Chapter 001—Everyday’s The Same

On the street in the early morning, the bakery had prepared trays of freshly baked bread. Their fragrance filled the street, reminding passers-by to fill their bellies before going to work.

A woman was choosing her favorite bread, she’d do the same there every day. As always, the old baker would be attentive to her.

After getting her bread, she hurried onto the bus. It was soon full of people, with the rows of seats full of passengers. Everyone was shoulder to shoulder, and there was no more space left.

The passengers were all immersed in using their mobile phones. This little piece of technology really had everything; you could surf the Internet, watch the news and movies, and even play games. Everyone took full advantage of the technology in this era of explosive information.

The woman sat in the seat of three, sandwiched between two big men. She seemed helpless, but she still managed to hold out her arms and painstakingly type out a short message. It was supposed to be a short message but the amount of words in it was comparable to an essay. 

She sent the message out. As if something had been dealt with, she felt a little at ease. All of a sudden, she raised her phone and started typing again. The man next to her glanced at her several times. He tutted his dissatisfaction, but the woman simply continued.

The man couldn’t help but want to argue with her. He turned around and wanted to complain but he was shocked by the woman’s appearance. There she was, staring at him with her big eyes which seemed watery and attractive.

She was well aware of the man’s look of provocation. However, she did not back down, instead, she widened her eyes further. It was her way of showing him “I’m not afraid of you.” 

The man’s attitude softened suddenly, and he gave a silly smile, “I didn’t bump into you right? I’m sorry… I’ve never seen you on this bus.”

When the bus arrived at the stop, the woman stood up and walked away. She turned around and said, “Hypocrite!” before leaving. The other man sitting beside him laughed at the scene.

On the way, she raised her phone and made a call. “Hi, Wendy, I’ll be at the company in ten minutes. Get everyone ready for the meeting about yesterday’s proposal.”

She walked like a soldier on the road, easily passing by pedestrians that walked slowly. 

Passing by a fruit store, an old woman accidentally dropped a basket of oranges. The woman, unfortunately, stepped on one of them. She was quick to react; as she fell, she turned her body immediately and landed upright. Passers-by were looking with awe, as some even took out their phones to take a video.

Fortunately I didn’t slip.

She wiped the cold sweat off her forehead and saw the oranges that were all over the ground. Feeling sorry for the old woman, she squatted down to help clean up the mess.

Just as she was about to leave after cleaning up, the old woman said to her, “Just now you trampled on one of them. That’d be 10 dollars, thank you.”


“Come on, it’s hard for me to make money at such an age.” The old woman had a bitter look, but her begging gesture suggested otherwise. 

She wanted to argue with the old woman, but when she saw that the old lady seemed somewhat pitiful, she felt soft hearted and gave her the money. “Don’t force yourself to carry too many things next time.”

Suddenly someone called out, “Wun Cin Heung!”

The person called Wun Cin Heung could not see a familiar face, but someone came to greet her, “Cin Heung! Is it really you?”

Cin Heung had some doubt and asked, “You are…?”

“You don’t remember me? Yu Sum Ting! Remember?”

“Oh! Big nose Ting… Ah… Sorry…”

“You only remembered my nickname! I haven’t seen you since high school! Look at you now, dressed up so nicely. You must have it good!”

“Ha… Just an office worker.” Cin Heung smiled awkwardly.

“What a coincidence! Are you free tonight? I’m meeting up with some old classmates! I haven’t seen you for years, you should come! Give me your number!”

Sum Ting did not give time for Cin Heung to speak at all.

Cin Heung only wanted to return to the office quickly, so she gave her number without much thought. Of course, she wouldn’t know at that time that this would change her destiny.

After saying goodbye to Sum Ting, she hurried back to the company.

“Today, my car broke down and there were no taxis. I met this hypocritical man, forced to pay an old woman, and somehow agreed to joining my old classmates for dinner. Strange, very strange!” Cin Heung muttered.

She finally arrived at her work place. It was a large trading company with more than hundreds of employees. Wun Cin Heung was the director of the fashion brand marketing department in this company, with only eight subordinates; it was a small department.

The receptionist in the office saw her then greeted her and whispered, “Thunderstorm warning for the boss today.”

Cin Heung smiled and said, “So many strange things happened today. this much is expected!”

The staff at the department would greet her sister Heung or sister Wun. They greeted her one after the other and Cin Heung would always respond with a polite “Good morning.”

After entering her office, she looked around at all her subordinates. Then she spotted a guy that was not aware of her presence, still eating his breakfast. Someone then called out, “Morning sister Wun!” Immediately, the guy was startled and even pretended to be calling someone.

The person called Wendy came up to her and said, “The conference room’s ready for the meeting.” Wendy knew how to dress well; the way she dressed radiated sophistication. 

After thinking about it for a moment, Cin Heung said to everyone, “Settle the things you’re doing in 10 minutes and wait for me in the conference room.” With a slight sigh, she went into her office. She took out the lukewarm bread, took a bite and felt a little satisfaction. Her day of work would start soon. 

Wendy hurried to her desk, tidied up her papers, and said, “Alvis, you’re dead today. Sister Wun saw you not working!”

“She seems to be in a bad mood,” Alvis said.

“I heard that she broke up with her boyfriend recently. We’ll surely suffer for some time!” Said a pretty girl.

Wendy advised her, “Siu Huen, you’d better not talk about it. If sister Wun heard about it, you’d be killed immediately.”

“So you know about it too!”

“Do you?! I’d like to know more too. Wendy, tell us more!” Another young woman chimed in.

“Ah Yue, have you not heard about it? You’re always slow with these things!” Siu Huen said. 

Wendy then interjected, “Get into the meeting room already. If sister Wun came out and saw that you guys were still here, then you guys can take care of it yourself!” After leaving that behind she walked to the meeting room.

Everyone took their tablets and quickly left their seats.

Everyone gathered in the meeting room to wait for Cin Heung. Not long after, Cin Heung pushed the door open and sat in the front of the table. She examined everyone in the room and everyone was silent. Some felt embarrassed, some were flustered, others forced themselves to calm down.

Cin Heung twitched her lips and said, “Wendy, talk about the key points of our earlier proposal.”

Wendy pressed a few times on the tablet then reported, “Lace Clothing will be holding a news conference at the abandoned glass factory. In order to match the romantic features of their new dress, Pellia, a famous harpist, will be invited to Hong Kong to perform in the fashion show.”

Cin Heung suddenly said, “Stop! Stop there.” Then she looked at everyone. 

Cin Heung then said slowly, “At the head office’s general meeting yesterday, someone else actually said this plan word for word. This person, not me of course, was another brand director in the company!”

Everyone did not dare to make a sound. Out of nowhere, a mosquito came buzzing in front of Cin Heung. She smacked the mosquito flat on the table top with force. The eight subordinates sprang up in fright and all gulped in fear.

Cin Heung lifted her palm and there was a flattened mosquito on her hand. She stared at it a little, cleaned her palm with a sterile paper towel, and said, “It’s useless to investigate now. Here’s another set of information that will allow you people to make a new plan in three days.”

She placed a thick document folder in the center of the table.

Cin Heung then said lastly, “I know what’s going on. So don’t let this happen again.”

She said each word clearly while staring at everyone in the room, then left the room after that.

The moment the door was closed, her staff immediately began to talk.

“It’s all because she broke up with her boyfriend!”

“Ah! We definitely can’t go home tonight!”

“What’s the matter with her! Doing all of this for the sake of her boyfriend.”

Wendy interjected, “Stop talking about her boyfriend!”

Cin Heung, just outside the door, was about to go back to get some information when she heard those words. Silently, she stayed around the corner.

“Cin Heung, why are you standing there?”

She turned her head then greeted, “Hi! Natalie.”

“Good thing I found you! Boss is looking for you.”


Cin Heung took the elevator to a higher floor where not many people came and went. Only staff members in suits would occasionally walk past her. There were luxurious office rooms on both sides of the quiet corridor, a place reserved for the senior staff. At the end of the corridor, there was a big room with double doors. The female secretary in front of it greeted her, “Miss Wun, please wait a moment.” She then dialed the phone. 

She then said, “Miss Wun, Mr. Gum invites you in.”

“Thank you Joey.”

The Secretary smiled sweetly in response.

After opening the door, inside was a spacious room. It wasn’t really an office but more of a luxury house. It had a big living room, luxurious sofas, a bar, and even a large TV! There was probably a bedroom and bathroom somewhere in the inner rooms. Money definitely created strange habits in people. In the middle lay a big desk, and before it sat Mr. Gum, their boss.

Mr. Gum saw Cin Heung coming in and slowly stood up to signal her to the bar. She then went there and stood there. 

There was nothing special about Mr. Gum’s appearance, his facial features were proper, but his smile seemed sinister. Especially toward a beautiful woman like Cin Heung, he looked even more indecent.

Mr. Gum poured a glass of alcohol and pushed it over to Cin Heung.

Cin Heung smiled and said, “Mr. Gum, I don’t drink at work.”

“A little is fine.”

“No, thank you.”

“Well… The sales of the brand you’re in charge of has declined recently. What do you have to say about the sales strategy?”

Cin Heung gazed at the glass of alcohol, turned to look at him, and said calmly, “My responsibility is to package the brand, formulate the market positioning for the product, and create brand topics to enhance its value. The reason for the decline in consumer sales is not a lack of publicity, but because the price point is wrongly set; the sales tactic is also wrong of course. We most definitely had a lot of publicity.”

“No theory! Get to the main point!”

“The consumer sales department has been promoting sales by means of price reduction. Our products are high end; in doing so, the rich people would stay away, and ordinary consumers wouldn’t buy a lot. The result is obvious. In my opinion, Mr. Gum, you should instead ask the sales manager about this.”

After hearing this, Mr. Gum was speechless. He raised his glass of alcohol and drank it himself. Suddenly he asked, “Cin Heung! Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”

She was surprised and said with a smile, “I’m sorry, Mr. Gum. I’m afraid I can’t accept your offer, I’m meeting my former classmates for dinner tonight.”

“Cin Heung, you’re missing out on an opportunity… Really?”

Cin Heung said with a smile, “Opportunity you say… Right, I’m busy with work. I’ll leave first if there’s nothing else.”

After a few more words from her boss, Cin Heung finally got away from him and walked out from the office. Clenching her fist, she muttered, “Bad luck! I’m plagued by the gods today!”

Every day, Cin Heung not only had to work but also deal with all sorts of people.


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