Chapter 005—Warded… Sinking in

Cin Heung calmed down her mood a little, but she couldn’t fall asleep because of the pain all over her body. Only then did she carefully check her injuries. In addition to the injuries on her neck and hands, her feet were also bandaged.

Didn’t dad say I’m ok! How could I be fine when I’m wrapped up like a mummy? Dad’s standards are really low! The only time he was only normal was when he chose my mom as his wife.

The pain was still rather intense. She wanted to ask the nurse for painkillers, but she couldn’t find the help button. After looking around, she found that it was at her feet. This really reminded her of the film “Les Misérables.”

Cin Heung used her wrapped up limbs in almost every way she could but still failed to press the button; finally she gave up on it. Her usually clear voice had become hoarse at the moment, and she could only call out in a croaky, “Nurse… Nurse…”

In the middle of the night, a cleaning lady passed by. Suddenly, she heard soft moaning sounds. She was so scared that she thought she had come across a ghost. Immediately, the cleaning lady found a female nurse for help.

The cleaning lady said, “That’s where I heard some spooky noises just now!”

The female nurse replied, “There’s no such thing nowadays!”

Right then, a low voice could be heard again. “Ahh… Body…”

“Listen to that! The ghost’s asking for a body!”

The nurse listened closely…

Then she said urgently, “It’s a patient calling ‘anybody’!” 

She immediately ran to the voice and saw a desperate Cin Heung. Her pain had made her suffer for a long time.

After taking the painkiller, she placed back the help button and finally slept peacefully.

Having a good night’s sleep, her body had also recovered a little; at least her voice was a lot better now. 

The next morning, Cin Heung’s mother came to visit her. Cin Heung asked her mother to hold the phone for her as she wanted to call the company. She called Natalie from HR, telling her that she needed two months off after the accident.

Natalie was surprised and asked, “But who can take over your work?”

“Wendy knows how things are done. You can look for her.”

“I’ll inform all the departments then.” After saying that, Natalie immediately hung up.

It was normal that the biggest concern of large companies was work. Their worry for employees was probably paper thin. 

After eating her mother’s congee, Cin Heung felt satisfied.

Her mother then told her, “Last night, a person named Sum Ting called for you. I accidentally told her that you were in the hospital.”

“Mom, how could you tell others about this.”

“Well, she said she’s your longtime friend. You wouldn’t want to lie to her right?”

“Just covering up, not lying.”

“How can you be so insincere to your friends!”

“It’s not like that…”

“Well, wait for me. I’ll clean the dishes.” Saying that, her mother went out of the room. 

Cin Heung soon fell asleep.

Suddenly, there was a lot of noise outside the door. Someone said, “Is it here?”

Another person then said, “No! Over there!”

“Come in and have a look!”

“This is the hospital! Please be quiet!”

After getting warned by the nurse, the group became silent. Soon, someone pushed the door open quietly and looked around. Suddenly, the person became excited and said, “I told you she was here!”. The other people in the group then said in unison, “Shhh! Quiet!”

It was Sum Ting, Manman, Gou Jing, and Wing Tung, a total of four people. They rushed to Cin Heung and were all shocked.

Seeing her with her eyes closed, her whole body was either wrapped with white bandages or had been cast. If her face was not exposed, none of them would have recognised her. 

Sum Ting said, “I didn’t expect it to be so serious!”

Gou Jing said sadly, “Cin Heung, who would’ve thought that right after we met, you would… you would…”

Wing Tung cried as though she had lost someone, “Cinheng… sob…” 

Manman said sadly, “I was going to invite you to my wedding… sob…”

The four of them hugged their heads and cried bitterly.

When Cin Heung’s mother came back, she saw this group of people weeping around her daughter and immediately ran over to have a look.

Cin Heung also woke up around that time. She blinked her big eyes and stared at them. 

Seeing her open her eyes, all the women said in a hurry, “She’s awake! Call the doctor! Quickly! Quickly!”

Cin Heung’s mother immediately exclaimed, “Hold on!”

“Mom, see what you’ve done. Do you understand now?” Cin Heung said. 

This was why Cin Heung didn’t want to tell others about this; she didn’t want them to worry about her. Immediately after receiving the news, Sum Ting had already gathered the girls to visit her. 

In truth, she was actually moved to see them concerned about herself.

Cin Heung felt grateful and said, “Everyone, I’m fine. I hurt my limbs but not my insides’ alright.”

“You’re already wrapped up like this, you sure you’re fine?”

“You’re just like a mummy.”

“I say you’re like ironman!”

“I’m glad you’re not disfigured! At least you’re still a doll!”

The girls became untethered upon feeling a little relieved. When a group of girls came together, there was an infinite topic to talk about. Cin Heung, who was usually cold, became more talkative too. Cin Heung’s mom joined in on the spur of the moment as well. In the end, even a nurse chimed in, and they talked about explosive secrets of celebrity breast augmentations.

The female nurse whispered to the group, “This actress did it here…”

All the women were in uproar!

Finally, a fat head nurse asked them to leave, citing that they were too rowdy.

Before leaving, Gou Jing wanted to write on Cin Heung’s plaster cast. She took out her pen and wrote, “Don’t worry, beauty will return! Recover soon!”

The other girls also wrote, “Let’s drink all night after your resurrection!”, “Sincerely inviting you to my wedding! Get well soon!” “Don’t cry, just laugh! Wing Tung’s proverbs!” 

Cin Heung read the text and said with a smile, “All your grammar is wrong, I’m still alive. Wing Tung, it seems to me you’re the cry baby. Manman, I will surely attend your wedding.”

Sum Ting pursed her mouth and said, “Oh, women are most afraid of breast disease. Don’t say it!” As she said that, she held her breasts.

[TL note: ‘grammar mistake’ and ‘breast disease’ are homophones in Cantonese.]

The crowd laughed out again.

Cin Heung was too lazy to respond to that. 

The fat head nurse came out with her hand on her hip and wanted the girls out. The girls hurriedly left and said, “We’ll come again!”

After Cin Heung’s mother said goodbye to the girls, she said to Cin Heung, “Friends are like this, do you get it now?.” 

Cin Heung said, “You’re the smartest mom!” 

The next night, Wendy suddenly came to visit her, bringing some nutritious drinks for Cin Heung.

Wendy said, “Sister Wun, your injuries look bad! Everyone told me to ask how you’re doing.”

Cin Heung could only say softly, “I’m alright. Thank you very much.”

“I wanted to ask you to sign some urgent documents, but maybe we can do it later,” Wendy said.

Cin Heung was a little surprised, then said to her, “Well… you can go straight to Mr. Gum.”

“Is that ok?”

“That’s what I decided.”

Wendy did some chores for her then rushed off. Later on, Cin Heung never got any visits from anyone from the company. 

Cin Heung recovered surprisingly fast.

Her father said with pride, “Her body recovered so fast because of martial arts! Ha ha!”

“Dad, you are exaggerating.”

Her mother then said, “Your father’s always bragging!”

That day, she was finally able to get out of bed in a wheelchair, having been stuck in bed for a long time. Cin Heung insisted on going out in the sun, so her parents pushed her out to soak up some sun shine. 

Cin Heung and her parents enjoyed a walk around the garden.

“Dad, mom, how long has it been, us three together like this?”

They all thought for a moment.

Her mother then said, “Since you went off to college. Count the years yourself.”

Her father, “Has it been that long? Time really flies.” 

Cin Heung said, “Should we be like this more often in the future?” 

Her mother said, “Knock on wood! I don’t want to see you dressed like this again.”

Her father, “Girl! You have your own future! I don’t want a useless daughter!”

Cin Heung laughed till her neck hurt.

Her parents knew what she meant but didn’t say more. 

Since then, the four girls would often come to visit, though that also meant that the fat head nurse always had to be stern to them. 

After some time, Cin Heung could finally walk with crutches, and the doctor said she could rest at home.

On the day she left the hospital, her parents and the four girls came and helped her with going home.

Cin Heung said with a smile, “Wow, I thought I was a diplomat! Ha ha!”


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