Volume 2 Chapter 09

Volume 2 Chapter 9

Translator: SaltyTank

Editor: Chrof

 Looking at the pleading Karile, Witsen had no choice but to sit down besides her.

 “That, um… Can you lend me your lap…”

 How troublesome… Well, it’s fine…”

 Witsen adjusted his position a bit and let Karile’s head onto his lap. No matter when and where, the starry sky never failed to make people exclaim in awe. There were countless planets in the galaxy, but would the night sky still be such a wondrous scene on other planets? Would the stars still shine as brightly as they were now? Rays of moonlight gently showered onto Karile. Added with her faintly red cheeks from drinking, she was now a striking beauty. Witsen felt that his heart was falling for her, albeit just a little bit.

 “Hey, Witsen,” Karile talked like a kitten purring on its owner’s laps. “Why is the starry sky so pretty?”

 “The reason why it’s so pretty,” Witsen said while daringly caressing Karile’s wavy hair, just like soothing a depressed child, ever so slowly, ever so gently. Karile showed no signs of resisting. “Is because the stars each have their own backgrounds.”

 “Tell me the stars’ stories,” Karile whispered.

 “Not stories, but legends. When heroes meet their end, they will continue to shine as a star in the night sky.”

 “Then, are we legends ourselves?”

 “Perhaps.” Witsen chuckled. “But we don’t decide that ourselves. It’s the later generations who get to make that decision.”

 “Is that so…” Karile sighed and gazed upon the sky once more. “I was born during the old Atlantis dynasty. When the dragon riders revolted and destroyed the country, I was sent to the south. An old couple took care of me as I grew up.”

 “Wait, dragon riders. There are dragons here?” Witsen asked.

 “Hm? Of course not, haha, it’s just a nickname.”

 “If possible,” Witsen said while pretending to be serious. “I would really like to see the dragon riders.”

 “That’s impossible. The dragon riders were annihilated a century ago when the revolt was suppressed.”

 “A century ago, I see…” Witsen suddenly realised something was wrong. “You said you were…”

 “Hm?” Karile looked at him in confusion.

 “That means you’re over a hundred years old!” Witsen could not believe that the girl who seemed to be an eighteen-year-old was actually an old granny. “I…”

 Looking at Witsen’s shocked expression, Karile could no longer hold it in and broke out in laughter. “That was a lie, look at you, hahahahaha!” However, Witsen was too shocked about the “fact” that Karile was a granny and could not hear anything she said.

 “Hey, Witsen? Witsen! Pfft, did your brain go stupid?” Karile asked as she looked at Witsen’s rigid and shocked expression. It was like he was struck with a petrification spell. Seeing such, Karile did not hold back and slapped him on the face, pulling his soul back into his body.

 “Why’d you hit me!”

 “You turned into a retard, why not!”

 “Cheh, old granny.” Witsen shot Karile a look full of disdain.

 “Ha! Who’s the old granny you’re talking about!”

 “You, hundred-year-old granny!”

 “I’m just nineteen, you jerk!” Karile tried to knock Witsen on the head, but her hands were too short. The blow ended up on his face once again.

 “Woah! Painful! What, do you hold something against my face! You’ll have to take responsibility if you damage my handsome face!”

 “No one wants to take responsibility for you!”

 “Cheh! Unscrupulous.”

 “You’re the one who’s unscrupulous!”

 “Nope,” Witsen said while touching his chin. “Gotta make you pay for hitting me twice!”

 He launched an attack at Karile’s waist, tickling her.

 “Hahahahahaha, stop… Don’t tickle me… No no no stop hahahaha…” Karile wriggled inside her sleeping bag. “Hahaha! Can’t take this… hahaha… Stop… Just stop you bastard!!!”

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