Chapter 027—Chords

Stirling played the violin proficiently, performing one song after the other. She then played “Salut d’Amour”, which shrouded the venue with a romantic vibe. The newlyweds immersed themselves in the love that filled the air. 

Seeing their children stepping into another stage of life, the parents finally put down all their worries. They wish just for the whole world to feel the joy that they had. 

Friends, relatives, and everyone there were all moved by such a loving scene. Those who were more emotional were even moved to tears. 

Manman and Tony then came to the stage to express their gratitude to their parents for their nurturing and permission. They also sincerely appreciated Uncle Lei, especially Manman’s emotional speech of appreciation. 

Uncle Lei’s stern face was shattered after hearing those kind words. His tough front had also melted away in this loving atmosphere.

Sobbing, Manman continued with her speech. “Dad, Mom, my closest friends… Thank you all for… This is our most glorious moment…” 

All of a sudden, there were sounds of slow singing coming from the screens, and everyone instinctively looked toward them. The singers were not famous, nor was the video professionally done. What they saw were five women singing a folk song “Count on me” in a karaoke room.

“If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I’ll sail the world to find you, If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see, I’ll be the light to guide you,  Find out what we’re made of, When we are called to help our friends in need, You can count on me like one two three I’ll be there, And I know when I need it I can count on you like four three two, You’ll be there, Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah, You’ll always have my shoulder when you cry, I’ll never let go, Never say goodbye, You know you can.”

Their singing wasn’t very good, but they sang sincerely. The video displayed their true feelings despite not being edited professionally. That was because they were just a group of ordinary and loving old classmates: Wun Cin Heung, Yu Sum Ting, Lam Wing Tung, Lei Siu Man and Gou Wai Jing.

Next, the video showed a kitchen. It was a kitchen in a coffee shop. It was a slow-mo video while the song “Count on me” continued. In the video, Cin Heung and Wing Tung were working hard at mixing a bowl of batter. Their lips moved as if they were saying something, while their faces were covered with white flour. Cin Heung then poured the mix into a mold. The camera focused on the pouring dough, displaying how silky and smooth it was.

Wing Tung clumsily put the creation which they made carefully and happily into the oven. Between working on the cake, the two would playfully put whipped cream on each other’s noses; they would even throw flour into the air. It had an artistic feel to it as the flour slowly fell to the ground. Wing Tung hastily spread the whipped cream on the cake while Cin Heung instructed her nervously. Wing Tung committed some mistakes but Cin Heung was right there to help her. The two worked together to arrange the colorful red strawberries into a heart-shape and then write Manman and Tony’s names in chocolate. In a joyous atmosphere along with a tad bit of chaos, the wedding cake was finally done. 

At the end of the video, a group photo was displayed: the night when the five girls went for karaoke with a totally drunk Wing Tung. 

Their sincere friendship, laughter, and realistic filming all penetrated their hearts and brought the five girls to tears. Each of them then went to the stage, embracing and comforting each other.

“Glory to my best friends,” Manman said. 


That day, Cin Heung and Wing Tung had been preparing a wedding cake for the wedding in Yi Po’s kitchen. Cin Heung had Yi Po record the process, after which she edited the clips. The past, the present—the sincere memories were all carefully compiled together, in hopes that this package of memories would bring her friends back together. 

Along with the video, Cin Heung sent a message to Sum Ting and Gou Jing. 

The message read:

Dear friend,

Once upon a time, I lost a gift. I had no soul as I only lived in a materialistic world. I fought in a cruel battlefield every day and forgot the most important thing in life, love.

It has become bygones, for you have appeared. The heavens have not given up this lonely soul of mine. In the vast ocean, you appeared like a lifeboat: saving me, a drowning person, giving me a platform, and allowing me to understand that there were still all kinds of love in life.

Having such a connection between us, it is not only because of you and I, but also fate. Fate brought us together, so we must cherish what we have. I will not give up this love easily. This love which belongs to the five of us, a love based on friendship.

No matter how terrifying the situation, we should face it together. No matter what happens, we can overcome it. Cherish our friendship; come to the wedding.

Your best friend,

Wun Cin Heung


Manman grabbed the hands of Sum Ting and Wing Tung, choking and sobbing to the point she was unable to speak. This made them even more emotional. 

“It’s all fine now.” Cin Heung looked at them tenderly and asked, “We’ve gone through the turbulent waters, right?” 

“It’s all over, right?” Gou Jing said while giving Sum Ting a little nudge.

With tears rolling down her face, Sum Ting replied, “Is it necessary to remember this?… It’s a pain in the…”

The ladies quickly covered her mouth. They were now laughing like how they used to be. 

The wedding ceremony ended in a solemn and joyful atmosphere, and all the guests came forward to bless the newly wed.

Out of nowhere, Yi Po appeared at the wedding ceremony with a cake in his hand. The guests were all looking forward to the cake after watching the video just now.

Tony asked curiously, “Cin Heung, you already know Yi Po?” 

Yi Po said proudly, “Tony, this cake was created in my shop! What do you think?” 

Cin Heung nodded her head in response.

“I guess I don’t have to introduce this old classmate of mine to you,” Tony whispered into Cin Heung’s ear. “This was the guy I wanted to introduce you to!” He said while smiling at Cin Heung. 

Giving him a quick look, Cin Heung ordered, “Quickly come and cut the cake with Manman!” 

The guests clapped and cheered as they cut into the cake. People who tasted the cake were giving all sorts of praises. Yi Po even asked laughingly, “Cin Heung, can you be my coffee shop’s baker?” 

Cin Heung only smiled and did not answer him. 

As the wedding drew to a close, Stirling’s violin stopped playing. She went to a corner and began to pack up her things. 


“Aren’t you staying a little longer?” Cin Heung appeared in front of her. 

“Oh! Cin Heung! No, I have another performance in the evening. I need to make preparations and also prepare myself emotionally.” 

“You’ve been working hard, Stirling! You are the life and soul of today’s wedding.” 

Stirling smiled and looked at her with envious eyes. “You look beautiful today,” Sitrling said as she stroked her cheek.

“I need to tell you something. I’m going to stay and learn how to make cakes. So, I would have more time to visit you now!” Cin Heung said happily. 

“Great! I’m looking forward to seeing you next time!” Stirling said as she continued to clean up. For some reason, she seemed rather troubled 

Cin Heung noticed that something was bothering Stirling. After a while, she held Stirling’s hand and stopped her from packing up. 

“Is everything alright? Your worried expression is telling me that something happened… Maybe I can do something about it?” 

With a sad smile, Sitrling looked at her gratefully. “I’m afraid, Cin Heung, you can’t help this time.” 

Cin Heung took her hands and said, “You can still share your worries with me.” 

Stirling looked at her for a moment and said, “You’re a special girl!” She held Cin Heung’s arms and said, “It’s my mother.” 

“What happened to your mother?” 

“She fell ill a few days earlier.” 

“You should go see her then.”

With a bitter smile. “She lives in the UK so I can’t visit her immediately. My dad’s taking care of her right now. I just hope that she will get better in a few days. “

“Oh, your hometown is in the UK.” 

Stirling nodded.

“Don’t worry too much. It’s just a minor illness. She’ll get better soon.” Saying that, she gave Cin Heung a hug. That baby lotion smell went into Cin Heung’s nose again.

Feeling a warmth in her heart, Stirling could not help landing a kiss on Cin Heung’s hair.

Cin Heung looked up and said with a smile, “Go back and prepare for the performance in the evening. Don’t worry too much.” 

Feeling a little better, Stirling said, “The cake you made was delicious!”

“I’ll make one for you some other time!”

“Are you saying I’m getting married soon?” she quipped.

Both of them laughed and Cin Heung took Stirling by the hand to send her off. 

Just behind a tree, not far away, was a young girl. Her gloomy and cunning eyes contrasted to her innocent and pure face. As though she had discovered some amazing secret, she walked away slowly, hands behind her back and yelled out with a faint smile on her face, “Anne! Leave me a piece of cake! I really want to try Cin Heung’s ‘delicious cake’!”

“Come quickly Emma! It’s almost gone!”


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