Chapter 011—Sisterhood

Cin Heung heard the news, immediately drove to the city center, and found the karaoke place they talked about.

What she saw after she opened the door made her laugh and cry.

Wing Tung held a bottle of liquor and was drinking it. Her hair bun was scattered and filled with straws. With a scarf wrapped around her head, she looked like the statue of liberty.

Her shirt was only one button away from revealing her undershirt and shoulders.

Those round and puppy eyes of hers, they were now half closed and almost seemed dead.

She danced and yelled out the song, “Let me be with you!… Let me love you… Be blissful for the rest of my life!!!”

Sum Ting, Manman and Gou Jing were tired; they just sat there and watched her performance.

Wing Tung fumbled as she walked around. In the end, she stumbled and fell into Cin Heung’s arms.

Wing Tung put her head two inches away from Cin Heung’s nose and asked, “Cin… Heung… You came for my signature?!”

Cin Heung smelled the alcohol coming off her and said, “Yes! Right! Sit down and give me your signature!”

Holding her all the way to the front of the sofa, Cin Heung slightly released her hand and Wing Tung completely laid down on the sofa like mud. 

“Come on, come on! Get me a pen! Signature… Signature.” She then passed out. 

Cin Heung stood up and looked at the four of them, frowning.

Sum Ting waved her hand and said, “She sucked out all of our energy already!”

Manman was sweating and said, “Don’t ask me to stand up! I’ve been acting as a dancer all night!”

Gou Jing held a small electric fan to her face and said, “She should be better after this right?”

Wing Tung suddenly opened her eyes and jumped up to sing, “You drown me in love… To toy with my heart… Even on my ring finger!”

Cin Heung was startled!

Sum Ting and Gou Jing reflexively pulled her back to the sofa. As soon as Wing Tung lied down, she fell asleep again.

Cin Heung went to her and buttoned her shirt and asked, “What happened to her?”

The three women sighed at the same time.

Cin Heung then pulled out the straws in her hair and said, “Sigh…It must be something big… Let’s hear it.”

Manman said, “She withdrew 100,000 dollars in cash for her company today and locked it in the company’s safe.”

Gou Jing, “She thought everything was alright, but when she came back after lunch, she found that the money had disappeared.”

“Scum! Some pig must have stolen the money! And her pig boss, he wants her to take care of it herself! Wing Tung is an innocent girl! What can she do!” Sum Ting did not beautify her words in front of her friends.

“Did you report it to the police?” Cin Heung asked.

Yong Tong suddenly bounced up and said, “Don’t call the police… If we call the police, I’ll be killed, I’ll be…” she fell asleep on the sofa again. 

“We have no choice but to let her vent tonight… Hah…”

“But it won’t work out if we don’t report it.”

The other three girls did not have any better ideas so they didn’t respond. 

Cin Heung thought for a moment and said, “I’ll take you girls to meet someone tomorrow. He should be able to help.”

“Is it true!?” All the women were excited.

Wing Tung jumped up again and said, “That’s good!! Let’s go tomorrow! Go to heaven together!” She picked up a bottle of alcohol again. “Who helped me put on my clothes… It’s so hot!” She reached out and unbuttoned her shirt.

“Damn! Becoming so unrestrained after getting drunk! Are you really drunk or are you just acting!” Sum Ting held her hand and prevented her from stripping. 

“I’m sure you’ve never seen yourself so bold and unrestrained! Ha ha!” Gou Jing took out her mobile phone and took pictures of Wing Tung.

They were pretty childish and they treated Wing Tung as a bold and unrestrained model. The drunk Wing Tung also gladly put on a gorgeous pose. They all had fun and laughed all night.

After a crazy night, they went to sleep, all five of them packed in one room.

Wing Tung was the first to wake up. She found her shirt unbuttoned and her bra loose. She was so scared that she covered her chest, looked around and asked, “Where am I?”

She looked at the people around her. Fortunately they were her friends, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. She got the chills even thinking about it. 

Gou Jing and Manman slept on the ground, holding a plush bear doll.

Cin Heung slept on the bed with her arms open and mouth wide. Next to her was Sum Ting, who held onto Cin Heung’s leg like a koala. However, she was upside down, having Cin Heung’s leg on her face. What’s more, Sum Ting was sucking on Cin Heung’s toes while she slept sweetly.

Wing Tung did not dare to laugh loudly. In this situation, she could not help but take pictures of their funny side.

The phone’s shutter sound effect woke everyone in the room.

Everyone groaned as they woke up, and Sum Ting said contentedly, “I had a good sleep last night. I had a good dream and tasted wine! It was some really good alcohol!”

Wing Tung couldn’t help laughing.

The women asked her what was funny, and she sent them the photos.

Everyone’s phones vibrated with ‘ding’ as they received a message. After a while Manman and Gou Jing burst out laughing. Cin Heung and Sum Ting blushed because the photo was Sum Ting sucking Cin Heung’s toe. 

“You little! Taking such a cute photo of me!” Sum Ting said angrily.

“Wing Tung, you’re still in the mood to play,” Cin Heung said solemnly.

When she mentioned this, Wing Tung’s eyes burst into tears and cried, “I’m dead!”

Cin Heung comforted her, “It’s just money. In the worst case, just pay for it. Don’t worry. But first, we should ask someone for advice.”

“Who is it?”

“A troublesome person!”

“Ah! So who?”

“A super naggy person who’d probably blabber on even after he’s dead! My brother!” She frowned at the mention of this man.

“Can he help?”


“Huh! I’ve never heard you having a brother though?”

“Well, he’s a cousin of mine with the same surname.”

The four women let out an ‘Oh’ at the same time. 

“Is he good looking?” Sum Ting asked

“Well, he’s the manly version of me!” Cin Heung didn’t bother to give a good answer.

The four women said together again, “Wow! That’s good, good! Not bad! Not bad!”

Cin Heung rolled her eyes and said, “Now you all come with me…”

The four of them asked together, “Where are we going?”

“To a martial arts gym!”

“Why don’t we go to a restaurant, noodle shop or hotel? Why a martial arts gym?”

“Because my dad owns it.”

“Oh… but what does that have to do with your cousin?”

“Yish! He teaches martial arts part-time, but he works as a police consultant. Also, he lives at the gym! Come with me!”

“Wait! What’s a police consultant?”

“Well the police hire him when they can’t solve those strange and difficult cases! He’s not a regular policeman.” Cin Heung scratched her head and said, “You all weren’t so curious before! Don’t ask so much! Let’s go”

“No! I still want to ask! What is this place?”

“Ah! Yes! What is this place!?”

Gou Jing said, “It’s my home!”


“Your home?… When did you have such a house?”

Cin Heung yelled, “Don’t ask so many questions! Let’s go!”

The five women finally set out for the martial arts gym.


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