Chapter 022—Dreamy 42nd Street of New York (2) 

Perplexed, Cin Heung couldn’t tell clearly what her heart desired. Her fuzzy vision also made it difficult for her to see Stirling. Her past decisiveness and wise thinking had been rendered ineffective as she just wanted to hold Stirling tightly.

Feeling Cin Heung’s passion, Stirling gently rubbed her back to relax her.

“Cin Heung, you almost made it impossible for me to finish my performance. Why didn’t you tell me in advance you were coming?”

“I… suddenly… I just wanted to come… Please forgive my capricious nature.” Cin Heung said like a little girl. 

“Well…” Stirling played with her long hair and continued, “It’s fine.”

“The performance just now was really moving. Thank you very much for playing that song for me.”

“I wouldn’t have written that song if not for you. In fact, I should thank you for making me feel the sensation of falling in love again.”

Cin Hueng lowered her head and her long eyelashes covered her eyes. Like a little girl that had just tasted first love, Cin Heung was embarrassed and did not know what to do.

Stirling held her chin up and looked into her dazed but sparkling eyes. “Will you go out with me for a walk?” 

Cin Heung nodded and allowed Stirling to lead her by the hand and they walked out of the theater together.

Behind them, a staff member shouted, “Stirling! Where are you going? There’s another show today!” 

“Tell them I’m sick and am taking a day off! Please inform those that got tickets to go for next week’s show. If not, they can request for refunds!” 

The staff member raised both his hands in disbelief and said, “What?”

Stirling ignored him and willfully decided what to do. She led Cin Heung out of the building and then quickly got on a yellow cab.

The cab pulled into a square and stopped. Hopping off the vehicle, Cin Heung and Stirling entered the square.

The place was packed with people, just like a carnival. Everyone was waving big and small rainbow flags in their hands, while plenty of men and women were dancing happily. At the center, there were two parade floats stood full of young men and women who dressed themselves up spectacularly. On the parade float were the words ‘LGBT’ in large fonts. 

Curious, Cin Heung asked, “What kind of celebration is this?” 

“It’s a celebration held every June. That’s enough questions for now! Come on! Let’s go dancing!”

When she walked into the crowd with Cin Heung, someone handed them a rainbow flag each. Stirling held it high, swayed her body enthusiastically, and joined everyone around her in dancing.

Cin Heung, driven by their enthusiasm, slowly opened up to the joyous atmosphere. Both men and women around her would hold her hand to be her temporary dance partner. At first, Cin Hueng was shy about everything, but after two rounds of dancing with several girls, her tense mood relaxed. They twisted their slender waists and swung their hands in unison. After learning the dance moves twice, Cin Heung was even able to dance with the group, giving her a sense of pride. 

After dancing with a few dancing partners, Cin Heung eventually partnered up with Stirling. They had never danced before, but their chemistry was good. As long as Cin Heung reached out her hand, Stirling would match her and lead her by the hand. Stirling would even spin her around. Cin Heung raised her legs and jumped, feeling as though she was about to fly up. She then spun back and went into Stirling’s arms again, where the two of them danced around. The two danced together perfectly while the people around them cheered and clapped. 

Cin Hueng and Stirling both had a good time. Holding hands, the two retreated to the side of the court. While panting, Cin Heung looked at the people celebrating in the square and found that they were pairs of women and pairs of men. Only then did she realize that this was a celebration for equal rights.

Cin Heung was fascinated. She felt very satisfied for a moment, but then began to have some doubts the next. 

Suddenly, Stirling held Cin Heung and looked at her affectionately. Cin Heung smiled happily toward Stirling, and after a moment, Stirling slowly moved her face toward Cin Heung, hoping to kiss her on the lips. 

Time and space seemed to have slowed down. Looking at Stirling’s friendly and lovely face, Cin Heung wanted to let her lips come close. However, she felt confused and was afraid that her emotions would break down. With complicated thoughts, Cin Heung hesitated as her eyelashes fluttered slightly. Noticing this, Stirling immediately planted the kiss on Cin Heung’s forehead instead. 

Eyelashes twitching, Cin Heung blamed herself and understood Stirling’s reaction. She bit her lips and aimlessly looked around.

Leading Cin Heung by the hand, Stirling suggested, “Let’s go over there and grab a bite.”

“Sure,” Cin Heung answered with a silly smile. 

The city began to greet the night as street lights lit up one by one along the long promenade. Hanging down along the street were strings of colorful light bulbs. The colorful lights shined on the wooden floor, creating a romantic atmosphere. The harbor separated New York and New Jersey, and looking at the other side, the lights of the city seemed like shining stars. 

A fast-food truck was parked near the harbour. Stirling and Cin Heung went over to it and the owner greeted them. “Hi! Stirling!”

“Hi! George! This is my friend Cin Heung.” 

“Hi! Cin Heung!” 

“Hi! Nice to meet you, George!” 

Cin Heung noticed that George sold burgers. Even though the burgers seemed average, the fragrance filled the streets. This reminded her of the bakery close to where she lived. That shop also filled the streets with the fantastic fragrance of baked bread.

Appreciating George’s burger making skills, Cin Heung suddenly asked Stirling, “Do you want a hamburger?”

Stirling smiled and nodded. 

Out of nowhere, an idea suddenly popped into Cin Heung’s mind. She went to George and asked him, “George, can I make two hamburgers for my good friend, Stirling?”

George looked at them and suddenly grinned. “I’ve been waiting for a helper to help me out! You came just in time! Haha!” 

He put a beige apron around Cin Heung and even gave her a chef’s cap now she looked like a real cook. As soon as Cin Heung was on the counter, she picked up the hamburger patty and placed it on the hot iron plate. The patty sizzled along, but Cin Heung was not afraid of it, flipping it with the spatula. She heated the bread with one hand and prepared the lettuce with the other. When the patty was ready, she placed all the ingredients together, with a little sauce in the middle. The two hamburgers were done.

George praised Cin Heung for her superb skills and jokingly asked her to stay to make more hamburgers. Coincidentally, a few guests wanted to buy some burgers. Cin Heung nodded with a smile and looked at George, who told her to continue. Stirling laughed and clapped her hands as she went over to help her. Soon enough, they served all the customers. 

George humorously said, “You two are a good match. If one of you was a guy and the other a woman, you’d be the best husband and wife!” 

The two smiled shyly. Stirling stared at Cin Heung with mixed feelings, but Cin Heung avoided eye contact. After some time, Stirling too looked away. 

Cin Heung said, “George, we’ll be having these two burgers!”

“Take it! It’s on the house!” 

“What?” The two women exclaimed. 

“It’s for your work! Haha!” 

The two took the burgers and walked along the coast while enjoying their burgers. They could hear a foghorn from a ship as the tiny lights on the ship flickered like fireflies, gliding slowly across the sea. 

Stopping to look at the ship, Cin Heung lowered the burger she was eating and didn’t want to avoid things anymore. She plucked up her courage and said, “It’s been a great day, Stirling.”

“I share the same feeling.” 

“Stirling… I’m confused… I’m really happy to be with you… It’s just that deep down…” 

“Still puzzled? It feels good but seems wrong at the same time, right?” 

Cin Heung nodded hesitantly.

After a while, Stirling said, “It feels just like first love, but it also goes against yourself. Indeed, to break through a mindset, you need determination.” Stirling looked at the boundless darkness of the sea.

The two went quiet again as their ambiguous relationship remained unclear.

Suddenly a man came out of the darkness—a wretched, ragged hooligan. 

“Ladies! It’s already dark! Are you ladies waiting for me!” 

The two were startled. The next moment, without saying a word, Stirling stood in front of Cin Heung and said, “What do you want?” 

“You two sure are beautiful! Maybe you ladies could do me a favor later on! Heehee! But first, give me your money!” 

The man came forward and grabbed Stirling with one hand. She resisted, and the man immediately slapped her hard on the face relentlessly. Stirling fell to the ground.

Cin Heung was shocked at how heavy-handed the man was. Seeing Stirling on the ground with tears, a great burst of anger filled Cin Heung. Two burning flames were about to shoot out from her eyes. The man reached out to grab Cin Heung’s arm, but she quickly grabbed the man’s forearm and twisted it with all her strength. Then with great speed, she aimed at the man’s knee and smashed it hard with a kick. An ugly expression appeared on the man’s face as he cried out in pain. He quickly pulled out a knife and waved it frantically. Forgetting her fears, Cin Heung dodged the waving knife continuously. She took advantage of an opening to punch the man on the nose. The man let out a scream of pain and let go of the knife. 

The man finally stopped and took a few steps back. The man touched his nose, then saw that his hand was covered in blood. Streams of blood were already coming down from his nostrils. After cursing at Cin Heung, the man finally limped away. 

With her hair messy, Cin Heung stood there, breathing heavily. Stirling came to her, took out a handkerchief, and pressed it on the back of Cin Heung’s hand. The pain brought Cin Heung back to her senses.

Stirling asked anxiously, “Are you okay? Your hand’s bleeding, let me wrap it up.” Stirling then wrapped her hand in a handkerchief.

Finally, Cin Heung saw the cut on her hand. She looked up at Stirling, whose beautiful face now had a large bruise. Cin Heung stroked the wound and felt very sorry.

Stirling hugged Cin Heung and pressed her to her chest. Cin Heung could not help but sob in her bosom. 

With a stuttering voice, Cin heung said, “It’s all my fault… It’s all because of me.” 

“You did nothing wrong. You did a good job tonight!” Stirling rubbed her back and continued, “Like George said, maybe we’re good partners and not something else…” Stirling also couldn’t help tear up.

Lifting Cin Heung’s chin, Stirling wiped away her tears and said, “You know, it’s hard to make a major change and decision. With how much courage it takes to make a big decision, even if I were you, I would have struggled too. You’ve done well, very well.” Stirling tidied up her hair then continued, “My angel, after tonight, your heart already knows what needs to be done. Go and hold on to it! Don’t feel sorry for me.”

Even though she said that, Stirling was depressed. 

Feeling sadness and joy at the same time, Cin Heung thought, I will face my heart bravely. Today, “my heart” feels like a girl yearning to be loved. Is that what my heart wants?

The two ladies, with their ambiguous relationship, sat in a corridor and talked about their past. Before leaving, Stirling humorously said, “You’re the female Bruce Lee!” 

On her way back, Cin Heung received a call from Manman. “Cin Heung, where are you? Sum Ting and Gou Jing are quarrelling!”


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