Chapter 006—I’ll Recover

Cin Heung finally returned to the comfort of her own home. She was glad to be still living with her parents; at least they could take care of each other. 

The familiar smell at home was heart-warming. She had never felt such a strong feeling toward her home ever. 

As the days went by, her rehabilitation was also going well. Holding crutches in both hands, she would often jump around the house on one foot, and her parents had to keep reminding her like she was a kid. 

Cin Heung was very independent, always wanting to solve problems by herself.

Today, she tried to make instant noodles by herself in the kitchen. After a lot of hard work, she finally managed to boil the noodles. Then came another problem: she did not know how to transfer the instant noodles from the pot to the bowl. Because one of her hands was occupied with the crutch, she could only work with one hand. She hesitated for a moment, then decided to take the pot directly to the table. She then picked up a fork and ate like a child. 

The physiotherapist had ordered Cin Heung to do rehabilitation exercise every day and to go back for examinations regularly.

One time, Sum Ting accompanied her to the clinic for physical fitness evaluation. The therapist had Cin Heung lie on a yoga ball while having her feet touch the ground to improve her leg muscle endurance. Her legs trembled almost like an elderly.

“Doctor, is that enough? My legs are so sore!”

Sum Ting clapped her hands and encouraged Cinheung, “Just a little bit more! Come on, don’t give up! Come on!”

Cin Heung begged for rest but was rejected by Sum Ting.

“Help… I shouldn’t have asked you to come.”

“This exercise is good for you!”

The doctor said, “Your friend came at the right time!”

She had several physical fitness assessments afterwards. After a long while, the assessment was finally completed. For Cin Heung, everything felt like a torture as she sat panting with sweat on her head.

Cin Heung complained, “What a good friend you are, almost as strict as a military officer!”

“Hmph! If it hadn’t been for that, you wouldn’t have recovered so fast,” Sum Ting said. 

“I’ll have to repay you then!”

“Of course.”

Currently, Cin Heung did not need crutches anymore. She just needed to adjust her walking speed slightly.

Cin Heung suddenly said, “Can you accompany me this afternoon?”

Sum Ting said, “You were saying you shouldn’t have asked me over just now though?”

Cin Heung did not reply. 

“What’s the matter? I’m free in the afternoon,” Sum Ting said in a caring tone and nudged her.

“I’m going to the solicitor.”

“Oh, it’s about your property?”

Cin Heung nodded.

Sum Ting said as though she had experience, “Sometimes relationships are really troublesome. When you’re in love, the romance really spices things up. When it turns to hate though, things get spicy in the wrong way.”

Cin Heung remembered about that time when she had talked to Sum Ting about this.  


It was raining that day when Sum Ting visited Cin Heung’s house.

Under the hazy rain, Cin Heung was down in the dumps.

Sum Ting said a few bad puns, but she still felt numb to them.

Cin Heung looked at the window and said, “Sum Ting, it’s raining hard today. It must’ve been troublesome for you to come here, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, we’re good friends after all!”

Cinheung bit her little finger and shook her head. 

Sum Ting stared at her and said, “Cin Heung, maybe I’m just being nosy, but after the accident you seem to be constantly worried about something.”

Cin Heung was shocked.  “Erm…”

“I can tell! Sincemiddle school, you’ve never talked much. You’re always so concise and direct with your words, but you seldom revealed anything about yourself. Back then,you had a tell. You’d bite your fingers whenever you had something on your mind. Looks like you still do it now.”

Cin Heung blushed and asked, “Really…?”

“I’ve known you for so long, I’d notice something more or less.”

“You still remember this even after so long. On the contrary, I almost forgot your name.”

“Oh that’s nothing! There’s so many things you need to face in society. It’s not really a big deal to forget a name or two.”

“Sum Ting you’re definitely more observant and sophisticated than I am.”

“Forget about the unpleasant things. Now’s the time to take a good rest and get better soon.”

Cin Heung remained silent for a long while, then said, “Some injuries just won’t heal.”

Sum Ting said, “This crash, it’s because of that…”

Cin Heung sighed and said, “Originally, I was planning to get married with him, and I also paid the deposit for the house with my savings. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. But then… I started noticing that he was behaving strangely. Every time I asked him about marriage, he just won’t talk about it by coming up with excuses.”

Sum Ting nodded.

“The worry turned out to be true. I found someone sending strange messages to him. In the end, I was sure that he was cheating on me. I questioned him, but he at first denied it. That was until I caught him having a date with another woman. It broke my heart to see how intimate they were” Cin Heung’s eyes were filled with tears.

Sum Ting couldn’t help nodding and held her hand. Cin Heung felt it was comforting to talk to her. 

“So I broke up with him. He didn’t care and even told me that he’d stay in that apartment for the time being. At that time, I didn’t refuse him, but that marked the start of my nightmare. Later, I learned that he even asked the other woman to move in. I was so angry! I urged him to move out immediately, but he always put it off. It only hurts me to keep the apartment, so I decided to sell it.”

“Shameless! If I ever see that person, I’ll surely yell at that punk!” Sum Ting said angrily.

“One night, he came to me asking for a share of the money gained from selling the apartment.”

“How can a scum like that even exist! Was it the night when you crashed?” Sum Ting asked in shock.

Cin Heung nodded. 

“I’ll slice him up a thousand times! Damn him! Bastard! Go f**k yourself…” Sum Ting yelled out a string of curse words. 

Cin Heung looked at her with admiration. It was amazing how she could swear so fluently. 


Cin Heung and Sum Ting waited in the law firm while a staff handed them all the documents they needed to sign. 

This was the final process to selling a property. After signing the documents and confirming the price, the money would be automatically deposited into the account and the transaction would be completed.

A young man and woman then happened to pass by.

The young woman said, “The deposit’s ready.”

The young man replied, “That’s great. After getting the house, we won’t have to worry about where to stay after we get married.”

“Do I just have to sign all these documents?” 

“Yeah! It’s that easy!”

The memory played back in her mind countless times. At that time, she had so much hope as she put all her feelings into that one piece of contract. 

Was it really that simple? Indeed! As simple as that, a complicated relationship came to an end.  

Sum Ting patted her shoulder and said, “It’s all done. Let’s go! Don’t put up such a reluctant face, you should let go.”

Sum Ting helped her out of the law firm.

Cin Heung suddenly said, “I can’t imagine that you, a beautiful girl, would know so many curse words!”

Sum Ting said proudly, “Don’t let my modern look deceive you! We’re also very strong minded! Haha!”


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