Chapter 009—A Twist

It’s been said that humans were like cancer cells. The earth was a person called Mr. Earth, and he was sick. What was wrong with Mr. Earth? No one knew! There was no scientific name for the disease; they just knew that there was a kind of creature constantly destroying him in his body. This creature, of course, was mankind.

Humans had strong greed, selfishness, and possessive. All these behaviors brought pain to Mr. Earth. At the same time, greed and selfishness also paved a shinny road of no return for the humans.

I, Wun Cin Heung, did not yearn to walk on this road of glory. I had already prepared myself as I stood below this high wall. 

Cin Heung waddled through the corridor and stopped in front of the secretary, Joey.

Joey saw her sweet smile and went forward to hold Cin Heung with both hands. “Miss Wun, you’re back. You seem to be in good spirits!”

Cin Heung jokingly said, “Joey, thanks for your concern. You’re still as detached from all the fighting going on as usual I see.. The people downstairs are fighting endlessly, but you’re still as chill as ever.”

“Don’t make fun of me, Miss Wun. My battlefield is not simple either!” Joey pointed to the boss’s office and made a silly face. “I’m so happy to see you all recovered. I was really worried about you. I tried to look for you, but I couldn’t find you! Wendy told me not to disturb you, saying you were badly hurt.”

Cin Heung nodded silently.

Cin Heung then said, “Living in your happy world without sadness nor troubles must be nice! You’re definitely a hundred times wiser than I am.”

Joey said shyly, “You’re making fun of me again! If I’m really smart, how can I just be a secretary? Do you think it’s easy being a secretary? People always gossip about how I am the boss’s lover or stuff like that. The other staff members are also very defensive when around me, making it hard for me to make friends. You’re the only odd one out.”

Cin Heung laughed and said, “So I’m an oddball!”

Joey blushed and said, “I’m not criticizing you!”

“I get it, I’ve known you since you came here.”

“What you taught me about dealing with people will benefit me forever. I really want to call you my senior!”

“Hey! Don’t mention it! I’m nowhere old enough to be called a senior. I’m still young you know!”

They looked at each other and smiled.

Joey suddenly appeared serious and said, “Oh, there are some things I have to say. Wendy has been here every day for the past two months. Everytime she goes in, she doesn’t come out for a long while…”

Cin Heung made a shushing gesture and said gently, “Shh, don’t talk about others behind their backs. It’s bad manners.”


“I’m aware of it.” She nodded gratefully.

“I’ll call Mr. Gum and tell him you’re here then.”

Cin Heung entered Mr. Gum’s room and could hear that he was listening to a symphony. She stopped in front of the door.

“So you came. Why are you standing there? Make yourself comfortable.” Mr. Gum pointed to the sofa with a smile.

Cin Heung walked over and sat down. As a veteran in dealing with office politics, she still looked at him with a smile.

“Cin Heung, haven’t seen you for months, yet you are still so gorgeous. If not for them saying that you were seriously injured, I wouldn’t have believed you’ve gotten injured.”

“Is that so?” As she said that, she took off her coat.

Mr. Gum suddenly widened his eyes and looked at Cin Heung’s pearly white shoulders.

Cin Heung showed her pink scars, which extended around her arms. “It’s like a brand that would last forever.”

Mr. Gum was shocked and felt sorry for her. However, his lustful expression was still hard to hide as he said, “You’ve been through so much.”

Cin Heung secretly ridiculed the lustful perverted boss. Acting like this after seeing her bare shoulders, what would he become if she showed him more? She then put on her coat calmly.

Mr. Gum toned it down after that as well and said, “You’re better now, so let’s not talk about the past! Tell me about your department!”

“My department? What department? Do I even have a department?” She said with her hand under her chin.

“Hehe, Cin Heung, you must be blaming me.”

She shrugged as she spread out her hand and said, “Me? I can’t, you’re the boss afterall!”

“Wendy, that subordinate of yours, is very capable. She was pretty helpful when we went to business meetings. You’re lucky to have such a subordinate, that was why I promoted her to head of department.” After saying that he went to Cin Heung and sat down.

“Wendy is capable for sure, I have always known that she can handle this position. I just can’t figure out what Mr. Gum is thinking about.”

Mr. Gum took the opportunity to place his hands around Cin Heung and said, “Cin Heung, Cin Heung, you still don’t understand what I mean?”

Cin Heung had the chills but still pretended to be playful. She turned her head slowly to look at him, her puppy eyes looking at him with hope. “You didn’t make it clear, and I’m not the boss either. How can I understand your plan?”

“Yes, yes, how can someone of your calibre be a mere department head! This is my plan. Wendy will take over that position you had, while you! Heehee, will move over to this level, the executive level! You’ll be in charge of marketing for the whole company. Go ahead and choose one of the rooms outside.”

Cin Heung raised her voice and said, “Now that’s something incredible! An administrative position! But as the saying goes, many go out for wool and come home shorn. This is too good to be true! There must be a price to this promotion. I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Cin Heung knew he would play with women in this way.

“What price could there be, you’re overthinking it! But you’ll be so busy! Upon taking up the position, you will have to go on a business trip to France with me next month.”

Cin Heung suddenly had an idea and said, “Ah… If that’s the case, I’ll surely be busy. I better get to work today!”

“Of course! This will take effect immediately! I’ll ask the girl outside to make arrangements.”

Cin Heung felt Mr. Gum’s vulgar and aggressive tone; she thought maybe it was better if she quickly left the office. She knew that Mr. Gum was a hungry lustful boss, and he wouldn’t let her off the hook so easily. 

She gently took his arm off, turned around, and stood up. She gently held his hand to prevent him from moving abruptly. Mr. Gum looked at her nimble body and gave her a smile. 

Cin Heung patted him on the back of his hand and said, “Let’s have a good, in-depth talk  when we go to France.”

“Good, good.”

“Then I’ll go outside and pick a room. We can continue after I settle.”

“Good, good.”

Cin Heung leisurely walked out of the boss’ room.

Mr. Gum watched her lithe back as she gracefully walked away from him, and even looked back to give him a smile before going.

With that, Mr. Gum was totally enchanted. 

Cin Heung got out of the room and breathed a sigh of relief. She told Joey to choose a room in the corridor for her, one which was the farthest away from Mr. Gum. Afterwards, she asked Joey to inform the whole company.

Joey was so happy that she raised her fists and said, “Miss Wun, it’s a blessing in disguise!”

Cin Heung laughed bitterly, “Silly girl, you don’t know how dangerous this world is. Some things are just meant to be yours, and they will always follow you regardless. It just can’t be forced.”

She went to the coffee shop at the lobby, bought a cup of coffee then made a call. “Dad, I got a promotion… Nothing special… What? Go to the martial arts gym? Again… When I’m free… OK, OK, I’ll come up sometime… I’m just calling to tell you about my promotion…  Huh? You think I’m lying? You, yes, you were right. I was a bit stressed about work. Ha, ha, OK, OK, I’ll go up and hit the sandbag to vent! You’re treating me like a boy! Alright, I’m going back to the office. Bye!”

Just like the dramas, in the time Cin Heung took to drink her cup of coffee, the news about her promotion had already spread to the entire company.

Back in the office, she thoroughly felt the difference between being under the spotlight and being left on the bench. Humans were indeed highly adaptable creatures.

When Cin Heung came to the reception desk, several receptionists stood up and bowed slightly. “Hello, Miss Wun,” The ladies, who usually ignored her and gossiped a lot, were now respectful.

Cin Heung raised her hand and gestured for them to sit down. Along the way, staff members bowed and greeted her when they saw her. These people had been indifferent toward her in the morning, yet now they bowed with respect. The business world was such a snobby place.

In the distance, a woman ran over in a hurry. She was looking for Cin Heung.

“I finally found you… Cin… Ah… Miss Wun.”

“Natalie, is there something urgent?”

“Oh, hee, no, I just wanted to tell you that I’ll send someone to send you the contract for your promotion later. It won’t be long. Hee hee… Cin.. Miss Wun, you really are skilled.”

What else could Cin Heung say, so she just smiled and nodded.

After Natalie said what she had to say, she respectfully left. The irony, though, was that she had to come in such a fluster just for that.

When Cin Heung arrived at her previous department, the staff immediately put down their work when they saw her. They all stood in line and said, “Miss Wun.” It was as though she was in a movie.

She walked past everyone. In the past, this group of subordinates had always been somewhat afraid of her. Now, the sudden twist of events only served to make them even more fearful. They were afraid that Cin Heung would settle the scores with them now. Especially so for Siu Huen, and she kept rubbing her hands.

Cin Heung stopped in front of Siu Huen. Siu Huen was so nervous that her face turned pale.

Cin Heung patted her arm and encouraged her, “Stop belittling yourself. You’re a capable person.”

Wendy was even more embarrassed when she looked at Cin Heung. She didn’t know where to put herself in such a situation. 

Cin Heung had already guessed Wendy’s worries, so she announced to everyone, “From today on, I am no longer your direct superior. Wendy is your leader from now on! You all must listen to her!”

“It’s alright.” She patted Wendy on the shoulder. Cin Heung turned to enter the room, but then stopped and said, “Wendy, you there? Come in for a bit.”

As though she just woke up from a dream, she roused herself and quickly followed Cin Heung into the room. Wendy had mixed feelings as she said, “Miss Wun… I… I…” 

Cin Heung waved her hand and said, “Let’s not talk about the past. You are now the head of a department. You should be mindful of your own dignity, and remember to stop trying to please others.” 


“In the business world, there are places that only the talented can reach. By taking on this position, your words and deeds represent the whole department. Even if the outside world is in ruins, everyone will still look to you. So, make sure you take good care of your companions.”

Wendy glanced at the kitten figure on the table and continued to nod her head. 

“This room is yours from now on.”

“Sister Wun…”

“Don’t look so gloomy. You gotta act like a leader now.”

After saying that, she left and went upstairs. With mixed feelings, she thought, what use is there for a high position in the company?


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