Cin Heung: Life is Strange

Title: Cin Heung: Life is Strange 芊香 (NU)

Genres: Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Drama

Author: 利雅綸

Original Status: 33 chapters (Completed)

Translator: Blender_Gaming


Cin Heung, a smart and capable salaried person from Hong Kong, has always only cared about nothing but work. On one faithful day, things start changing as she begins to realize what truly is important in life. Is having a high corporate position more important, or are family, friends, and love what she truly longs for?

Cin Heung will change herself, and for that she is willing to muster the courage to endure her failures. For every turn in life, she shall learn her lessons and come to accept herself as who she truly is.

Table of Contents

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