Chapter 004—The Unimaginable

Siu Huen left and never came back. Rumors about the event were flying in the company.

It was rumored that Cin Heung often put Siu Huen down and forced her to resign. There was also another rumor that Cin Heung berated Siu Huen until she cried.  Some even said that the two were a pair of lovers, and because Siu Huen married another man, Cin Heung fired her in a fit. 

These dramatic events often attracted crowds of gossipers and critics. 

Cin Heung was experienced and had developed a certain immunity to these sorts of things. 

One night after work, a young man was seen sitting on a sofa in the lobby. 

Cin Heung had just finished a day’s work and was about to leave the company. Just as she was about to pass the lobby, the man on the sofa suddenly stepped forward angrily and yelled, “Wun Cin Heung! Hold it!”

Cin Heung took a quick glance at him and continued walking out of the building.

The man held onto her and said, “How can you be so cruel! You’re even selling our property!”

Ignoring him, she sped to the parking lot.

The man continued angrily, “If you sold the property, where would we live!”

Cin Heung didn’t answer him. She took out her car keys and pressed it, followed by the beeping sounds of the car.

The man became hysterical. “Fine! But you’ll have to give me half the money!”

Cin Heung was taken aback and said, “Chan Sai On! Are you even a man! I didn’t say anything when you and that woman occupied the property, but it was supposed to be for our upcoming marriage!” She became even more angry and continued, “I bought this place in my name…you! Never even paid a dime! How dare you say you want money!”

Chan Sai On shamelessly said, “I was the one who suggested buying it. The prices had gone up a fair bit, and it’s all thanks to my foresight. I have nowhere to stay now, so you’ll have to be responsible!”

“You rascal! You and her better find a place and move out soon, or both of you can just sleep on the streets!” After saying that, Cin Heung drove away quickly. 

She drove aimlessly from the Eastern District to the Western District, then turned back again. Finally, she couldn’t help but burst out in tears. 

She had once put so much emotion and effort into their relationship; now, all of that was for nothing. She even had to be extorted by the man she had loved previously.

What did it take for a person to become like this? 

Tears hindered her sight and her carelessness caused her to run into a rock. The airbag bursted out and knocked her out. 


In the vast whiteness, she only heard someone say, “This is what our generation’s like! Working for nothing really.”

Someone else said, “Cin Heung is the best! Her future’s bright because she’s young and looks great!”

“Everyone in the city is also going through what you’re facing!”

“Hey! I’m going to marry someone overseas! You’re still waiting? What are you waiting for!”

“Cin Heung, you haven’t compensated me yet!”

“Actually you can achieve something big. You should fight for the opportunities yourself!”

The voices came from all directions, surrounding and strangling her until she finally woke up.


Cin Heung opened her eyes  to find herself in a white room. This time though, things were less dreamy and she felt that she was lying on a bed. Hearing the sound of the door opening, she turned her head to look at it subconsciously. However, as soon as she moved, she felt such a sharp pain in her neck, so much that tears came out. 

She noticed that her neck and arms were wrapped with bandages.

When the man in front of the door saw her move, he ran over to her immediately and said, “Don’t move!”

Cin Heung knew who it was and said in a hoarse voice, “Dad, mom.”

The people who came in were a middle-aged woman as white as jade and the burly man who had just talked. They were Cin Heung’s parents.

Her father raised his hand and said, “Siu Cin, you crashed your car and just got to the hospital. The doctor said you have several bone fractures and need to rest for a while. Fortunately, you didn’t die.”

Her mother immediately said, “What are you talking about!”

“What?! Is dying better?!”

Her mother said, “Always so crude! What a boor!” She stroked Cin Heung’s cheek. “The doctor said there won’t be any permanent damage. You can rest assured.” 

Cin Heung somehow felt at ease when she saw her parents around. Although her father often spoke frankly, which would draw complaints from her mother, she was just glad to hear them bicker at that moment; it was as though she was at home. 

It was late and the medical staff urged them to leave even though they didn’t want to.

Her mother said, “You can’t eat at night. Water’s right beside you, just drink with a straw.”

Cin Heung suddenly cried out, “Father! I want to practice martial arts! Mom, don’t go…”

Her father said with a smile, “Calling me father instead of dad!? You really had a big accident… Silly child, rest up your wounds then I’ll practice with you everyday! Don’t be childish!”

Her mother said, “Don’t speak nonsense! Don’t be afraid, mom will come back tomorrow.”

Sufferings taught Cin Heung about what she should cherish. The doctor asked her to take a rest for two months. At that time, Cin Heung even bargained with the doctor, “How about just one month?”

“If you want to walk wonkily in the future then sure, one month of rest it is.”

Cin Heung certainly did not dare to oppose the doctor’s orders anymore.


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