Chapter 002—A Midnight Surprise

Cin Heung returned to her office and then started working on a new plan. Her subordinates would go in and out of the room from time to time.

After some time, Cin Heung said, “I’ve already contacted the owner of the old house in the suburb, there doesn’t seem to be any issues for now. Alvis, go negotiate the details with the owner.”

She went on to say, “Siu Huen, the violinist Stirling’s manager in the United States has confirmed with me her schedule. You can discuss the details with them.”

Siu Huen said worriedly, “It’s night for them now… I’m afraid…”

Cin Heung said to her patiently, “Do you want me to teach you how to do it?”


“Good. Wendy, recalculate the budget. Ah Yue, go to the site today for inspection and design. Others, cooperate and assist her.”


The heavy workload exhausted everyone, and the day passed quickly.

Cin Heung sat on her chair tiredly and looked blankly at the clock.

“Six o’clock!”

She suddenly remembered something! Right at that moment, her phone began to ring.

“Hello… Yes… Yes Sum Ting… I almost forgot about it… I’ll be there on time!”

She originally wanted to turn down the appointment, but she felt that the other party was sincere and it would be bad to let her down. That was why in the end, she decided to go to the dinner and then return to the company after that.

After a short walk, she arrived at an Italian restaurant. Cin Heung looked around and saw that there was only one table with four girls; she figured that would be them. When she came closer, Sum Ting was also among them.

She arrived in front of the table, and the three women stared at Cin Heung with entranced eyes.

Sum Ting then announced, “Didn’t I say so! Cin Heung’s as beautiful as a celebrity. Come on, sit down!”

At that instant, Cin Heung’s brain processed faster than a computer. She had to recognize the names of the three females in front of her in a few seconds.




“Gou Jing!”


“… Wing Tung!”

“All correct!” All the women cheered.

Cin Heung wiped the sweat from her forehead. For her, this was more nervous than the old-fashioned guessing games.

“I can’t believe Cin Heung has become so beautiful! You could take part in Miss World!”

All she could do was smile and wave her hands awkwardly.

The women talked about famous brands, where to travel, and high-grade restaurants in Hong Kong. Even though there was a table full of Italian food in front of them, the women only ate a little.

Manman said, “I’m afraid I’ll gain weight if I eat too much”

Cin Heung however, did not hold back and ate the whole dish.

Gou Jing said, “Cin Heung, aren’t you afraid of getting fat?!”

Cin Heung said with a smile, “I don’t want to be wasteful. Besides, I often practice martial arts with my father, so I’m not afraid.”

Wing Tung asked, “Are you still practicing martial arts? When you were in middle school, you defeated all the boys from the Wushu team!”

Everyone laughed. 

Sum Ting said, “Our generation has less opportunities than the previous generation. We’re making less money and we can’t afford to buy properties. The only joy we have left is to spend it on eating and buying stuff. Have fun while we can! Maintain a good appearance and figure, then finally find a good man to marry!”

“Yes! I’m not like Cin Heung, who’s so beautiful and has a career. Doesn’t have to worry about her figure also! There’ll definitely be countless opportunities in the future,” Gou Jing said.

“Unfortunately, reality’s not that easy. I have my hardships too,” Cin Heung said.

Cin Heung noticed that Manman seemed distracted, and Manman also noticed her look. Cin Heung simply smiled when she saw her look at her.

Manman then said shyly, “Actually… Talking about getting married… There’s something I want to tell you girls… I’m getting married!”

Everyone was shocked by the news! Gou Jing had a piece of steak hanging from her mouth. Wing Tung choked on the water she was drinking. Sum Ting looked at her with widened eyes. 

Only Cin Heung said with joy, “Congratulations!”

Gou Jing said with the piece of steak still hanging from her mouth, “Tell us how it started!”

Wing Tung gasped and said, “Cough… Why… Cough… have I never heard of…Cough…”

Sum Ting looked at her suspiciously and said, “Tell us everything now!”

Cin Heung laughed out in tears and said, “A surprise as soon as I join you girls.”

Manman then said, “He… In fact, he’s been abroad for years now. We could only meet during holidays, so I had no chance to introduce him to you girls.”

All the girls then said together, “Long-distance!”

Cin Heung laughed even more. 

Manman continued, “I had no idea… He proposed to me recently and I dared not refuse him.”

The girls exclaimed together again, “No ambition!”

Cin Heung said, “That’s normal! Then you’ll have to move over to a foreign country.”

Manman, as though she had found a good friend, said, “Cin Heung’s so nice. In a few months, I’ll be going abroad. I won’t see you girls for a long while.”

All the women immediately showed saddened looks. Wing Tung even cried and everyone had to comfort her instead. 

Sum Ting suddenly felt moved and said, “Manman has achieved something great! In any case, there’s no future in staying here. In the end, all the hard work we do is to make more money for the rich. Yeah, going out to the world and traveling would make your life more meaningful.”

After saying that, Sum Ting raised her glass and said, “To Manman!”

They all drank up.  

Gou Jing also raised her glass and said, “To the leftover women here!”

None of them paid attention to her statement so Gou Jing drank up herself and laughed again.

After a few more drinks, everyone relaxed a little. 

Manman suddenly held Cin Heung’s hand and said, “Cin Heung, we as women should plan for ourselves. We’ll have to make our own success and always be ready to grasp opportunities!”

Cin Heung looked at her and felt that Manman was filled with happiness.

This dinner event really brought Cin Heung much surprise. She didn’t know she could still talk to them with such ease without any barrier just like back in the days. 

With a little alcohol still in her system, she recalled the joy just now. From time to time she would smile to herself. After collecting herself, she went back to the office alone.

At the lobby she said hello to the security guard, “Uncle Cheong!” 

“Miss Wun, you’re coming back for work so late?”

“There’s still some urgent work to do,” she said with a smile. 

“You look very happy tonight!”

Cin Heung waved her hand and walked into the elevator; she really was happy tonight.

The office was still lit, but no one was seen. Most of the people who worked at night would bury themselves at their own desk anyways. When she got to her department, everyone was gone. Only Wendy’s computer was still on. She wondered where she was and why would she leave her computer on like that. Just as she was about to walk over, Wendy came in through the door.

Wendy was not surprised to see Cin Heung back. This proved that the two of them were used to working late already.

“Sister Wun.”

Cin Heung said, “You’re the only one again I see.”

Wendy said with a smile, “Everyone was tired, and actually they didn’t leave too long ago.”

“You don’t have to speak for them. They probably left pretty early I suppose. It’s late already, go take a taxi and go home.”

Wendy laughed shyly and replied, “I’ll go when I’m almost done.”

Cin Heung nodded and went back to her room. She sat down and rubbed her eyes and watched Wendy bury herself in her work. Looking at Wendy, it reminded her of herself so many years ago; working hard just so that she could get to a higher position. The words “always be ready to grasp opportunities” came to her mind. 

But where would I end up?

She quickly put aside her thoughts and concentrated on her work. Wendy had already left,  but Cin Heung was still using the characteristics of youth; as though she had infinite energy, she solved the tasks one by one.

After some time, it was already two o’clock in the morning. Some of the lights outside were off already, so she packed up her belongings and was about to leave. 

The office was quiet as everyone was probably gone.

Cin Heung was waiting in the lift lobby when suddenly someone approached silently and placed their hand around her shoulder. Cin Heung did not think much and immediately she twisted the person’s fingers. 

The person yelled out in pain. 

Cin Heung turned around and reflexively hit the person’s groin with her knee. With a whine, the person immediately fell to the ground.

She turned and put on a defensive posture to examine the lecherous person.

Cin Heung was shocked and called out, “Mr. Gum!”


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