looked strangely at Yi Po and asked, “Him? Boyfriend?… Come back here?” 

“Yes! He has been here several times and asked everything in detail. He is such a considerate man!” After saying that the clerk laughed with envy.

After thanking the staff, Cin Heung and Yi Po left the office and walked along the corridor without saying a word. After some time, Cin Heung suddenly stopped. 

She looked up at Yi Po intently and asked, “Do you have anything to say?” 

Looking at the ceiling then staring at Cin Heung, Yi Po’s eyes sparkled and he seemed to have countless words he wanted to say to her. After giving it some thought, he finally decided to say, “Ever since I met you on the plane, I’ve been hoping to see you again and do something for you. Heavens seems to have heard my prayers and fate had brought us together, allowing me to do so. So can I? Cin Heung?” 

Cin Heung felt her heart beat like a galloping horse. Her breathing was so fast that she almost couldn’t breath. Her mouth moved a little but she didn’t know what to say. Her eyes kept looking for something to focus on, and she wasn’t sure whether she was feeling joyful or panicking. Once again, she did not know what she wanted. She lowered her head, turned around and walked forward.

After a few steps, she stopped.

“After this evening, you know that your heart needs infinite love.” What Stirling said rang in her mind. 

Fate has led you here. It’s time for you to make a decision… Cin Heung thought while standing there. 

Yi Po looked at her, slightly frustrated. However, Cin Heung suddenly came back to him, took his hand and asked, “Didn’t you say you’d like to go for lunch?” After saying that, she pulled him along. 

At that moment, although there was no eye contact, each of them had a faint smile on their faces.


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