Chapter 026—A Plea For Friendship 

In New Jersey, Cin Heung woke up in the morning before the sun rose. After tidying herself up, she applied a thin layer of makeup in front of the dressing table. A pair of beautiful eyes and a charming face was reflected on the mirror. She walked to the front of the cabinet and opened the door, inside which hung a long dress made with light pink fabric.

Cin Heung took off the clothing she had on and gently put on the long dress. The formal dress wrapped perfectly around her waist and chest without the slightest of deviations. A pair of narrow shoulders and a pair of long arms were exposed under the room light; her graceful silhouette appeared on the ground as an elegant shadow. She let down her long hair that was curled up on her head and fiddled with it. Cin Heung was now displaying her femininity to the fullest. 

She put on her silky white high heels and stepped out of the room. Arriving at Manman’s room, she knocked on the door and asked, “Manman, can I come in?” 

“Come in, Cin Heung.” 

In addition to Manman, her parents were also present in the room. Cin Heung politely greeted Manman’s parents. Having a serious look on their faces, they greeted Cin Heung and then left after that. 

Manman forced a smile as her parents left. 

Seeing that Manman was still wearing pajamas and her face was haggard, Cin Heung asked, “Are you alright? Nervous about today’s wedding?” 

Manman shook her head and sighed, “Well… My parents said they would leave tonight after the wedding. They said they have a business appointment in Toronto.” 


“Leaving tonight after just arriving. They really love their work and don’t want to lose any clients. They totally are workaholics,” Manman complained with a bitter smile.

“At least they came. Don’t be sad now, you need to be more forgiving today.”

“I don’t even know if they care about this wedding…” Manman said unhappily, but she also acted as though this had happened countless times. 

“Of course they care about your wedding! Now come on, let’s get you dressed up. I’ll help.” 

Cin Heung helped Manman put on her makeup, lipstick, and eye shadow. After that, she took the snowy-white wedding dress and helped her to put it on. Finally, she carefully put on the white veil over Manman’s head. After carefully dressing her up, a beautiful bride appeared in front of their eyes.

“You look so beautiful! Go look in the mirror!” 

Manman went to the mirror and looked at it. Her beauty was so transcendent that she was stunned when she saw herself. Is this really Lei Shun Man?

Manman took Cin Heung’s hand and said, “I really appreciate you being here for me. I wonder if there will be such happy days after you girls leave.” 

Cin Heung thought about it and said with a smile, “Well, here’s a little inside scoop. I’m thinking about staying here to learn cooking. If it works out, you won’t have to worry about being alone.” 

“Are you sure?” 

“I’ll have to get my parents approval.” 

“Uncle and auntie will definitely be reasonable.” 

“Then you should be happy! Worry no more.” 

“There’s one more thing though.” 

“What else? You’re really sentimental about things.” Cin Heung pursed her mouth.

“No! It’s about Sum Ting and Gou Jing, will they come?” 

“Oh, don’t worry about it! We did what we could, now let’s just leave it to fate.” Even though Cin Heung said it with ease, she was also worried about it. 

After a while, Wing Tung also came into the room. She looked at Manman, dumbfounded, and asked, “Are you Lei Shun Man?” 

“Would there be another bride today?” Manman said mischievously.

“Oh my gosh! I’m afraid Tony will be enchanted by you forever.” 

“Please, I already enchanted him long ago.” 

After some chit chat, the ladies were finally relaxed. 

Cin Heung told Manman not to leave the room until the wedding began and also asked Wing Tung to take care of her all day. She then went outside to handle the other arrangements.

The sky was beginning to brighten up.

Coming to the backyard, Cin Heung saw Tony, and also the Duen and Lei parents chatting. Naturally, she went over and greeted them. 

“Cin Heung! Come here, come here!” Auntie Duen called out. 

“Good morning, Uncle Duen and Auntie Duen.” 

“Do you know Uncle Lei and Auntie Lei?” Auntie Duen asked. 

“I know them.” Cin Heung nodded at the Lei parents. 

Uncle Duen then said, “Cin Heung, you’ve done so much for this wedding. If not for you, I’m afraid this wedding would have been a big mess!” Saying that, he stared at Tony.

Tony quickly chimed in, “Yeah I was pretty bad at it. If it hadn’t been for Cin Heung, our guardian angel, the consequences would have been great.” 

Cin Heung waved her hand modestly and said, “Oh it’s nothing.” 

“Oh, you’re the classmate Shun Man talks about.” Uncle Lei nodded with dignity and said, “Thank you very much. This is a little something expressing our appreciation.” He said that and handed a red envelope to Cin Heung. 

“Don’t mention it! Uncle.” 

“This is tradition, keep it!” 

Cin Heung reluctantly accepted the red envelope. She felt the weight of the red envelope, and she knew that the contents must be of considerable value. This made her feel even more embarrassed. 

The Duen’s observed this and said, “Cin Heung, we need to trouble you again with things. Tony, you go help her out.” 

“Alright! Let’s go.” 

The two then went back to the backyard together. As they walked on, Tony stared at Cin Heung and said, “You are so beautiful today! Let me introduce a guy to you later!” 

“Haha! You can do it when you are free!” 

“Don’t underestimate me!”

“I’m afraid you will forget everything when you see Manman!” 

Thinking about his future wife, Tony had a pleased look on his face. 

Cin Heung said with sincerity, “Congratulations.” 

“Oh, thank you very much! Finally, this day has come!” Tony said as though he had gone through a lot for this wedding. 

“What? What’s with the sudden lamenting?” 

“This marriage actually came with many twists and turns. In fact, originally, my father-in-law was against our marriage at first. He was a businessman of the older generation so he was serious, stubborn, and traditional. He said that getting married to someone in a foreign country was troublesome and it would be too much of a hassle for them to see their grandson in the future. We tried our best and even threatened her parents that we would run away from home. In the end, Manman’s persistence softened their hearts and they allowed us to get married.” 

Cin Heung suddenly realized. “Oh, no wonder they always have that worried look… I’m sorry to hear that.” 

“They’re always serious and tense, wearing that stern face of theirs! I wouldn’t blame them though.” 

“You two are rather brave.” Cin Heung smiled and continued, “You should cherish Manman, she sacrificed a lot!” 

“Yeah! She always likes to say, ‘We must fight for our happiness!’” Tony said emotionally. 

Several workers in the backyard were busy with the final arrangements. There was a small stage, above which was an arch full of flowers. There was also a banner which had the names of the marrying couple. The venue was surrounded by colorful balloons and several large screens were placed around the place. Rows of neat seats sat on both sides with an aisle in the middle. In front of the stage, there was a square table covered with a white velvet cloth, on which placed a bundle of blue roses. 

Going through the list to check every item and see if there were any problems, Cin Heung would make suggestions to the workers to make sure that things were in order.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Tony said, “You’re a really capable person. Single handedly organizing the entire wedding.” 

Cin Heung said with a smile, “Work habits. Men usually avoid this kind of woman when they see it!” 

Noticing there was a girl sitting in the back of the seats, Cin Heung took a closer look and saw that it was Emma. She went over and said, “Emma, you’re up early. Don’t you want to sleep more?” 

Emma stared at her coldly with her icy eyes. After a while, she gently shook off Cin Heung’s hand and said, “It’s none of your business!” She then got up and left.

Both Cin Heung and Tony were stunned. Immediately, Tony apologized to Cin Heung and went after Emma. 

Cin Heung couldn’t figure out what that was. She just felt that Emma’s eyes were filled with hostility—a type of hostility that only women would understand. Cin Heung couldn’t understand what could have caused the hostility. Unable to come up with an answer, Cin Heung didn’t think much about it and went on to do other things. 

With clear blue skies in the afternoon, the pastor and all the guests had arrived, filling up all the seats in the venue. The two families greeted the relatives and friends. It was almost time for the ceremony to begin. The screens soon began to display various pictures of Manman and Tony: pictures of their childhood, of them growing up and dating.

At that time, Stirling appeared at the entrance and was greeted by a very happy Cin Heung. “Stirling, I owe you this favor!”

“This is a day for joy, don’t mention it!” Stirling and Cin Heung held each other tightly.

Stirling’s appearance was all thanks to Cin Heung’s arrangement. She intended for Stirling to perform for the ceremony. 

Cin Heung looked around and could not see Sum Ting and Gou Jing. 

Things went like this the day before yesterday when Cin Heung sent a message to them. “No matter what happens, we can overcome them… Cherish this friendship… Come to the wedding… Wun Wun.” 

Cin Heung sat in the front row. After the pictures of the couple ended, Stirling began to play a soft tune by the stage. The pastor stepped onto the stage and made the opening speech, topped with a bible verse. Tony stood in front and listened carefully to the pastor.  

Looking around again, Cin Heung still couldn’t see Sum Ting and Gou Jing. Feeling a great sense of disappointment, she was worried that their friendship would soon disintegrate.

After reading the opening words, the pastor fell silent, which accentuated the tunes coming from the violin. After a while, the pastor announced, “The bride, please enter.” 

At the entrance to the garden, Wing Tung opened a glass door. 

Standing there with her sparkling white wedding dress, Manman looked on with her dreamy eyes; her beautiful cherry lips, as if a goddess had come down on earth. 

Everyone let out a gasp of awe. Tony even put his fingers to his lips in excitement.

Stirling began to play the song A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Slowly, Manman walked along the aisle. The guests cast envious eyes as they looked at Manman walking to Tony. Finally, she stood beside him with a shy look on her face. 

She glanced around quickly and saw that her parents and all the relatives were all looking at her. However, her two good friends were nowhere to be found. This made her feel a little sad. 

The priest asked for them to come forward to read the oath, but Manman was still hoping that her close friends could hear her read her oath. She looked around again, but was disappointed again. Stepping forward, she took the paper with the oath and prepared to read it.

Already finished reading his oath, Tony waited for Manman and stared at her. 

At the moment, Cin Heung was so anxious that she began to rub her hands together. The sense of loss and despair was accumulating to a great level. 

Manman looked at Tony. 

All of a sudden, two figures sat down on both sides beside Cin Heung. She glanced at them, and her eyes became filled with uncontrolled tears. 

Out of nowhere, a feeling came to Manman and she looked back. She saw her close friends and was immediately filled with joy! “I beg all of you to witness that I, Lei Shun Man, would take you Duen Yat Fan as my lawful husband. I promise you that from today on, I will love you and cherish you until the end of time; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish. I pledge myself to you and till death do us part.”

In the end, on one missed this touching moment. 

The two gave each other wedding rings then signed the marriage certificate. Manman was already teary. 

Playing the Bridal Chorus, Stirling’s violin tunes moved many into tears. Even the two people beside Cin Heung that were hostile toward each other, felt a little teary.

Extending her arms to the two people beside her, Cin Heung held them both close to her head. 

“Yu Sum Ting, Gou Wai Jing.”


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