Chapter 025—Executing The Plan

This night, Cin Heung curled up on the sofa and lay there while looking at Manman and Wing Tung who were sleeping soundly. These high school friends of hers that allowed her to re-discover her original self and change her future. Cin Heung wanted to maintain this friendship. ‘Happiness is something you need to fight for’, this was what Manman once said. Cin Heung’s future was still uncertain, Stirling… Yeung Yi Po… Soon, Cin Heung fell asleep. 

Early in the morning, Cin Heung opened her eyes slightly, and she could somewhat make out that there were two faces in front of her. She blinked her eyes again to find that there were two people looking at her eagerly. Their watery eyes were gazing straight at her. 

Manman and Wing Tung squatted beside Cin Heung and were examining her closely. Cin Heung did not get up immediately. Instead, she just smiled at them as though to tell them, “Please rest assured.” However, they were still worried and asked, “Have you found them?”

Cin Heung lay there and said, “Not yet.”

“What now then?” Manman asked in a loud voice.

Getting up slowly, Cin Heung placed her arms around their necks then brought them close and said to them, “Don’t worry.” 

They all trusted in Cin Heung’s ability to handle things, so they didn’t ask more questions.

Cin Heung shrugged and patted them. “Wing Tung, you’ll be coming with me to somewhere today.” She then looked toward Manman and said, “I have already contacted Tony and he will come to pick you up.” 

Displeased, Manman asked, “Why are you leaving me?” 

“The most important thing for you to do is to take care of yourself and concentrate on being a bride.” 


With that, Cin Heung stood up excitedly and clapped her hands. “Let’s start packing up! It’s gonna be a busy day!” 

The group checked out and left the hotel. Tony was already waiting for them. 

Seeing this, Cin Heung said with satisfaction, “Tony, you will definitely be a good husband. Here’s returning Manman to you.” Cin Heung said that as she nudged Manman into the car. 

After Tony put the luggages away, he asked, “You ladies aren’t going back with me?”

“We have something else to do. We’ll head back after we’re done.” 

“Well, call me up when you ladies are done!”

After replying “Alright”, Cin Heung went to Manman and saw through the window that Manman still had a bitter look on her face. Cin Heung lifted the corners of Manman’s lips with her fingers and said, “Smile a little. Having a bitter look will definitely leave wrinkles.” 

Grabbing her hand, Manman looked at Cin Heung eagerly. Finally, she squeezed out a smile as she wanted Cin Heung to work with ease. 

Soon, Tony drove away.

After a short while, a car quickly arrived. The driver of the car stretched out his hand and waved, “Cin Heung!” 

The driver who was excited and driving hastily was none other than Yeung Yi Po. After he stopped the car, he immediately jumped out and greeted her, “Morning, Cin Heung!” 

“I didn’t expect you to arrive early.”

“I didn’t want to keep you waiting!” Yi Po aimed at the woman beside Cin Heung and asked, “This is?…”

“She is my friend Wing Tung.” Cin Heung then introduced him to Wing Tung. “His name is Yi Po. We will be going to his coffee shop today.” 

Wing Tung asked curiously, “Coffee shop? Why?” 

Whispering into Wing Tung’s ear, Cin Heung explained in length what they were going to do. Wing Tung’s eyes widened and said, “Can we really do it?”

Cin Heung nodded and answered, “We must have hope!” 

Yi Po came up to Wing Tung, extended his hand for a shake and said, “Nice to meet you.” 

Looking at his gentleman demeanor and his kind and elegant appearance, Wing Tung had a good impression of the man. She too extended her hand for a shake.

“We’re going to borrow the kitchen at Yi Po’s coffee shop.”

Suddenly, Wing Tung realised something and exclaimed, “Oh! You are the playboy barista Manman talked about!” 

Shocked, Cin Heung had her eyes wide open. Realizing that she had made a slip of the tongue, Wing Tung quickly covered her mouth. 

Yi Po looked at them, and then bent over double with laughter. With tears of laughter coming out, Yi Po rubbed his eyes and said, “It’s the first time I heard someone calling me that. I guess there’s another playboy in Flushing!” 

“Wing Tung!” Cin Heung complained. 

Wing Tung shrugged and grinned. 

“Ladies, let’s get going then! We haven’t got a lot of time!” Yi Po said. 

Yi Po was familiar with the roads in this area. He passed through many narrow streets through dense crowds, and then went through a tunnel. Without any trouble, he drove through the complicated web-like roads and soon drove into a parking lot.

“Cin Heung, Wing Tung, we’ve arrived.” After that, Yi Po happily led them to the coffee shop. “Cin Heung, what else do you need me to prepare?” 

Cin Heung thought for a moment. “Did you prepare all the things I told you to?” 

“Got ’em all” 

In front of the coffee shop, a big sign said “Able Café” in cursive. Yi Po unlocked the front door, then locked it again from the inside after entering. He then hung the sign “Closed” in front of the door.

“Don’t you need to run the cafe today?” Cin Heung asked. 

“I’ll take a day off to help you all day.” 

Cin Heung felt grateful, but also ashamed for wasting a day of Yi Po’s time. “I really don’t know how to make it up to you.”

“Don’t say that! A day’s business is nothing! Come on! Get ready!” 

Cin Heung looked at him, appreciating his generosity and boldness. Yi Po took out all the materials Cin Heung said she needed; no more, no less, and most importantly, nothing missing. It was really soothing, with how considerate a person he was.“So what am I responsible for?” Yi Po asked. 

“You’ll film the whole process!” 

Yi Po made an okay sign with his hand, placed it on his forehead, and flicked it off. 

“What about me?” Wing Tung asked. 

“You’ll help me finish this today!” Cin Heung said with a smile of encouragement on her face.

“Let’s start!” Yi Po shouted.  


The setting sunlight shone into the café, and everyone was sprawling on the sofa. Only Cin Heung was working hard in front of the computer provided by the café.

Yi Po looked at Cin Heung and was admiring her. Even Wing Tung noticed Yi Po gawking at Cin Heung. 

“Done!” Cin Heung suddenly cheered. She then concentrated on her phone and sent out several messages. After a while, Cin Heung finally relaxed.

Yi Po went to the counter and skillfully made some coffee. “Cin Heung, Wing Tung, come and have a cup of coffee after all that hard work!” 

The cup had an inviting coffee fragrant with a hint of lovely jasmine smell. Cin Heung’s eyes were wide open, her spirits lifted. “This is your handy work!” After saying that, she took a sip and continued, “Oh, it’s delicious! It’s far from what I had on the plane that night! A cup of joy and relaxation indeed!” 

Hearing this, Yi Po jumped up with joy and said, “Well, you should visit more often, I’ll make it for you!” 

Cin Heung giggled and said, “Wouldn’t that mean I’ll have to stay in the states?” 

“I support that decision!” He said sincerely.

Taking a look at the cup of coffee and looking at the two, Wing Tung let out a faint smile. She took a sip of the coffee then said, “Oh, it’s really delicious! I don’t know much about coffee, but this tastes great!” After saying that, Wing Tung stared at Yi Po and waited for his enthusiastic response. Unfortunately, she didn’t get any of that enthusiasm Yi Po had for Cin Heung. This made Wing Tung giggle. 

Hearing Wing Tung’s dubious laughter, Cin Heung and Yi Po both looked at her. 

“What’s so funny?” Cin Heung asked. 

“Nothing,” Wing Tung replied casually.

Cin Heung looked at her suspiciously. On the other hand, Wing Tung stared at Yi Po, which made him blush with embarrassment.

Looking at how Wing Tung was acting, Cin Heung couldn’t help tickling Wing Tung’s waist with her hand, making Wing Tung laugh out loud. 

Yi Po then asked happily, “All right, after a day’s work, how should we deal with this?” 

Wing Tung settled down and said, “Bring it back to the New Jersey house, of course!”

Yi Po nodded in agreement. 

Cin Heung then interjected in a hurry, “No, Manman will see through it! Besides, it also depends on Sum Ting and Gou Jing… I hope.” 

“Yeah, I hope your friend can understand the effort you girls had put into this. How’s this! I’ll deliver it to Tony and the bride on the wedding day!” 

“Ah! How do you know about the wedding?” Both Cin Heung and Wing Tung were surprised.

“I’ve been wondering all day whether it’s Duen’s wedding or not! When you mentioned the name Tony, that’s when I became certain. I know their family. Actually, Tony was my classmate when I was a student. So… I will actually be attending the wedding.” 

“What a coincidence! But why isn’t your name on the wedding list?” Cin Heung asked. 

“I know him well! That’s why he just told me about it.” 

“What a coincidence!” 

Yi Po murmured, “Like you said, it’s fate that brought you from the other side of the world to…” 

“What did you say?” Cin Heung didn’t hear what he said. 

“Nothing! Nothing!” He laughed awkwardly, then continued, “Oh, it’s decided then. I’ll deliver the item on the wedding day!” 

“Thank you!” 

Wing Tung, the bystander per se, saw the way Cin Heung acted shyly again. 

Yi Po took out a cake from the freezer and gave it to them. After a long day’s work added with the fact that this was the in house desert, the two enjoyed it very much. Even Wing Tung appreciated the elegance of the store and the outstanding food.

“The coffee is alright, but the cake is far from what Cin Heung made,” Yi Po said modestly.

“Why drag me in? You did a good job,” Cin Heung said with a smile.

“We’ve just been busy working today. Let me introduce the shop to you ladies, come with me.” 

Bringing them around the shop, Yi Po explained to them the different types of coffee beans. What were considered new and old beans, and how to steam and brew them. Yi Po introduced everything with enthusiasm, giving the listeners a fantastic introduction. 

Cin Heung came across a notice board and stopped to take a look. There were notes and photos left by the guests, posters about missing pets, as well as information about tuition classes. Suddenly, an advertisement caught Cin Heung’s eye. 

Noticing Cin Heung’s interest, Yi Po said, “That’s an ad for a famous culinary academy. It’s a lesson about dessert. You might like it.” 

Cin Heung was in fact very interested in this. Aside from Manman’s marriage, the greater purpose of her coming here was to put aside the troubles in Hong Kong. However, in the past few weeks, the things that had happened here were all fresh and exciting. Cin Heung was starting to like it here. “Can I take this?” Cin Heung asked. 


“Oh!” Cin Heung reacted strongly. 

“It’s better if I bring you over to register,” Yi Po said with a smile. 

“Hmph!” Cin Heung made a silly face.

“I’m willing to help.”

“Isn’t it easier to just register online? Your method of asking for a date is so old-fashioned!” Cin Heung looked at him with a smile.

“That’s true, but I do know them! It’ll be easier if I brought you over!” 

“But I have to ask my family first!” 

“Of course! Of course!”

Unable to hold back anymore, Wing Tung chimed in, “Am I in you guys’  way?” Wing Tung chuckled then whispered into Cin Heung’s ear, “I’ve never seen a strong woman like you acting like a proper lady! You’re like a little girl when you’re with him!” 

Blushing red, Cin Heung poked Wing Tung with her arm.

Seeing the two ladies talking among themselves, Yi Po asked innocently, “Did I say something wrong?” 

“No! No!” Cin Heung waved her hands and glared at Wing Tung. 

Yi Po handed the enrollment leaflet to Cin Heung, “Here.” 

“You sure?” 

Yi Po nodded.

Cin Heung accepted it with a smile and said, “Thank you so much for everything!” 

“It’s late already! I’ll send you ladies back to New Jersey!” 

Cin Heung and Wing Tung waited at the shop while Yi Po drove the car to the front of the shop. Talking and smiling, Yi Po invited the two into the car. He then closed the door for them, paying special attention to Cin Heung. 

As soon as the car engine started, the car drove away slowly.

At that moment, a girl stood on the corner of the street. She trembled slightly and smacked the wall with her hand. She let out a sigh and said, “Able.” 

Suddenly, someone in the distance called out, “Emma! Let’s go back home!” 

The girl was Emma.

Emma looked back and said, “Alright! I hear you Anne! Can you stop it with the yelling!”


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