Chapter 007—I Love My Family

Born in a bustling city with limitless opportunity, but somehow, she felt as though she was in an endless search.

Realizing that she was about to return to work, Cin Heung called the company to get an update on the latest situation.

Wendy told her, “Everything is working normally, please rest assured. Mr. Gum doesn’t seem to have any complaints either.”

“That’s good. I should be back next week.”

“Are you sure? If you need more rest, we can handle it,” Wendy said with a little hesitation.

“It can’t work for long without a leader.”

“Yes, sister Wun.”

Cin Heung always had a cold and strong attitude towards work and her subordinates. However, when she was at home, she was like another person. Somehow, she felt somewhat uneasy about her newfound seclusive life.

Following the physiotherapist’s instructions, Cin Heung exercised every day. Soon, her limbs had restored their former dexterity. Today, she even went to the market alone and bought some baking materials home.

Her mom complained, “There are so many people in the market. What’d you do if an accident happened?”

Cin Heung said, “Mom, I’m recovering very well, see!” As she said that, she immediately raised her leg and kicked twice. In the end, she even stretched out her long leg and leaned it against the wall, her toes reaching higher than her mother’s head.

Her mother exclaimed, “Oi! Be careful!”

Her father, however, cheered and clapped, “Nice kick. Your legs have recovered well! But your kick lacked strength! Let me try, look!”

Her father was itching to throw a kick or two as well. With good power, her father also kicked his leg out. Her father then asked, “Hey dear! Check who kicked higher!”

Her mother frowned and said, “You two are still like children! I don’t have the energy to watch you two practice Kung-fu.” She went to her corner and picked up her writing brush to practice calligraphy.

Cin Heung smiled and said, “Of course dad’s better!”

Her father became excited and said, “Cin Heung, when you fully recover, you should go visit your juniors at my martial arts gym!”

Cin Heung became embarrassed and said, “Maybe later…”

“Humph, always finding excuses!”

“Let’s leave that there, I’ll go to the kitchen!” Saying such, she slipped away.

“You and your mother are both looking down on me!” Her father then said in a loud voice, “Hey! Save some bread you baked for me!”

Cin Heung shouted from the kitchen, “Dad, don’t you always criticize me for being unprofessional!”

“Ho, how could that be! No matter how bad my daughter’s bread or cake is, I’ll surely eat it!”

Cin Heung poked her head out and said, “Awww, I can’t put you through it. I’ll give it to Mrs. Chan, Mrs. Cheung, and Mrs. Lee!”

“No, no, no, it’s not good to treat other people like this. If it doesn’t taste good, better leave it to me! Heehee!”

Cin Heung could tell that her father was rather glad, so she said, “Dad sure likes to act tough!” 

While writing, her mother interjects, “So is Siu Cin. You sure are the spitting image of your dad!”

Cin Heung made a mischievous look and went back to the kitchen.

Her father said, “Isn’t that good! She’ll be good at martial arts! She’ll also be scholarly and have a good character, hee, just like her mum. Well versed in both the pen and sword! Able to work in a kitchen and office! It’s all because that man doesn’t know what’s good or bad! Next time if I see him, I’ll surely give him an overhaul!”

Cin Heung’s mother quickly put down her pen, frowned, and said, “Shh! Stop talking about that guy!”

Cin Heung came out of the kitchen again and said, “what are you two talking about?”

Her parents both said, “Oh! The bread smells nice!…”

“I haven’t even started baking yet! Both of you acting so weird” after saying that, she went back to the kitchen.

Both her parents gave each other a look.  

Cin Heung went back to the kitchen, holding the heavy dough in a daze. How could she not hear what her parents said just now; it was just that she didn’t want them to worry.

She couldn’t worry about it anymore, lest her parents should be worried too!

Cin Heung picked up the dough, banged it heavily on the tabletop and started kneading it hard.

Her parents came to the kitchen in a hurry. 

When they saw that she kneaded the dough vigorously, her father praised in a soft voice, “She has recovered, mostly!”

Cin Heung’s mum bumped her husband with her elbow. .

Cin Heung looked back and smiled at her parents. Her red cheek that was covered with a layer of flour made her look cute and childlike. Her mother lovingly looked at her daughter, then brushed her small face and tidied her long hair.

Cin Heung grinned and showed her white teeth. “Stop disturbing me. Shoo, shoo.” 

She then busied herself with portioning the dough. When the dough balls finished rising, she placed them into the oven for baking.  

The aroma of the bread spread all around the house. Her father couldn’t help but sneak one over and took a bite. Cin Heung told him, “Be careful, it’s hot!”

“Well… Your baking has improved a lot! Dear, come try it too!”

“Well… Very good, very good. This is something you can be proud of!” Her mother exclaimed.

In ancient times, people stood close to the stove to get warm. Now, this family of three was enjoying bread around the stove. Even though it was not any sort of exquisite delicacy, they still enjoyed the time they had together. 

I love this family.


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