Chapter 014—My Troublesome Brother

Sum Ting, Manman and Gou Jing all surrounded Cin Heung and Wing Tung.

“Did you girls plan this?”

Cin Heung and Wing Tung both shook their heads.

“Then it’s a coincidence that you two quit on the same day!”

“It’s really just a coincidence, tens of millions of people resign every day,” Cinheung explained seriously.

“So what are your plans?”

Cin Heung thought and said, “Manman, you’re going to get married soon, have you found a bridesmaid?”

“Not yet. I have no relatives or friends there. It’s really annoying!”

Cin Heung then said earnestly, “If I want to apply for this position, will you hire me?”

“Are you serious?”

Cin Heung nodded, “I can even go with you on the same day. I have nothing to do now, so I might as well do some travelling.”

All the women were in an uproar.

“You’re so chill with this!”

Manman hugged Cin Heung happily and said, “You’re a true friend!”

“If you don’t mind, it’s my pleasure.”

“Cin Heung, don’t say that! I’m so glad!”

“What about Wing Tung?”

“Erm… What else… Look for another job while I rest…”

“Hey! I heard that turnip will help you… I think he’s just talking through his hat though!” Cin Heung said with an undertone.

All eyes were fixed on Cin Heung.

“Don’t look at me. Ask her.” Cin Heung pointed to Wing Tung.

Wing Tung’s face became red. 

Sum Ting said, “Wing Tung, you’re hiding something from us!”


Gou Jing, “You look like a blooming flower… Oh! You and Man Ching… have done that…!”

Cin Heung laughed out loud and said, “You little brat!”

“No! No! He only promised to help me find a job!”

“That’s it!?”


“There’s more! Well! Well! Women must get married after a certain age!”

“Hey! Hey! It’s only dinner and watching a movie!”

“Really? I hope you don’t get drunk!”

All of a sudden, the girls all said, “Yes!”

Wing Tung felt strange and asked, “Why?” 

Gou Jing took out her mobile phone and showed the photos to Wing Tung. “Take a look yourself!”

Wing Tung saw herself in the picture. Her clothes were lousy, and she looked wild. She was astonished.

“What is this!” Wing Tung asked while she covered her face. 

“You got drunk that night!”

“Ah… This is so shameful… Please delete the pictures!” Wing Tung said.

“That’s why you must not drink! So people won’t see your ugly side!” Gou Jing admonished her.

“Okay… This is a lifetime thing after all…” Wing Tung accidentally said something after feeling anxious. 

“Ah!?” They all exclaimed in unison.

“Well, I already saw some signs from turnip. Now tell us the truth!” Cin Heung said with a smile.

“It’s… I’m a little interested… It’s just a little bit,” said Wing Tung shyly.

“Just ‘a little’ is enough already!… You’re so flirty!” Sum Ting teased her.

“I’m not like that… I was just drunk last time!”

“Look how cute you are, everyone loves it! You’re really cute!”

All the women hoped that she could find the right man and wished her the best. 

A few days later, Cin Heung went back to Mr. Gum’s company to complete the resignation procedures and sign the formal resignation letter.

Passing by a Chinese restaurant, she heard some commotion outside. A group of people were holding an opening ceremony, with some of them performing a lion dance for the restaurant. After a closer look at the group of 30 lion dance performers, she realised she knew all of them. They were all from the martial arts gym and were helping out with the opening ceremony. 

She went to say hello to the group of people. Man Ching simply waved to her, then continued to take care of other things. Everyone was busy and had no time to talk.

Looking at Man Ching’s efforts at organising the people, she thought, It’s best for him to take over the martial arts gym in the future. That way, dad won’t nag me about it again.

After watching for a while, Cin Heung waved goodbye. Man Ching also waved his hand and went over to help others. 

When she got to the office, the reception was no longer as courteous as before. She went straight to Natalie’s.

“Cin Heung, after you sign this, you will have nothing to do with the company. You should know that the restrictive covenant will remain active. Do you understand?” Natalie said in a robotic manner.

“I know all of that,” Cin Heung answered and signed.

Natalie asked with a sly look, “You must have found something good outside. But you should pay attention to the restrictive period. If the company finds out what you did, don’t blame the company for taking legal action.”

Cin Heung sneered a little, smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going.”

The world was so superficial. If you had money, you would have friends. In the workplace, this was even more apparent. 

Walking out of the building, Cin Heung encountered Mr. Gum and several thugs. They met each other on the narrow road in the parking lot.

Cin Heung looked at the people, nodded to Mr. Gum, and was about to leave.

Out of the blue, Mr. Gum called out, “Cin Heung! You’re just gonna leave?”

Cin Heung answered, “Yes, all the procedures have been done, and I have nothing to do with the company anymore.”

“You owe me a favor! How are you going to pay back?”

When those evil men heard this, one of them said, “If you owe money, you’ll pay back with money. If you owe your boss a favor then, of course… Hahaha.” 

Cin Heung looked at the men. She had gotten used to these vicious looking people around her father since she was young. Most of the martial arts practitioners were like this, with thick eyebrows, and bulging cheeks. That was why she didn’t flinch at all. 

“Keep your mouths clean! Hmph! A beast will always be a beast!”

“Old Gum, you ex-lover is really ungrateful. Let me teach her a lesson!”

The man in a green floral shirt reached for Cin Heung’s arm. However, Cin Heung suddenly seized and twisted the hand with lightning speed. The man’s arm was then dislodged from its socket. 

The man immediately screamed in pain.

Not knowing what had happened, the rest of the men all came to surround Cin Heung.

“What’s wrong with you, woman!”

“I don’t want to argue with you all, please get out of the way!” Cin Heung said calmly.

“How can we let you go without teaching you a lesson!”

Cin Heung put up a fighting stance, albeit a little hesitant. Suddenly, someone called out, “Here! Over here!”

Dozens of people turned out from the corner and surrounded them in a larger circle.

More than 30 men with steel-like arms and thick necks appeared. They all yelled out in unison, “Senior martial sister!” Then they all turned their eyes and glared at Mr. Gum.

This sudden crowd frightened Mr. Gum. Immediately, he said, “It’s none of my business, it’s those people!” He said this while pointing at the thugs.

The thugs felt despondent and stared daggers at Mr. Gum.

Cin Heung felt relieved as she did not expect someone to come and save her. 

Man Ching came out and said, “Sis what have you done! Angering all these gentlemen!” He turned to Mr. Gum and said, “My family all practises martial arts. Please forgive me if she has offended you.”

Man Ching saw the person with the dislocated arm and said, “Sir, your arm has been dislocated. Let me help you.” Without waiting for an answer, Man Ching pulled the man’s hand swiftly. With a cracking sound, the man jumped up in pain. Strange enough, after the man had his bone put back into its original spot, he didn’t dare to fight back.

Cin Heung went up to Mr. Gum and said, “Nothing else right? I’ll be going.”

Cin Heung didn’t wait for him to answer, instead she took Man Ching’s arm and left. The group of people also followed the two. Mr. Gum fell on the ground and thought, What kind of people are they?

Man Ching felt that their group was attracting much attention, so he waved for them to go back. 

Cin Heung said, “Thank you very much today, turnip!”

Man Ching asked, “Who were those people? How did you get involved with them?”

“Well… he’s my old boss! I didn’t think he would do that!”

“You’re just so naive!”

“How irritating! You got me again! How was I to know that he’s a beast under that sheepish look!”

“Fortunately, I was close by!”

“Hphm! I’m not afraid to fight!”

“Hey! What did uncle teach us?”

“Yeah, yeah… Keep your mind pure, train your body with martial arts! Don’t bully others, just cultivate your heart with martial arts! Father always talks about that.”

“Then how can you think of fighting!”

After receiving such a lesson from Man Ching, how could she not return the favor? She suddenly asked, “You and Wing Tung are dating!”

This really hit his spot. All of a sudden, he was speechless and his face turned bright red. 


“I’ll go and tell mum!”

“Don’t talk nonsense! You’ll tarnish Wing Tung’s good name! Moreover, you’ll worry auntie!”

My cousin’s greatest fear was my mother. My uncle and aunt died early, so Man Ching grew up with me from a young age. He was only a little older than me, and my mother was very strict with us. We couldn’t go out at night before we became adults.

When I was in middle school, I remember being bullied by senior students, and I had a fight with them. A fat classmate got beaten up by me until he looked like a panda. Later, several other bullies came to take me down. Fortunately, turnip came round the corner and he beat them up. However, he didn’t have it easy either. His face was bruised up, and he couldn’t hide it when we went back home. My mother found out and she made us kneel all night. 

Since then, turnip has not allowed me to fight with others, and he has often lectured me on various things, even up to today. Maybe I’m already used to it, and I never disobeyed him. Other than that time when it came to my ex-boyfriend; we had a big fight about it. We didn’t talk for years and I even refused to go to the martial arts gym. In the end, our relationship got better when I went to him for help with Wing Tung. Ultimately, we’re still blood related. 

“Big bro!”

“Why are you suddenly calling me that!” He took out a bottle of distilled water from the bag and drank it.

“I can’t call you my brother?”

“No! It’s better like this!”

“Seriously though, do you like Wing Tung?”

Man Ching choked on the water and spat it out. 

Seeing this, Cin Heung laughed out loud and clapped her hands. “I get it now! Our turnip has sprouted! Ha! Ha!”

“Cough… cough… You… little brat!”


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