Volume 4 Chapter 4

Volume 4 Chapter 4

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Editor: Chrof

Bong… Bong… Bong…

The long deep sound of a bell could be heard. It penetrated deep into every soul present. Was it a warning alarm? No, perhaps it was a knell.

The ending had been made clear a long time ago. Karile’s hands were already immobile, and in front of her was an undead swinging a gigantic sword at her.

Is this the end…

The sword was gradually accelerating towards her.

Witsen… Sorry to disappoint you…

The sword was now travelling at an alarming pace and was about to make contact with her head.

I don’t want to lose just yet!

Karile lowered her head like a criminal awaiting execution. Suddenly, Karile felt something tugging her leg.


The hand pulled her with great force, just enough to bring her outside the sword’s range. She managed to cheat death just at the final moment.


The ogre’s massive sword struck the ground heavily and embedded itself into the obsidian. Black shards flew everywhere upon impact.

Karile quickly turned around to see that the hand belonged to Witsen.

“Wit… sen… “

“Sup, how are things going?” Witsen got back up as he casually asked Karile. “My back’s aching a bit after lying on this hard floor for so long.”

“Better than ever!”

“Better than ever with all those wounds? You dumb girl.” Witsen flicked her forehead lightly. “It’s alright, I’m here now.”

He supported Karile who was about to collapse. She had persevered in the fight against the undead for this very moment. Witsen was finally awake. He took the dagger from Karile’s hand and took over her role in the fight against the undead ogre.

All of a sudden, Witsen had a weird realistion. He looked at his arm and was left with a face full of shock and despair.

This is!

The symbol on his arm had disappeared.

The bright sunlight radiated through the undead ogre’s skull. The monster once again lifted up its sword and resumed its attack. It chuckled creepily as it swung its sword downwards at Witsen with its full strength.

A wind blew at the monster, and its sword was abruptly halted half way in the air. The momentum it had generated was gone in an instant.

“The breeze caused by swinging the sword will reach the target before the sword itself… This is how quickly swords can be swung,” Witsen murmured to himself, then looked up at the undead ogre that was standing still like a statue.

Its body split into three chunks out of the blue. The chunks were then cut into even more pieces as though a wire gauze had passed through its body. The pieces rained down to the floor. The undead surrounding Karile and Witsen also experienced the same thing and fell to the ground in small pieces.

“Loki, your turn.” Witsen turned around to face the throne, just to find that Loki had already escaped from his seat. “Hoh… God… “

Witsen’s expression and tone turned cold. Karile had not noticed before, but she could now see that there was a chilling blue glow radiating in one of his eyes.

“Witsen!” She roared.

But Witsen just ignored her shout like he did not hear it and swung his sword at the throne.


The loud boom resounded throughout the hall. The throne was blown into smithereens, but there was a statue that stood in its original place. It was an obsidian statue that had the appearance of Karile.

“The ending has been set long ago… Long ago… “

At the same time, in the outer space where gravity was no longer present, a crack split the dark space.

From within the crack, a gigantic eye was looking down at the world.

As Beautiful as Ever, the Bells Sound under the Starry Sky—The End (?)

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