Chapter 012—Sparring

The group of five turned left and right before then finally arrived at an old building. Although the lobby was bright, it still could not mask the worn out look that the building had. The five women walked into the elevator and filled up the small space.

“Cin Heung, what kind of place is this? Its so old.”

“Don’t underestimate this place. This is where I grew up.”

“Sum Ting, you better not fart!” Gou Jing teased her.

“What fart?! Why would I!”

Manman said, “Don’t make it sound so disgusting.”

Cin Heung cautiously said, “Wing Tung, you haven’t said a word since you came out. Don’t worry too much.”

Wing Tung replied, “It’s easier said than done I just hope people don’t think that I’m a thief, or else my reputation’s screwed.”

Gou Jing, “How can that be? People who know you will definitely know you’re timid and a cry baby. When you see money on the ground, you wouldn’t even dare to pick it up.”

Sum Ting then said, “Hello? Don’t be too blunt! Even though she is like that…”

Cin Heung patted Wing Tung’s shoulder and said, “Alright, it’ll be fine.”

All of a sudden, someone let out a fart, and all of them started to scream.

“Who! Who is it!”

“Sum Ting, I told you not to fart!”

“It’s not me!”

Cin Heung kept laughing with her nose pinched.

“Sorry, it was me…”

“Why! Wing Tung… You!”

“Why is this lift going so slow?!”

The door finally opened and the group of women rushed out. Some laughed with one hand on the wall, others squatted down to breathe deeply. Cin Heung covered her face with both hands while she laughed and coughed.

Finally, they arrived at the martial arts gym.

On top of the entrance, there was a small plaque with the words “Wun Martial Arts” and a pair of couplets on the left and right: “Keep your mind pure, train your body with martial arts.”

This reminded Cin Heung of the days when she used to live here.

Every day she had to wake up to practice martial arts. Horse Stance, Straight Fist Punch, Leg Splitting, sparring; she had to do them every day. Her father always said, “If you don’t practice martial arts, you’ll have nothing when you’re old.”

She touched the couplet.

She hadn’t been here for a long time and the couplets were already quite well worn. My father is old too… How unfilial I am. He often wanted me to come up but I didn’t care…

For a moment, she felt a little sad.

“Cin Heung! Are we not going in?”

Cin Heung came to her senses and said, “Oh, come, come in.”

Even though the entrance was small, the inside was surprisingly spacious. The hall could probably hold fifty to sixty people. The bright lights shined on the soft green floor which seemed comfortable to lay on. A large cabinet, close to the entrance, was full of shoes and socks. This showed that there were a lot of people in there. 

They quietly walked to the inner hall and saw dozens of people sitting on their knees around the edge of the court. Obviously, there were more men than women. They were all watching a pair of martial artists fighting in the middle. They kicked, punched, and jumped around. At the critical moment of their fight, Wing Tung suddenly let out a scream!

The pair of martial artists stopped to look around, and the dozens of pairs of eyes from the rest of the hall all focused on the five women that had just entered. 

Manman’s legs almost gave way as she got scared. Immediately, she held onto Gou Jing.

Wing Tung nibbled her fingers and looked at the floor.

The other two women did not dare to move.

All of a sudden, everyone in the hall stood up and their eyes looked toward them intently.

Sum Ting and the others slowly retreated.

However, Cin Heung took a step forward and nodded. 

The people bowed and said together loudly, “Senior martial sister!”

“Don’t bow to me, will you!” Cin Heung was a little discontented.


It was like this in the office, and it was the same here. She felt that all this formality was really troublesome. 

Sum Ting and others were surprised.

One of the martial artists came over to them. He had a square face with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He had a majestic aura as he crossed his arms.

He said, “Cin Heung! You came here at last!”

Cin Heung said calmly, “I will eventually come up!”

The man with thick eyebrows and big eyes looked at the women, then glanced at the other martial artists behind him.

He let out a sigh as the men who had been training were distracted by the beautiful and fashionable women that appeared. Some of them blushed, straightened their backs, and even tidied up their hair, hoping to show their masculinity in front of the women.

He said to the crowd, “Spar with each other, I have things to talk about with the senior martial sister.” He turned around then said with a reproachful tone, “Why didn’t tell me in advance you were coming.”

Cin Heung countered, “There’s something urgent! How could I have known so many people would be here!”

He rolled his eyes then said to Wing Tung and the others, “I’m really sorry, ladies. We talk very straight forward with each other.”

Cin Heung said, “This is my brother, Wun Man Ching, I call him turnip!”

Wing Tung said, “How can you call your brother turnip.”

“Can’t help it, his name is Man Ching. Right? Brother!”

Annoyed, Man Ching glared at Cin Heung and said, “You little!” He then turned to Wing Tung and said, “Thank you for being on my side. In fact, Man Ching is the scientific name of turnip. Since childhood, this little brat had been calling me that, but I’ve become used to it.” He pointed to Cin Heung as he said that.

Wing Tung blushed and nodded, “Ah…”

Gou Jing then said, “Millions, thousand, clean, fragrance! Filled with plenty of fragrance! Your family is interesting!”1

All the women laughed.

Man Ching then asked, “So, what’s the urgent matter?”

Cin Heung explained, “My friend is in trouble!” She pointed at her and continued, “Her name is Wing Tung.” 

Wing Tung said shyly, “Hello… Brother Wun.” 

Several of the women glared at Wing Tung when she addressed him that way. 

“Do you know each other well?”

Startled, Man Ching quickly said, “Let’s talk in the office.”

The group took off their shoes and went into the office. Some students were curious and would still look at them. Sum Ting waved at them, making the students blush.

The group went into the office which could fit in roughly six people and a desk; with a little squeezing of course. 

“Have a seat!” Man Ching said.

Man Ching then looked at Cin Heung with his double eyelid eyes and waited. 

“Turnip, I know you’re not happy with me barging in here like this.”

“Good that you’re aware.”

“Anyways! First of all, help my friend out. How about this,  I’ll spar with the students afterwards.”

“Good, you better keep your promise!”

Man Ching stretched out his fist and Cin Heung bumped it with hers.

Man Ching then asked softly, “What can I do for you?”

Wing Tung looked at Cin Heung with her big eyes then Cin Heung nodded at her.

Wing Tung said, “It’s like this. Previously while I was working in my company, I took 100,000 dollars of public funds and put it into a safe. But when I came back in the afternoon, the money disappeared.”

“Did you report it to the police?”

“Not yet…”

Man Ching then asked Wing Tung, “What can I do then?”

“To help out of course! Investigate who stole the money.” Cin Heung said angrily.

“Siu Cin!” Man Ching became serious.

“Alright, alright. I won’t talk,” she put out her hands in front of her mouth. 

Man Ching then continued, “You have to report the case before I can act.”

“Oh… Then I…” Wing Tung couldn’t make up her mind. 

“What do we do then?” Cin Heung said urgently.

Man Ching glared at Cin Heung, and she quickly stopped talking.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make arrangements.” He walked out and yelled, “Scott, Noah, can you come and help?”

Man Ching then went back into the room. “I’ll get two friends for help. They are regular police officers. Get them to file a case first, then it will be easier for me to handle the case.”

The girls, seeing how Man Ching acted and conducted himself, were impressed with his demeanor. This was especially true for Wing Tung, as if she had found a lifebuoy.

A moment later, two people in white martial arts training uniforms came in. They were the two men who had previously straightened up and blushed.

Their sturdy bodies could be seen beneath the uniform. One of them was muscular and had a friendly smile, Scott. The other man, Noah, had a lean yet muscular body and an honest look. 

Man Ching reported the matter to the two men, and they both cursed at the thief.

Noah said, “Don’t worry, Wing Tung, we’ll help you catch the rat!”

Scott then asked, “Man Ching, can we use a room to collect some information from Miss Wing Tung?”

Man Ching said, “You can use the study at the back.”

Wing Tung was a little embarrassed about going with two big men. 

When her friends saw this, Sum Ting and Gou Jing volunteered to accompany her. Soon, they went to the study.

Man Ching, Cin Heung and Manman were left in the office.

Man Ching asked, “Siu Cin, how’s your injuries?”

“All healed up.”

“I was so worried when I heard about your car crash! Originally I bought a ticket to come back, but then uncle told me not to rush back. He said you were OK.”


“Of course! You think I’m that heartless?”

“Of course not, of course not.”

“You just don’t like to listen to me. Saying that I’m always nagging you,” Man Ching said in earnest.

Cin Heung didn’t say anything. 

“I only caution you when I have proof. Like your Chan Sai…”

“Chan Sai On!”

“Yes, Chan Sai On. I checked what kind of man he was. I told you a thousand times, but you didn’t listen. You even had a fight with me.”

“Well, aren’t you happy now?”

“Siu Cin! How could I!” He took a box of medicine out and continued, “It’s my fault. I bought some supplements for you in America, but I didn’t have the chance to give it to you.”

Man Ching handed it to her.

Cin Heung looked at him suspiciously.

“You want it or not?” Man Ching asked.

“Of course I want it!” she took it over.

Man Ching then said with a smile, “You said you would go to spar. Don’t forget it!”

“Yeah, yeah!”

“I’ll go and get your clothes.” He went out after saying that. 

Manman, who saw everything, stared at Cin Heung as she played with the box of healthy food.

Cin Heung took a look at her and asked, “What?” 

Manman said, “Your brother really has some tricks!”

“What trick?”

“You’re like a kitten when in front of your brother.”

“You’ll probably act like a little pussy when you face your future husband. Haha!”

Man Ching took out a uniform for Cin Heung. She put on the black tights and tied her hair up. Manman whistled after seeing her slim figure.  

Man Ching said with a smile, “You haven’t worn it for such a long time. Check if there are any holes on it!”

Cin Heung raised her hand and legs to check. “No holes! No worries!”

At that moment, Wing Tung and the others came out and saw Cin Heung. When they saw how she looked like a female killer, they all said in unison, “Cool!”

Scott and Noah both asked, “Do you need to stretch, senior martial sister?”

Cin Heung then said, “Right! Do you guys want to be my sparring partner?”

“We’re no match for you! Maybe Man Ching can spar with you!”

Man Ching asked, “Have you all gathered the information?”

Noah said, “Yeah! We can start investigating tomorrow. Sum Ting said she’ll help me.”

All the women’s eyes were on her. Sum Ting looked around a few times but did not respond.

Man Ching went to Wing Tung and said, “Don’t worry! It’s going to be okay!”

Wing Tung blushed and just kept nodding.

“Turnip! Don’t keep worrying about Wing Tung! Come and fight me,” Cin Heung said suddenly.

Man Ching was taken aback. He peeked at Wing Tung again, only to see that her face was very lovely and she was embarrassed. 

“I’ll fight you!” He took the opportunity to leave Wing Tung and went out.

Cin Heung stole a glance at the two and secretly smiled. 

Scott quickly came out, clapped his hands, and shouted, “Everybody! Today, your senior martial sister will spar with your senior martial brother, we can all learn something from them.”

The crowd immediately stopped and sat down in a systematic way. Noah also invited Sum Ting and the other women to sit on the mat.

The brother and sister stood on opposite sides, bowed to each other, and then put on a fighting stance. Their eyes were fixed on each other as they moved slowly around. Cin Heung was the first to move as she swept her leg across . Man Ching looked up and then avoided the kick. Immediately, Man Ching let out a series of punches to her face and chest, not treating her like his sister at all. Cin Heung didn’t blink and steadied her head.  Parrying the first punch with her left hand, she then caught his other hand. She then rushed forward with two palms and pushed Man Ching on the chest; pushing him back two steps. 

Cin Heung said, “Focus.” 

Man Ching smiled. This time, carrying on with his momentum, he used his hands and legs to attack her. Cin Heung jumped and dodged, kicked and blocked. The two of them attacked and defended at the same time. 

Man Ching launched his two fists out. Cin Heung did the splits to avoid it, then swept her legs to trip him, but he had dodged her legs. He sent a kick flying her way, which Cin Heung caught and parried it off along its trajectory.

The two exclaimed and yelled as they dealt blows to each other. 

On the sidelines, when they saw that the two were really hitting each other, the younger martial brothers and sisters all exclaimed in shock, obviously worried. When they were close to taking the other out, Wing Tung would even cover her eyes like a child.

After some exchanges, the two finally caught each other’s hands. It seemed that they were fairly matched. 

Immediately, the crowd gave a thunderous applause. 

The siblings bowed and thanked each other.

Cin Heung then whispered in Man Ching’s ear, “You were going easy on me!”

“You still haven’t got your strength back yet. Don’t try to act tough!”


Man Ching let out a smile and said, “Siu Cin, come again next time!”

The sweaty Cin Heung walked over to their friends. They all looked at her with awe and checked her limbs.

“Not bad, you’re not hurt at all!”

“If it was me, I would have been crippled!”

Man Ching came over and said, “That’s all for today. Thank you for coming.” He coughed then continued, “We’ll start work tomorrow… I’ll go pick you up Wing Tung.”

Wing Tung’s lips trembled as she said, “Okay”

Scott and Noah joined in, saying, “We’ll be there too!”

Sum Ting quickly said, “I’ll come too!”

Gou Jing said, “Sum Ting… You can’t leave me!”

Cin Heung, “If turnip’s around, I’ll leave it to him then. I’ll be resting.”

Manman, “Well, I won’t be free, I have a long distance date.”

The space was suddenly chummy and overflowed with warmth; Cin Heung envied them.


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  1. Cin Heung means “thousand” and “fragrance”, while Man Ching means ten thousand and clean/clear.