Chapter 023—The Hardships of Love

Cin Heung slumped into the cab and looked at the bright streets in New York City. The buildings were covered with big screens, and all of them were broadcasting eye-catching advertisement videos. On the way back, the road was congested. The cab stopped in front of a large screen that was playing an advertisement. 

A blonde lady was lost in the streets running around. After coming across several handsome, flattering men, the woman passed by them without a care. Finally when she ran into the middle of a ruin, she encountered a beautiful goddess that emitted great light.

The camera drew close to the goddess’s face. Suddenly, she looked at Cin Heung with a pair of delicate blue eyes and said gently, “After this evening, you already know that your heart is in need of infinite love.” 

Cin Heung was shocked, rubbed her eyes, and looked at the advert again. The blonde had taken the perfume from the goddess’s hand and sniffed it with satisfaction.

That was the end of the advertisement. 

Cin Heung took a deep breath, leaned her head against the window, and watched the pedestrians on the street. Some of them had some wine and were shouting about. Another couple took advantage of the alcohol in their heads and was kissing each other deeply. As the congestion eased up, the taxi began to move along slowly again.

With the easing of traffic, Cin Heung’s heart also slowly opened up: opening a path to the ruins where the goddess was. The question was, where was this ruin and who was the goddess? Who would let me smell this bottle of perfume? Or is this bottle of perfume already in front of me, but I lack courage to pick it up? 

Roused by the pain on her hand, Cin Heung came back to her senses. The driver turned to her and said, “Miss! We’re here!”

“Oh! Yes! Thank you!” Cin Heung paid the fare and hurried back to the hotel.

Manman’s panicking voice in the call just now had aroused her worry again.

Entering the room, Cin Heung saw an obviously angry Sum Ting sitting on the bed.

Manman was on the edge of the bed with a speechless look and both hands raised. When she saw Cin Heung coming in, she ran over happily to greet her. With a helpless look, she said, “Cin Heung!” 

Cin Heung asked softly, “What happened?” 

Manman pulled Cin Heung to the door and whispered, “They had a big fight!” 

“For what?” 

“It was this afternoon…” 


 In the afternoon, Gou Jing, Manman, and Wing Tung visited Times Square. They were bored, so Gou Jing suggested, “Let’s go to the New World Trade Center.”

They were all in high spirits, taking a cab as they went downtown. After they arrived, they saw a towering skyscraper with a spiral top; the building stood magnificently. They came to the entrance of the 9/11 memorial building and saw that it was extremely beautiful. It was shaped like a bird, but also like the tail of an airplane.

Wing Tung and Gou Jing both liked things that had a certain charm. Studying the meaning of the design, Wing Tung said, “This design really reminds people of the moment when the plane hit.” 

“Maybe the architects wanted this to be a reminder for others, but on the other hand, it also looks like a bird with hope. This double meaning design is really marvelous.” Gou Jing said with her artistic hat on. 

“Designer Gou Wai Jing! Accountant Lam Wing Tung! I’ve got the tickets, can we go now?” Manman asked. 

“Seeing these beautiful buildings is bringing out my occupational habits.” Gou Jing said and even wanted a few pictures before leaving. 

There was also a large and deep square pool nearby. Black marble surrounded the pool, with the names of the victims engraved on it. The water flowed to all four sides and made loud splashing noises. The crashing water created a mist that fell on Gou Jing’s short hair. She especially enjoyed this refreshing feeling. 

A mother beside her felt the same way. She said to Gou Jing, “My child is here.” After saying that, the mother began to sob. 

Gou Jing was moved by her emotions and the solemn atmosphere. Her eyes teared up as well, so she took off her sunglasses and wiped her tears with some tissue. Even so, her eyes were still very teary. Knowing what kind of temperament Gou Jing’s artistic self had, Manman and Wing Tung grabbed her by the hand and took her to other places.

“Hey! What are you girls doing?” 

“We don’t want your empathetic ass sobbing all day! Let’s go!” 

They arrived at a big structure that was shaped like a fish’s skeleton with various stores of different types inside. The ladies liked fashion stores, so they went into one of them. The cabinets in the store were filled with all kinds of clothes. They gathered around one of the cabinets to pick out and compared the clothes happily.

Not far away, a couple holding hands walked out from a section behind. The girl was also selecting clothes. She talked and laughed with the man, and even placed the clothes on her body to show her graceful body. The couple didn’t notice that there were three people staring at them.

The person Gou Jing’s group was staring at was none other than Sum Ting. Surprised, the man greeted the three, “Hi! Ladies.” With his well built body, it was easy to recognise that the man was Noah. 

Sum Ting looked at the three ladies awkwardly. At the same time, Manman and Wing Tung didn’t know if they should feel happy for Sum Ting or bitter for Gou Jing. 

The man was someone Gou Jing liked, but now it was discovered that Sum Ting had been dating him. Meeting at a shop like this, it made the whole atmosphere colder than a graveyard. 

Sum Ting lowered her head and said, “Noah, didn’t you want to visit a coffee shop over there? How about you go over first.” 

Noah took a glance at them, feeling a little strange, but he went away without saying much. 

Sum Ting walked toward the group slowly and said with shame, “I haven’t had the chance to tell you girls…” She held Gou Jing’s arm.

Surprisingly, Gou Jing shook off her hand forcefully and looked at her with doubt. 

Biting her lower lip and feeling helpless, Sum Ting looked at Manman and Wing Tung, “When I was already with Noah, I didn’t know Gou Jing had feelings for…” 

“Aren’t you resting in the hotel? Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you were coming out with your boyfriend? Why didn’t you stop me from acting like a fool yesterday!” Gou Jing said with great hatred.

“We just started dating, I was going to tell you girls after we settle down.” 

“Then I am a sore loser in your eyes right? You won again!” Gou Jing raised her hands and turned around. 

“Gou Wai Jing! What do you mean by that? You’re saying it’s my fault? You’re just interested in him, not actually dating him!” 

“Yu Sum Ting! You’re just a selfish bitch! You’ve always been like this ever since middle school! Be it where to go, what food to eat, or things to buy! If you don’t get what you want then you’ll be pissed! This time round it’s also the same!” Gou Jing said and pointed at the direction of the coffee shop. 

“I helped you decide on things because you never had your own opinion! Now you’re saying I’m selfish?” 

“Hmph! Go and enjoy your happiness, there’s no need for you to think about other people’s feelings. If you were generous enough, you would have told me and I wouldn’t have… have…” Gou Jing stomped her foot and walked away. 

Manman hurriedly signaled to Wing Tung to chase after Gou Jing. Wing Tung glanced at both Manman and Sum Ting, sighed, then chased after Gou Jing.

Sum Ting lowered her head and muttered, “Say that I’m a selfish bitch! Frigging bitch! I did nothing wrong!” 

Manman massaged her shoulders and said, “Don’t blame her, it’s not often she finds someone she likes. Who could’ve known…” 

“Who would’ve known! Who would’ve known that he would be taken by this selfish bitch!” Sum Ting crossed her arms and kicked at the wall. 

Manman shook her head helplessly. Turning to see where Gou Jing was, but there was no sight of the two. 

Just then, Noah came back and saw that Sum Ting furrowed her eyebrows heavily and had an ugly expression. Concerned, he asked, “What’s the matter?” 

“It’s all because you secretly came to New York!” After saying that she turned and walked the other way. 

Noah had a confused look on his face.

Manman said softly, “They had a little misunderstanding…” Seeing that Sum Ting was far away now, she continued, “Noah, go after her.” 

Wing Tung sent a message over, saying, “We will go back to the hotel by ourselves, take care.” 

Sum Ting gave Noah and Manman a wild chase in the memorial hall. Sum Ting wouldn’t even respond to Noah’s call. Unable to tolerate this behavior anymore, Manman held on to Sum Ting’s arm tightly and said, “Alright! That’s enough! Let’s go back to the hotel!”

Eventually, Manman had to drag Sum Ting back to the hotel.  


Back in the hotel, Manman explained everything clearly to Cin Heung. 

“I’m going to see how Wing Tung is doing. Maybe you can enlighten her!” After saying that Manman turned and went out. 

Cin Heung sat next to Sum Ting and asked, “Still angry?” 

Sum Ting only breathed heavily but did not say a word.

“Where’s Noah?” 

Sum Ting’s lips trembled slightly and said, “Probably at the coffee shop!” 

“This is my first time seeing you so worked up.” 

“Yes! Just like Gou Wai Jing said, I don’t care about people’s feelings!” 

“You’re not like that. When I was injured, you took care of me and encouraged me.” 

“That’s your opinion! The other’s don’t think so! What did I do wrong? Is it a sin that I like Noah? I’m not robbing or stealing. I did it openly! Do I have to ask each of you for permission to fall in love? Does loving someone need to be so complicated?” 

She’s right. Does loving someone need to be so complicated? The sounds of violin, the dance, the hamburger under those street lights… No…

Cin Heung shook her head and said after a pause, “You haven’t done anything wrong. If you love someone, you shouldn’t make things complicated.” 

“Cin Heung.” Feeling grateful for her support, Sum Ting rested on her shoulder. 


“What’s the matter?”

“I hurt my hand.” 

“How did you hurt yourself so badly?” Sum Ting exclaimed. 

Cin Heung nibbled on her fingers subconsciously again. Seeing that she was worried about something, Sum Ting patted her shoulder and said, “You’re biting your fingers again.” 

Shocked, Cin Heung quickly placed her hand down. After letting out a sigh, Cin Heung told Sum Ting everything that happened to her. 

“Cin Heung, are you serious?” Sum Ting exclaimed. 

“I don’t know.” 

“What the hell! You must be mistaken! No way, you’re not… not the kind that likes girls! It must be a mistake!” 

Seeing how Sum Ting was extremely resistant to the idea, Cin Heung regretted telling her about it. “Maybe I was mistaken…” 

Before she could explain herself, the doorbell suddenly rang. Grateful for the timely door bell, Cin Heung got up and said, “I’ll get the door!” 

When she opened the door she saw Wing Tung standing there crying. Behind her, Manman was rubbing her eyebrows. 

“What’s going on?” Cin Heung asked.


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