Chapter 013—The Drifter’s Song

After that day, Man Ching, Wing Tung and the group of girls went around to investigate the case. They even went to the company where Wing Tung worked at. After questioning some staff, they obtained some of the surveillance video.

Wing Tung’s colleagues were talking about who stole the money. Just like Gou Jing said, no one believed that Wing Tung, a scaredy-cat, was the thief. They were more worried that she would cry all the time in the office.

Sum Ting and Gou Jing were interested in the case. Fortunately, Scott and Noah weren’t tired of explaining the progress and methods of investigation.

Cin Heung wasn’t really into the case. She knew that “turnip” was taking care of it, so she didn’t give much thought to it. She was more worried that this brother of hers would find a reason to find fault with her. She might as well leave it all to him.

In the morning, Cin Heung went to the bakery on the street but found that the gates were locked and there was a note: “Shop closed down due to bad business.”

Cin Heung felt lost and sad. Another shop with such good craftsmanship, drowned out in the metropolis.

Emotions swelled up from within. She had been visiting this shop since secondary school, watching the ups and downs of the shop through the years. She felt guilty because she didn’t even know the name of the baker. The street was no longer filled with the smell of baked bread. 

The shop had served the neighborhood every day throughout the years. Unfortunately, in the end, it couldn’t keep up with the changes of the times. Suddenly, a sense of emptiness overwhelmed her. Even though life was long, happiness was always so short lived. 

It was such a pity. 

Since the traffic accident, Cin Heung constantly reflected on the past years. In the workplace, she made every effort to climb to a higher position; her family, friends, and ideals were all put aside. What’s more cruel was that when she came back to the office, someone had taken over her department and she had to fight back. The real version of “Whitehouse” was vividly presented in front of her with blood and endless human struggles.

Cin Heung sometimes hated herself; she treated her subordinates coldly, treated her superiors with insincerity. She had totally forgotten about her ideals and was a completely different person at home. She was no different from a hypocrite.

Finally, she realized what were the things that mattered.

There was something she had been hesitating about for a long time, and she had finally decided to put an end to it today.

As her fingers clattered across the keyboard, she finished her letter:

Dear Mr. Gum,

I have been in the great care of the company all these years. Unfortunately, I have decided to resign from my present position as director.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and gain valuable work experience. I hope my resignation will not be an inconvenience for you… 

I hope that the company continues to thrive. 


Wun Cin Heung

She folded the letter, put it in an envelope, and went to Joey’s desk.

“Joey, I’d like to see Mr. Gum.”

“He’s not in this week. Should I convey the message to him?”

“You can give him this resignation letter for me.”

“Miss Wun, you…”

“Don’t call Miss Wun any more. Relax, call me Cin Heung for now on!”

“You’re quitting? Giving up this good opportunity! Oh, I see! You found a better job? Or… You’re getting married?”

Cin Heung patted her on the head with the envelope and said, “Joey, do you remember me saying that some things are just meant to be yours, and they will always follow you regardless. Do you understand?”

Joey nodded hard and said, “Cin Heung, I still don’t get it now, but I will understand it eventually!”

Cin Heung put down the letter and turned to leave. As she walked, she said, “In a few days, we won’t be seeing each other anymore on this floor.” She suddenly turned around and said, “Maybe I’ll meet you somewhere else.”

Joey watched her as she walked away, feeling reluctant.


The next day, Noah and Scott arrived at Wing Tung’s office.

Scott went to Wing Tung and said, “Miss Lau Wing Tung, we suspect that you are related to a case of theft. Please come with us to assist in the investigation.”

Wing Tung was so scared that she exclaimed, “How did it turn out like this!”

Wing Tung cried out, tears flowing down her face. 

Everyone in the office was surprised that the police came up to arrest someone, arresting Wing Tung of all people. 

Soon, she arrived at the parking lot with Noah and Scott and got into a car.
Man Ching was waiting for her in the car.

Wing Tung couldn’t help crying when she saw Man Ching and asked, “Why are you arresting me?” 

Man Ching patted her gently and said, “It’s okay now. Don’t cry.”

“How can it be ok…” She sobbed as she spoke.

After organizing and sorting all the clues, Man Ching told Wing Tung about the situation. He said, “The case is pretty obvious. Abuse of power from a superior and blaming the subordinates.”

“You say… huh?” Wing Tung said. 

“This is a low-grade theft. Your boss stole the money, took it to the toilet, and blamed it on you. He will probably take the money when things have cooled down. He probably thinks that he had done a good job, but part of the process was filmed.”

“Then why are you not arresting him! Instead, you arrested me!”

“We will, but there was a need for a show before the stolen goods could be seized.”

“What show…?” Wing Tung asked while sobbing. 

Man Ching smiled and said, “Well, the main character of that show is right in front of me!”


“You’ve just finished the show, and you showed your true feelings. Perfect acting!”

“I… was acting?”


Since then, Wing Tung had not gone back to work. Her colleagues seemed to have come to a certain conclusion and everything seemed normal again. 

A few days later, a man walked out of the elevator. Two men walked up to the man and said, “Sir, we are the police. This is our credentials. We suspect that you are involved in a theft case. Please open your bag.”

The man trembled and the bag in his hand fell to the ground. When he opened the bag, there were stacks of money in a hidden compartment.

The man that got caught was Wing Tung’s boss.

Wing Tung regained her innocence and her colleagues congratulated her. However, everyone wondered what means she used to prove her innocence, and some also said behind her back about what kind of influential people supported Wing Tung. Everyone felt that it was better not to offend her. Soon, they felt distanced themselves from her, as though she was someone to stay away from. 

Under these circumstances, Wing Tung finally mustered up courage and went to the boss’s room. Soon, she came out and announced, “Thank you for your care for all the years. I have decided to resign and today will be my last day working.”

All good things must come to an end, just as everything has a beginning and an end. Just how many troubling incidents would there be in a person’s lifetime… the answer’s probably a lot.


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