Chapter 003—Worries

That night was filled with surprise and joy. Strangely enough, Mr. Gum didn’t do anything to Cin Heung the next day. He didn’t mention anything at all, probably because he knew that he was in the wrong.

Someone saw Mr. Gum limping and asked him curiously, “Did you hurt yourself while playing golf?”

Mr. Gum scolded the person. 

Cin Heung knew about the unspoken rules of the workplace. It was no good to make things bigger than they were. It was best not to make it hard for everyone and just forget about it.

Just a week before the fashion show, the management company of the violinist Stirling called Cin Heung, “Miss Wun, we are preparing to leave for the airport. We hope to have a pleasant trip this time.”

“You’re… coming…?” Cin Heung broke out a cold sweat in shock. Soon she calmed herself and said, “We will surely arrange a pleasant journey for you.”

As soon as she ended the call, Cin Heung yelled frantically,  “Siu Huen! Siu Huen!”

All her subordinates saw her panic. Wendy had a bad feeling and said, “Siu Huen’s having a day off today.”

“It’s about her boyfriend again!?” Cin Heung asked with a frustrated look. 

Wendy nodded.

Siu Huen had made several mistakes in the past, all because of her relationship problems.

With one hand on her hip and the other on her brow, Cin Heung thought about how to deal with the crisis.

“Listen up! Stirling, the violinist, will be in Hong Kong tomorrow night.”

Alvis yelled, “Why is she here so soon?!”

Cin Heung took a look at him and said, “There was a mistake in scheduling. Go make sure that there’s nothing wrong with the hotel right away. Then reschedule her booking and change it to a presidential suite! Alvis! do it in an hour.”

“Ah… Yes!”

Cin Heung continued, “She’ll have six free days… To fill her up schedule… Inform the major media and post something on social media for her fans; tell them the world-famous violinist Stirling will be in Hong Kong for a visit. For these few days, arrange for her to visit Hong Kong’s famous landmarks and restaurants. Tell the public that this is to promote Hong Kong’s tourism and remember that the theme should be romantic. Finally, bring her to our fashion store and let her choose anything freely as presents. Coco, you’re in charge, and don’t worry about the budget!”

Coco was a smart girl. She was confident about handling the task, but she asked, “Siu Huen has always been in charge of this project, will she…”

“There’s no choice under these circumstances right? Ah Yue and Jim Mei, you two are on creative works. Take pictures of the process and use them for publicity later. Remember, romance!”

After a day’s work, the mistake was finally corrected.

The next night, Stirling arrived on time. When she stepped out of the airport, she saw a group of fans greeting her. She was very happy and said, “Thank you guys for welcoming me at this late hour! How touching!”

The reporters were not stingy with the memory space in their camera, taking photos every second.

In the VIP limousine, Cin Heung brought her to the hotel to settle down. In the presidential suite, Stirling felt greatly respected. “I’m sorry to trouble you this time. Thank you very much!”

“It’s nothing. This is the least we could do.”

In the next few days, Cin Heung accompanied her. She introduced the celebrity to places of interest and historic sites and also took her to the ancient wharf by the sea where she could express all her feelings as a girl. Ah Yue and Jim Mei took the opportunity to capture these images, which would become promotional pictures of the Hong Kong Tourism Board in the future. Outside of work, she also helped Stirling with her daily needs.

Until the day of the show, Stirling had a great and relaxed mood. In the backstage, when Cin Heung was minding something else, Stirling suddenly gave her a kiss on her face and said, “You have an angelic face and a kind heart. Thanks for everything.”

Cin Heung’s face turned red. When she came to her senses, she said to her, “Good show!”, before leaving the stage.

She thought, it’s just foreigners, it’s nothing! Why am I always being taken advantage of! Even women are so unrestrained, I must have some evil spirit around me!

Stirling performed well on stage. One piece after another, her rhythmic music led the model’s rhythm throughout the show at night.

At the end of the performance, Stirling sincerely thanked Cin Heung for her perfect arrangement.

“This trip was perfect, especially with you as a tour guide! Come to the states when you’re free, I’ll wait for you in New York,” said Stirling.

“Sure, sure,” Cin Heung answered awkwardly. 

The show was very successful and Cin Heung credited all the work to Mr. Gum. Without a doubt, Mr. Gum smiled from ear to ear. 

Cin Heung went over to ask Mr. Gum to meet the reporters. 

“Mr. Gum,” she whispered beside his ear. He took a few steps back in shock and looked at Cin Heung in panic, probably because he still felt guilty. 

“… The reporters want to interview you,” Cin Heung said.

Mr. Gum went out with a pretence of arrogance. Cin Heung only gazed down at the floor and respectfully gave way to him.

The next day, every newspaper in the city reported about the grand event last night. This event had surely added another feather in Mr. Gum’s hat. 

After a few days, Mr. Gum called Cin Heung to his “office”. In the strange office, he raised his voice and said, “What do you have to say about this?”

Cin Heung politely smiled and asked, “Which matter are you referring to?”

“… Of course about the fashion show earlier. What else could it be!”

“The show was very successful. All the major media say that Mr. Gum has contributed to Hong Kong in addition to pulling off a great show.”

“Cin Heung, Cin Heung, how could the show be over-budget! This is unlike you! Was it one of your subordinates that didn’t do well?”

She scratched her brow a little and answered, “It’s a rare opportunity to invite world-class talent over, which is why I spent more on publicity. This definitely promotes the brand to another level. Even if we went over the budget,  we can cover for it in the budget next year, so it should be fine.”

“Your estimations are too generous. Who knows what will happen next year!”

“It’s a measurable goal on paper…”

“I don’t care! You did it without mentioning it to me first! Tell me how you’re going to compensate for it!” Mr. Gum said, and looked at her with a devious smile.

Cin Heung realized what he meant. She let out a sigh and answered him, “… Let me think about it and answer you. I’m busy, I’ll go first.”

She returned to her office and stared at the hands of the tiny clock, following them as they ticked.

Outside the room, there was suddenly a quarrel. Siu Huen and Coco were the ones involved.

“You took advantage of my absence and took over my work!” said Siu Huen with her hands on her hips.

“Yeah, thanks to you I had twice the work!” Coco did not hold back either.

“You think I don’t know! Every time there’s a new plan you would come and sneak a peek! Maybe it was you that leaked the plan last time! Coco!”

“You can’t speak even clearly. Your mind always wanders around, thinking about your boyfriend! You were the one that messed up the scheduling.”

Cin Heung suddenly yelled, “Shut it!”

Everyone quieted down while Cin Heung asked Siu Huen to go to her room. 

“Siu Huen, do you know you made a big mistake! I didn’t want to bring this up, hoping that you’d know how to improve. But you’re acting up instead? How are you going to survive in this industry with that attitude!” Cin Heung said painstakingly.

But Siu Huen didn’t appreciate what she said. She glared at her and said, “I know you’ve always looked down on me. You always give me the hard work, and when something goes wrong, it’s always on me. When the event is a success, you’ll stand at the front claiming all the credit!”

This time she really was wronged. Cin Heung said, “Where did you get that idea?!”

“It’s the fact! Wun Cin Heung! I’m telling you officially right now! I quit!” Siu Huen said, and turned away.

“Siu Huen…” Cin Heung couldn’t stop her.

Cin Heung simply looked on as Siu Huen walked out. She couldn’t do anything. Covering her face with her hands, she rubbed it a few times before closing her eyes, deep in thought.


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