Chapter 010—Women Rights

In modern society, women were treated fairly. Compared with ancient times or even a few decades ago, their autonomy had reached the level of equality and fairness comparable to men. Some women may even be in higher positions than men. This was not simply because these women were more intelligent, but also because they were granted their powers and trusted by the people. Therefore, it was so symbolic for women to be in high positions in society; this represented a society’s fairness and democracy.

Cin Heung was aware of this fact, that was why for every decision she made, she would base it on this ideal. However, when she was promoted to her executive position, she was ashamed of the idea that it was just because her boss had willed it. It looked to others that she didn’t earn her position through hard work. This showed that there was a contradiction between fairness and corporate interests.

Ironically, all the people in the office suddenly treated her with respect. It wasn’t that they wouldn’t question her ability, but as long as she glared at them a little, they would be scared shitless. This kind of pedantic behavior really broadened Cin Heung’s horizons and led her to understand the consequences of eating this sugar-coated arsenic. Therefore, she should know how to empathize with others. 

After a day and night, Cin Heung’s new office was set up with the help of a group of burly men. 

Cin Heung thanked them for their hard work and made cakes for them.

Upon opening the box, pieces of exquisite cake arranged in order came into view. Each piece was covered with either strawberries or chocolate. There were even whipped cream flowers on the cakes, and they looked like delicate pieces of artwork.

The burly men were deeply moved to learn that it was a cake made by someone at a high position.

The foreman said, “This was all made by Miss Wun?!”

Cin Heung smiled and nodded.

“You flatter us! Can’t believe we’re having cakes made by a director!”

One of the fatter men had a sad face and felt a little lost while holding a piece of cake.

Another man frowned and said, “Fat Ping, why are you holding the cake with such a sad face instead of eating it? Do you not appreciate what Miss Wun made for us?! How rude!”

Fat Ping then said, “That’s not true! I just can’t bear myself to eat it!”

Cin Heung thought it was interesting and said, “Food is meant to be eaten, how could you not bear eating it.”

Fat Ping said, “Usually young women won’t even bat an eye when they see us rough fellas. They won’t even treat us to biscuits, let alone cakes. Now a beautiful director has made us some cake… I really can’t bear myself to eat it.”

Cin Heung covered her mouth and laughed, “There’s still more here. You can take home and share it with your family!”

Fat Ping took a bite, and his eyes immediately glowed. After another bite, he praised Cin Heung while swallowing the cake, “Miss Wun’s cake is really excellent!”

Cin Heung said with a smile, “You flatter me too much.”

All the men praised her cake!

These rough people had something good about them; they were pretty frank and sincere with their words. Cin Heung liked straightforward people.

After she thanked them for their work, the men divided up the rest of the cake and went off. 

Cin Heung sat alone in the room that was several times larger than before. Looking around, she suddenly picked up a spoon and tapped it on a cup. The sound of impact reverberated throughout the room.

She paced around the room and looked at every corner carefully. In addition to the filing cabinet, there was a hidden closet. There was a set of sofa and coffee table at one side of the room, a giant TV in the middle, and a big desk facing a big glass window. 

This was the office that some people dreamed of working in. Cin Heung looked out of the window. After a while, she closed her eyes, shook her head, and let out a sigh.

Looking through the latest documents all morning, she saw that Wendy’s plan still had the same content and the same problem. Cinheung then took a piece of paper and wrote:

“The celebrity you proposed for the endorsement has some relationship problems. Some people have disclosed that she has a private relationship with another celebrity, and that celebrity is a married man. This may negatively affect the brand. Be careful!”

She sent someone to send the papers back to Wendy.

Wendy was startled upon reading the note and immediately asked someone to confirm it, and it turned out to be true. If the adulterous celebrity was exposed after signing the contract, it would definitely have negatively affected the company’s brand. If that happened, she would have to take the blame and resign. She wiped her sweaty forehead and felt thankful that Cin Heung had reminded her.

After a busy day, just when Cin Heung was stretching out, the phone rang out of nowhere.

The voice that came from the phone was tense, saying, “Wing Tung said she wanted to die!”

Cin Heung was shocked, “Sum Ting, what happened to her?”

“Something bad happened in her workplace… Say no more! Come quickly!”

“OK, OK, calm down. I’ll come right now!”

Cin Heung ended the call and immediately set off for them.

The modern woman was not simple, they sure had many things to worry about apart from relationship troubles.


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