Chapter 008—Change of Power in Prosperous Times

The morning light was just beginning to dye the city roads, and the people and cars on the roads were few. Cin Heung was already in her sports tights and running shoes, jogging slowly back to her residence.

Her body covered in sweat, she immediately took a bath after she got back. She lay in the bathtub for a while. The warm water stimulated blood flow around her body and brought a relaxing sensation. 

Looking at the scars all over herself, her hands, feet, and chest were covered with faint red marks, all of which seemed to have carved into her pearly white skin. Fortunately, they weren’t too visible.

She got up to dry herself and went to the mirror to look at herself. Compared to back when she had been bedridden, she was quite confident that she had recovered back to her former state. She took out and wore the rice white shirt. Today, Cin Heung would be  returning to her usual battlefield—the office.

In her favorite bakery, she chose her favorite bread, took a deep breath, and walked straight ahead.

Back in the office, the receptionist ran out to meet her. She looked at Cin Heung and said, “Miss Wun, you’re back! It looks as if you haven’t been hurt at all! They said you can’t walk for the rest of your life! What nonsense, really!”

Cin Heung said with a smile, “I’m fine now. Thank you for your concern.” 

She thought, Wendy was the only one who had come to see me… news sure spread fast.

All the way into the office, people politely greeted her. However, they all looked at her with a strange look. 

Cin Heung also felt a little strange. Maybe it was because she had just returned from injury, not to mention the many rumors about her before the accident.

When she arrived at her department and saw Alvis, he felt as if he had done something wrong and said in embarrassment, “Sister Wun! Good morning…”

“Good morning. You’ve worked hard during this period.”

“Ah… It’s alright… It’s all good… I’ll go make some photocopies first.” After saying that, he walked away.

Cin Heung felt strange about the way he was acting. 

When she saw her other subordinates, she saw that they were all working hard. It almost felt like the sun was rising from the West today; she had never seen them working so hard together at the same time.

What’s more, Wendy’s seat was vacant.

As she looked around for Wendy, she found a semi-open space in the other corner. Inside were a large office table and an executive office chair. The furnishings were exquisite and it seemed like a senior staff member was sent here.

Cin Heung was puzzled and called out to Coco, “Come here please.”

Coco complained softly, ‘Why did she have to choose me?’ Still, she had no choice but to walk over. She did not dare to look at Cin Heung and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter, sister Wun?”

“Where is Wendy? And who’s the big shot who sits there?”

“Erm…” Coco felt awkward about her question.

At the door, someone raised her voice and said, “Looking for me?”

Cin Heung turned and looked. It was Wendy, dressed up as an executive officer, holding several folders. She walked over slowly and said, “I will be using this place temporarily,” as she pointed to the big desk.

Cin Heung raised her eyebrows and gazed at her. “Can you come to my room for a chat?” 

“I’m a little busy, but sure.”

Just as she was about to step into her room, she noticed someone behind Wendy. It was Siu Huen.

Cin Heung was surprised and happy, “Siu Huen! You’re back?”

Siu Huen sneered, “Of course I’m back.”

Wendy gave a fake laugh and said, “I asked HR to hire her again.”

Cin Heung was a little surprised, but she was still happy and went to hold her hand. “It’s good that you’re back. I’ll talk to you later.”

Siu Huen shook off her hand with a smile then said, “We can talk about work later. Spare me the private stuff.”

Cin Heung nodded, sighed a long breath, and said, “Alright.”

As she turned on her heels, she saw a fleeting cunning look from Wendy.

Inside the room, the two turned silent while Wendy’s eyes wandered around. Cin Heung looked into her eyes and felt that she was hiding something.

Cin Heung smiled and asked, “Do you have anything you want to say?”

Wendy’s eyes twitched as she replied, “What do you want to ask?”

Cin Heung pursed her lips and said, “Well, let me know what you’ve worked on during this period.”

“Well, several plans are in progress. All is good.”

Cin Heung’s head tilted and said, “All is good?” She wondered why her subordinate would give such an answer.

A light bulb appeared in her mind and she suddenly realized something.

Cin Heung probed her by saying, “It seems that you have been promoted.”

“It’s alright,” Wendy was still looking around at every corner of the room.

Cin Heung didn’t expect such an answer. She rubbed her earlobes and said, “Then send me the proposals you are working on.”

Wendy said with a frivolous smile, “Mr. Gum has seen all of them. There’s no need to go back and forth.”

“Ah, Mr. Gum has approved it. Good.”

“Yes, if you don’t believe it, you can ask him directly, alright!”

“Well, someone has been promoted high up.” Cin Heung felt sorry for her arrogance.

“It’s alright. If there’s nothing more, I’ll be going.”

As Wendy left, she looked around again and said, “This window is too sunny. If I were you,  I would add a curtain.”

Cin Heung saw her spoiled attitude and could already guess what had happened.

As she processed the new reality in her mind, she noticed a folder on her desk, one left by Wendy. She took it and had a look. After seeing the contents, she frowned and wanted to point out her mistakes. However, before she could do that, Wendy was already standing in front of the door.

Wendy saw her own document in Cin Heung’s hand. Immediately, she became alert and said, “These are projects I’m working on, and they are all confidential.” She then reached for it after saying so.

Cin Heung looked at her for a long while, then slowly handed the document to her.

Wendy took the document and said, “If you can do it, then I can do it too. What you can’t do, I can do better.”

Cin Heung sighed at the fact that people nowadays could change so fast. 

During the whole morning, she went to several departments that she had worked with in the past. They all did not reveal what was going on. However, some who were very close to her disclosed some internal information. She confirmed that a huge change had occurred.

In fact, Wendy had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

During the two months Cin Heung had been in the hospital, she had been trying to show off her capabilities in front of Mr. Gum. Even more, she understood that performance wasn’t what her boss truly longed for. Eager for quick success and instant benefits, she unreservedly threw herself at her boss. In just one month, with the power she had stolen, Wendy quickly took control of the whole department, and in a few days she was promoted to the position of department head.

To be haunted by putting trust in the wrong person, twice in such a short while no less, it truly was beyond her expectations.

She did not immediately rush to Mr. Gum’s office, because she knew that the argument with that lecherous boss would be of no effect. She might as well save her energy and watch the change… and wait.

On the first day, no one looked for her in particular, because they did not dare to. So, she spent the day doing nothing.

The second day, she spent it all on watching them work while Wendy scolded her subordinates. Cin Heung still had nothing to do that day.

On the third day, she felt bored that there was nothing to work on. In a fit of pique, Cin Heung stood in front of the door and poured herself a cup of coffee. Her subordinates ran in and out like there was no tomorrow, but Wendy still yelled at them. Cin Heung only sighed; they would be suffering from now on.

At that moment, Wendy’s eyes met Cin Heung’s, and she glared at Cin Heung without holding back. Cinhung pursed her lips and went back to her room.

On the fourth day, Joey, the secretary, finally called and said, “Mr. Gum is looking for you.”

So the ringleader finally shows up. Hah, I don’t want to just go with the flow here. It’s so vulgar that I have no more interest in this place.


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