Volume 3 Chapter 8

Volume 3 Chapter 8

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Editor: Chrof

After deciding on their next journey, Reintis let the three stay in Burnadel for a while.

The reason for Reintis’ action was that he met a group of human mercenaries looking for Witsen on his way to Burnadel. He felt that they held malicious intentions, thus he intentionally kept the trio in the city for a little longer.

A gnome servant led the group from Reintis’ house to a nearby inn.

The beds here won’t be too tiny right…

Plato scrutinised the nearby gnomes while worrying about having only gnome-sized beds in the inn.

“Jade Leaf Inn… This sounds a bit familiar,” Witsen looked at the sign hanging in front of the inn and said.

“Mhm?” Karile looked up as well. “The name’s the same as the Jade Leaf Inn in Karl!”

The gnome servant leading the way chuckled. “Not just the name,” he said as he opened the door. “Even the people inside are the same.”

The group was amazed to learn that even the interior and decorations were completely the same as the Jade Leaf Inn they knew. It was basically a replica. In the bar on the first floor, there were not only gnomes, but also plenty of humans, dwarves, and elves.

“Yo! Karile!” The boss greeted Karile with a shout.

Karile turned to look around, her eyes filled with nothing but shock. The person greeting her in front of the bar counter had a face full of beard and an imperious scar on his left cheek.

“You you you you’re, boss?”

“Mhm? What’s the matter? Did you forget about me after such a short while?”

“But… You…” Karile glanced at the door, then back at the boss to confirm she was really in Burnadel, the city of gnomes. “Aren’t you in Karl?”

“Yeah, I’m in Karl.”

“Then this place…”

“It’s Burnadel.”

“Then how are you doing this…”

“Nothing really.”

“This this this this…”

Karile’s brain was like a CPU calculating extremely complicated threads and was on the verge of collapsing due to overloading.

“Boss, this is a separate space, right?”

At that moment, Witsen came forward to the rescue. He had noticed something peculiar about the inn the moment he passed through the door. No matter how hard he tried, he could not see the outside through the doors from within the inn. Karile’s conversation with the boss only confirmed his thoughts.

“Hey, Karile, your other half’s quite smart.”

“Eh?” Karile’s overloaded brain suddenly came back to life. Her face heated up and turned bright red. “Other half? My other half?!”

“What about it?”Witsen asked.

Karile grabbed Witsen’s shoulder out of the blue and shook him like crazy. “He… He… Boss… Said said said said… We… We… are…”

“We have such a relationship in the first place, no?” Witsen had identified Karile as his ideal date the moment he had regained his memories, and he had felt this way for a long while already.

“But! You haven’t confessed yet! We’re not actually dating if you haven’t confessed!” Karile swung her arms around in panic, her speech in disorder.

The boss just had to deliver one more blow at that moment.

“You two suit each other nicely,” the boss’ coarse but loud voice stood out among the noisy bar. “A good pair.”

“Just how do we suit each other!” Karile’s head steamed like a train.

“Oh hoho!” Plato also clapped happily on the side.

“Ugh… Even you, Plato.” Karile’s eyes turned murderous.

Not good!

Witsen could feel her killing intent, but it was already too late.

Karile’s two fists landed heavily on her two companions’ heads. “How dare you make fun of me…”

“Uwah! That hurts…”

Witsen thought Karile would be mad, but he did not expect her to be so violent. “As expected of the devil who waged war against the whole continent.”

“Mhm?” Karile seemed to have understood something and stared daggers at Witsen. “Witsen… What did you just say?”

Karile radiated an overwhelming aura which slowly engulfed Witsen.

Over, it’s all over…

Witsen could feel his bones chilling from the inside. He took a few steps back, but Karile simply pressed on and drew nearer.

“Witsen… Today… I’ll have you… Die here.”

“Uwah! Don’t come over! Ah! Someone help! Don’t come over, argh!”


An empty wine bottle came rolling from somewhere and landed near Karile’s feet.

Perhaps! It’s the fan service flag!

Witsen glanced at the bottle, his mind already imaging the scene where Karile would trip over and fall on top him. Maybe they would kiss unintentionally, or maybe he could sneak in a light kiss.

Karile was just one step away from the bottle.

Step on it! Step on it! Step on it!!!


Karile’s foot left the ground… It was the long awaited step! There was the saying, “well begun is half done”, and Karile’s step was that “well beginning”. She was now lowering her leg… It was almost within reach! The great revolution was about to succeed!

Crack! Crack!

The bottle that was about to complete its great duty shattered into pieces under Karile’s foot.

Ahhhhh! It broke! She actually shattered it! It really got destroyed by a mere Karile!


Karile was already standing in front of her target and rolling up her sleeves, preparing to beat him up. Witsen fell to the ground with a thump as if his life had lost all meaning and hope. His eyes turned dull and hollow. He was prepared to face his own death.

Ah… Why… Why did you have to do this to me… the God of bottles!

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