Volume 4 Chapter 2

Volume 4 Chapter 2

Translator: SaltyTank

Editor: Chrof

“Then,” Loki said as he walked next to Witsen’s immobile body. “Your shard of divinity or him, I wonder which one will you choose.”

Loki pointed his sword towards Witsen’s chest. If Karile did not hand over her shard of divinity, he would not hesitate to stab it downwards.

Karile coughed and stood up from the corner of the hall. She chuckled in response to Loki’s provocation. “Loki, I’m not so weak that I cannot protect a mere mortal.”

“Hoh? Is that so.” Loki lifted up his sword and stabbed Witsen in the chest.

Right before the sword’s tip made contact with its target, a flash cut across the dark, black hall. It was Karile’s dagger. Instead of blocking Loki’s strike, its trajectory suggested it was flying right towards Loki himself.

It was the most effective way to stop his attack. Loki, just as expected, retracted his sword to block the flying dagger. The dagger spun off and stabbed into the floor behind him.

“It’s useless, Karile.”

Another dagger flew towards Loki immediately after he finished his sentence. Just like before, he easily blocked the attack.

“I already said it’s useless,” Loki said haughtily. “Is such a petty trick all you’ve g…”

This time, Karile acted before Loki could finish his taunt. She swiftly knelt down and placed both her palms onto the floor.


A silver aura radiated from her palms and seeped into the obsidian floor. The streaks of silver bolted like lightning towards the two daggers stuck into the ground.

Loki hurriedly put up an anti-magic barrier, but it did not seem to be very effective. Obsidian symbolised magic power itself, and it was a magic insulator.

Karile who knew this fact made use of the floor made of high-purity obsidian. She converted her magic energy into light and sent it through the floor to bypass Loki’s barrier.

“Loki, have you thought of such a method?” It was now Karile’s turn to provoke the God of Deceit.

“I’m not the God of Intelligence, Karile.” Despite his words, Loki’s smile was just as bright as ever, as though everything was still within his control.

“That’s true.”

The rays of light tied tightly around the daggers the moment they came into contact, forming a V-shaped slingshot. Karile was the piece of stone that was about to be propelled forward with great force.

Karile was accelerated quickly under the slingshot’s force, her speed now even faster than when she had created the silvery tempest.

“If I can’t beat you with my strength, I’ll use the power of magic.”

In a split second, Karile who was flying forward with great momentum attacked Loki. Even gods might be unable to react to attacks of such speed. However, it was also pretty much impossible for the attacker to do anything apart from ramming into the enemy.

A flash crashed into Loki, and Karile’s elbow landed flush onto the God of Deceit’s abdomen. The two continued to accelerate towards a wall.


A loud boom resounded throughout the hall. The firm obsidian wall now had a massive hole in it. Loki, along with the wall fragments, was flung outside to the freezing tundra beyond the castle walls.

Meanwhile, the two rays of light caught Karile and stopped her from flying outside like Loki.

“Hah… Hah… ” Karile had known this was a dangerous move, but she could only resort to such a method due to her lack of power.

Her brain was finally receiving the painful signals from her arm. Her elbow attack on Loki had placed a huge burden on herself due to action-reaction force.

This arm’s wasted for now, thankfully it worked.

She turned to Witsen and lightly kicked him.

“Hey, wakey wakey! It’s about time you stop playing dead.”

Even so, Witsen remained motionless and showed no signs of responding.

“Hey… “

“You can stop with that.” A person showed himself from behind the throne. “Your Witsen touched the pouch sprinkled with paralysis weed powder. He won’t be waking up in a while.”


The person who spoke was indeed Loki. His disgusting smile was still there on his face, and there was not even a speck of dust on him.

“Yes, is there something the princess needs from me?”

“You… “

“I already said you’re lacking in power, but you surprisingly managed to defeat my clone. I’m actually shocked, really. “Loki sat back onto the throne and continued, “That clone had half my divinity, but let’s see, you’re hurt pretty badly too, no?”

“So what, I have tons of tricks like the one I just used up my sleeve. I can’t use them all even if I try.”

“Then…” Loki’s silhouette flickered and reappeared in front of Karile. He struck her with an overhand punch as payback for her elbow strike. “How about you try using them all this time?”

This time, Loki did not hold back at all.

Karile who had been weakened by her own attack was already frail, and the punch alone was enough to knock her onto the floor.

“Cough… uh…”

“Your highness, a shard of divinity is merely a dispensable item. Just say it and this can be resolved peacefully.”

“Dispen… sable… Huh… Then why… Do you want it… So badly… ” Karile struggled to spew out her words.



It was an uppercut this time, and it landed right at Karile’s lower jaw. She flew back in an arch.

“Is it still a no? Obsidian Princess?”

“Don’t even think about it…”

“Forget about it. I don’t want to finish you myself anyways, it’d be bad if I send you back to the Pantheon. You wanna drag this out, huh? I’ll play along.” Loki lightly clapped, and the undead quickly filled the hall once again. “Kill the one lying on the ground.”

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