Volume 3 Chapter 5

Volume 3 Chapter 5

Translator: SaltyTank

Editor: Chrof

 “We have to go to the north now, Rawls!” Witsen turned around, but no one was there. “Plato!”

 “I’m here!” Plato wiped his tears as he replied. “What’s wrong?”

 “Where’s Rawls!” Karile asked.

 “Rawls…” Plato also turned around. “Eh? Where is he? He was right there a moment ago.”

 All of a sudden, the cave started to shake violently. Chunks of rocks showered down from the ceiling.


 The three of them stuck to the walls and ran down the stairs. It did not take long before Plato could see the end of the staircase.

 “We’re almost there, a bit more!” Plato shouted. “Uwah!”

 The cave shook even more intensely. Plato who was just taking a step down almost fell, but thankfully Witsen got hold of him just in time. Not only the ceiling, but also the staircase was disintegrating from the top. Pieces of it fell down the centre of the spiral, breaking the stairs beneath.

 “Quick! Everything’s falling apart!” Karile hurriedly shouted.

 Knowing they had no room to be cautious, they ran down the breaking staircase like madmen. Plato was the first to reach the bottom, and he quickly assessed the surroundings in search for an exit while waiting for Karile and Witsen, who arrived shortly after.

 “What now, any way out?” Witsen asked.

 “No, there’s not a single exit here,” Plato answered and looked around one more time. They were surrounded by nothing but smooth round walls. Unless they could go through walls, there probably really wasn’t a way out.

 At that moment, a gigantic rock came crashing down from above. Witsen, who was the first to notice it, yelled, “Above you!” He ran over and embraced Karile, covering her with his body in an attempt to protect her.

 “Uwah! We’re gonna die! It’s all over! Over!” Plato screamed with his hands over his head while kneeling down.


 The huge sound of an impact resounded throughout the cave, and dust scattered all over the place.

 “Hm?” Plato murmured in disbelief. He couldn’t quite believe the massive rock did not hit him. Wait, what’s this weird noise?

 “Hah… Ah… Ah… Witsen… Hah… Let me go… Mhm… Quick… Let me go…” Karile pleaded while gasping. Her face was bright red as well.

 “Hm? Your ears are burning,” Witsen whispered.

 “Hah… Ngh… Stop talking… Ah… Ngh… Just let me go already…”

 “Oh? You’re so sensitive over here,” Witsen teased her and blew at her ear.

 “Hiiiiii!” Karile straightened her body and started breathing roughly. “Hah… Hah… No…”

 “Hoh~” Witsen seemed to have understood something. “Want a kiss?”

 “No! No no no no! Please… Hah… Ngh…”

 “Hey hey hey! There’s someone right besides you two, you know? What the hell are you doing!” Plato roared.

 The two quickly stood up and patted the dust off their clothes. Karile quickly looked aside with a wronged look on her face.

 “Oh sorry, I forgot you were there.” Witsen scratched his head.

 “Oi! Are you saying you can’t see me because I’m too short? Your reasoning is too crappy!”

 “I never said that though.”

 “Cheh… Hm?” Plato looked up to see that the gigantic rock that had been crashing down at them moments ago was now floating mid air. His jaw almost dropped to the ground.

 “Hm? Oh, that thing,” Witsen explained. “I saw it already when we were running down. It’s a magical wall I’d say? What, that’s why I had the leisure to make fun of Karile, haha!”

 It was at that moment Witsen felt a chilly and terrifying presence behind him, causing him to shudder.

 “Wit… sen…!”

 He turned around and was met with a lady burning with rage.

 “Th… That… Karile, I… I… This is a misunderstanding! Don’t come over! What are you doing! Nooooooooo!”

 “Cheh…” Karile flexed her fingers and looked at Witsen who was down on the ground. A huge lump could be seen on the back of his head.

 “Ugh… Did you have to hit me so hard?!”

 “How are you gonna remember this if I don’t hit you hard enough?”

 “Ah…!” Plato unconsciously let out a sound as he looked at Karile.

 “Hm? What’s wrong, Plato?”

 “No… Nothing, haha! You two seem quite tight…” Plato waved his arms.

 “Hah? What did you just say?” Karile turned into a demon once again and slowly walked towards Plato.

 “Misunderstanding! It’s a misunderstanding alright! Big sis Karile!” Plato pleaded as he tumbled backwards.


 Plato seemed to have stepped on some sort of mechanism. The stone beneath him caved in and the entire cave began to shake again.

 “Uwah! Plato! What did you do!” Karile shouted.

 “I did nothing!”

 “Look, over there.” Witsen pointed at the wall, beckoning the other two to look over. An arched doorway opened up on the wall, and it was just big enough for the three of them to pass through.

 “Ew!” Karile pinched her nose and grumbled, “It stinks!”

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