Chapter 024—An Upset Heart

With Manman’s help, Wing Tung walked into the room and looked at Sum Ting. She let out a sigh and then said, “Gou Jing left!” 

Sum Ting widened her eyes while Cin Heung was shocked. While sobbing, Wing Tung continued to say, “I couldn’t dissuade her… I even got scolded for not standing on her side.”

“She wants to go back to Hong Kong and she has packed everything,” Manman said.

Enraged again, Sum Ting said, “What does that woman want! Do I have to ask her for forgiveness! Frigging bitch! She always pretends to have a strong opinion and does whatever she wills. She’s the one that ignores other people’s feelings!”

“That’s enough, Sum Ting! Can you stop being so petty!” 

“Yeah it’s all my fault isn’t it! Happy now?” Sum Ting screamed even louder. 

In a fit of anger, Sum Ting jumped up, packed her belongings into her suitcase, and walked out of the room angrily. Cin Heung tried to stop her, but she was greeted with the words, “You just take care of your own feelings!” instead. Stunned, Cin Heung could only watch as Sum Ting left the room. 

In the silent room, Wing Tung’s big eyes were already filled with tears. Leaning against the door, Cin Heung could only look down at the floor, speechless. Manman sat down on the edge of the bed, holding her head in her hands and started sobbing. 

Straightening her back, Cin Heung took a deep breath and went beside Manman, lowering herself next to the bed. “A few more days and you’ll be walking down the aisle. Don’t cry, don’t worry. If you cry anymore, you won’t be a beautiful bride. I’ll talk with the girls.” 

Manman said to herself, “If it wasn’t for this wedding, things wouldn’t have turned out like this.” 

Cin Heung said softly, “Hey, it’s not your fault… Love can be unreasonable sometimes.” She took her hands and continued, “Don’t think too much about it. I’m going to find Sum Ting and Gou Jing.” She then walked up to Wing Tung and said, “You too, pack up, we’ll be going back to New Jersey tomorrow. Everyone’s tired already, so let’s just sleep in this room.” 

After comforting them for some time, Cin Heung went out of the room and sat in the elevator lobby as she waited quietly. Without a clue and with her mood affecting her, her mind was in a mess. Relationship problems were always complicated and messy. 

After coming out of the elevator, Cin Heung looked around aimlessly, hoping either Sum Ting or Noah would be around. She went to the streets with hope, but her expectations were mercilessly crushed. Dialing her phone number, the voice prompt was always “unable to connect”. Cin Heung then sent out a message: “Please call me. It’s Cin Heung.” 

Under the streetlights, Cin Heung stared blankly at her phone in frustration, hoping that Sum Ting would reply immediately.

After waiting for a while, instead of getting a reply, Cin Heung was greeted by a drunk man in a suit. Judging from his outfit, the man seemed like an office worker that was wandering the streets without a thing to do after spending the night out. 

The man chuckled and said, “Miss! Are you up for a drink?” 

Cin Heung took two steps back, frowned and thought, why do people like this always come up to me? Do I also need to teach this guy a lesson?

Just as she was hesitating, someone suddenly blocked the way in front of Cin Heung and said, “Dude! She’s waiting for me! She ain’t gonna go on a date with you. Why don’t you go to the bar ahead to get a drink? It’s half price today!” 

The man said, “Really? Heh… Thanks for the suggestion bro!” Before the man finished speaking, he was already stumbling away.

Seeing that the drunktard was gone, the man turned around and grinned. “Walking around in the streets at night, aren’t you scared? Cin Heung!” 

Cin Heung stared at him. There were dimples on his smiling face and even his eyes were smiling. Subconsciously, Cin Heung smiled and said, “Able, Yeung Yi Po!” Feeling down again, Cin Heung continued, “Scared? I’ve already gone through much worse.” She raised her hand to show the scar on the back of her hand.

“What happened?” 

“Strangers just love to come up to me.” 


Cin Heung described roughly what had happened to her, about how she encountered a robber and how she fought him away. Of course, she didn’t mention Stirling. 

Dumbfounded, Yi Po took Cin Heung’s hand and examined it. He then looked at her and said, “It’s hard to imagine that you can defeat a robber with this fist.” Yi Po still held her hand curiously.

Looking at him mischievously, Cin Heung suddenly launched her fist toward his face. With just an inch to spare, she stopped her fist. The air from her fist brushed across his cheeks and he immediately let go of her hand, taking a few steps back. 

Cin Heung laughed innocently and asked, “Do you believe me now?” 

“Oh! Ha! Yeah I believe you! I was rude, sorry.” After some time, the both of them looked at each other with curious eyes, and asked at the same time, “How did you end up here?” The two laughed at how coincidental that was. 

“After closing the coffee shop, I dealt with some errands and it got so late.” Yi Po brushed his nose with his finger and asked, “Were you moody just now because you lost your way? Do you want me to take you back?” 

Not in a good mood, Cin Heung shook her head and lowered her head. Her long eyelashes covering her previously smiling face. She sighed and said, “No, long story.” 

Suddenly, her phone beeped twice and a message came in. She quickly lowered her head to read the message, “Cin Heung, I’m not coming back. I feel like everyone isn’t happy or satisfied with me. It’s better that I leave. Give my best wishes to Manman, goodbye. Sum Ting.” 

What does she mean, Goodbye? She’s just gonna leave like that! Feeling sad, angry and helpless, Cin Heung dialed the phone and called Sum Ting; no anwer. She then called Gou Jing, but she also didn’t answer her phone. Cin Heung shut her eyes, lowered her arms, and sighed again, wondering what else could she do.

“Is there something I can do?” 

Cin Heung couldn’t do anything right now, but what Yi Po said earlier popped into Cin Heung’s mind, “Did you say that they were selling drinks for half the price?” 

“Ah! Are you going alone?”

“Can’t I?” Cin Heung raised her voice.

“It’s not that good to go alone… How about I accompany you!” 

Cin Heung thought for a moment and said, “Yeah sure, I’ll have someone to talk to.” She then squinted her eyes and warned him, “Don’t get any bright ideas though!” Cin Heung raised her clenched fist and said. 

“Haha! You’re a champion in martial arts. If I get hit by that punch just now, the consequences will be unimaginable.” 

After agreeing, the two soon arrived at the bar. Outside the bar, there were many people. Each of them were holding a glass of beer in their hands as they chatted away. Inside the bar, there were very little empty seats available. Some people gathered around the dart throwing area and were having a lively time. After two pints of beer, the two began talking about various things, not holding back anything at all. However, after talking for some time, they felt that the bar was too noisy. They decided to buy another two beers and went out. Outside, they found a stone bench and sat down. 

“What a coincidence! Even though the world is so big we could still meet here.” Yi Po held up his beer and drank it.

Taking a big gulp of her beer while still thinking about today’s events, Cin Heung gave him a casual answer. “It all depends on fate, right… Even if the two are on opposite ends of the world, fate will bring them together…” 

Yi Po didn’t speak and only looked at Cin Heung, at her red cheeks and the tip of her nose that was slightly pink. Her droopy yet charming eyes along with fluttering eyelashes were pretty. Her slightly opened mouth was absolutely intoxicating. The flickering street lights that were shining on her face, it made her seem like she was in need of love. 

Yi Po was absolutely enchanted; how could there be such an attractive woman? 

Suddenly, Cin Heung looked over and startled Yi Po. He even spilled his beer on himself. 

Cin Heung said with a smile, “You’re really careless, now you’re soaking with beer!” She took out some tissue and helped him wipe his clothes.

“Ah, I’m always this careless,” Yi Po said with an awkward smile. 

Helping him dry his clothes, Cin Heung got pretty close to him. Suddenly, she stopped. That fragrance… The smell from him… I remember it now… It’s the smell of wheat. She had come across this fragrance as a child, and she had loved it since childhood.

“If there is such a thing called fate, I will cherish it very much…” Yi Po said. 

Cin Heung raised her head gradually and gazed at Yi Po’s beautiful, sparkling eyes. His eyes attracted her like gravity while his vaguely drunken appearance drew Cin Heung’s soul in. “You already know after this evening that your heart is in need of infinite love.” The words kept ringing in her head.

The two faced each other. Everything seemed to have paused. The air was still, and the passersby were frozen. Everything stopped. Their faces moved slowly towards each other. Cin Heung’s charming eyes closed gently, and her eyelashes trembled. Feeling how close Yi Po’s fragrance was to her, Cin Heung felt excited. The alcohol had also lowered her defences. 

Suddenly, there were sounds of glass breaking. Two men were arguing about something behind them.

Roused by the sounds, Cin Heung shook her head and calmed herself. Feeling embarrassed, she covered her face with her hand and said, “Sorry, I drank too much!” 

“Sorry, I too drank too much,” Yi Po also explained awkwardly. 

Unable to look at Yi Po, Cin Heung said, “It’s late, I should go back.” 

“Shall I take you back?” 

“No, I can manage it myself.” Saying that, she turned and left. 

“Cin Heung!” 

Cin Heung stopped, then slowly turned around with a distressed look on her face. 

“Will we meet again?” Yi Po asked with hope. 

The word ’sure’ flashed into Cin Heung’s mind, yet she said to him, “Let’s leave that to fate.” She then turned and left. 

Looking at her back, Yi Po was glad and at a loss at the same time. 

Cin Heung walked back while the alcohol in her system gradually dissipated. As she walked along the street the lights from passing cars illuminated half her face.

Cin Heung thought to herself, In the end, I still came back with nothing… I even acted inappropriately after drinking. Wun Cin Heung, what’s wrong with you? No matter what you should try your best to make Manman happy on her wedding day. What should I do… 

As she walked along the street, she saw a black man standing in front of a closed bakery, playing his trumpet.

Suddenly, a plan popped into her mind. Immediately, she sent a message, then ran back to the bar in a hurry and yelled, “Yi Po, Yi Po! Yeung Yi Po!” 

Odd enough, Yi Po was still drinking the little beer that was left in his cup. When he heard someone call his name, he looked back and saw Cin Heung. So delighted that Cin Heung returned, Yi Po accidentally spilled his beer on himself again. 

Greeting him with a lovely smile, Cin Heung said, “You really love your beer don’t you?” She again helped him to clean his wet shirt. 

“Why did you come back?” Yi Po asked with a silly smile on his face. 

Cin Heung then whispered in his ear. 

“I have that!” 

“Can I borrow it?” Cin Heung asked happily. 

He laughed and replied, “Of course!” 

“Just for a day!” 

“You can have it for a week!” 

“No, I’ll borrow it just for tomorrow. But you’re going to have to pick me up. Can you do that?” 

“With pleasure!” 

“That’s a deal then!” Cin Heung said happily. 

Cin Heung picked up a random flyer and wrote something on the back for him, “Yi Po, thank you for your help. I’m very grateful. I will definitely repay your kindness. This is my contact number 4582-77889. Wun Cin Heung.”

Yi Po took the note as if it was a treasure and kept it carefully in his pocket.

Cin Heung then said goodbye to him earnestly. 

With one hand placed on his waist, Yi Po scratched his head as he watched Cin Heung walk away. After that, he blew out a long breath and had a silly smile. 

Finally able to think things through, Cin Heung let out a smile as she walked and skipped back to the hotel like a little girl. 

Even though it was hard to see any stars above the city’s night sky, there were three particularly bright stars appearing above New York city.


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