Volume 2 Chapter 07

Volume 2 Chapter 7

Translator: SaltyTank

Editor: Chrof

 A blizzard roared throughout the northern region, ashy gray clouds enshrouding the skies. Without being complemented by rays of sunlight, the falling snowflakes lost their gracefulness and looked like flakes of pitch-black charcoal. The snowy tempest ravaged everything in its way, burying everything in its way with snow. No one could view into the distance under such circumstances, nor was there anything to see apart from darkness and snow.

 Outside the northern Gustav Fortress, the undead army leader was organising his troops. He could not wait to go across the great wall and search for their lord. Black represented death, and it was the perfect colour for their army. The coal-black undead stood on the plains outside their fortress, paying no heed to the raging blizzard. They were a force which could withstand the icy storm. Unlike weak mortals, this was nothing to them; the undead was the symbol of death itself after all.

 In Los Lanca, the elven country out of reach of the northern storm, Witsen and Karile were having a meeting with King Reintis.

 “Witsen right,” Reintis said. “You have a different aura around you. What’s your rune?”

 Witsen rolled up his sleeves to show his rune. Reintis grabbed his arm, then asked, “Omega, do you know it’s meaning?”

 “Yes,” Witsen replied. “The last letter, meaning ‘the end’.”

 “That is correct, but now I’m not too sure about its actual meaning.” Reintis let go of Witsen’s arm. “Which kind of end will you bring? The end of darkness, or the end of light.”

 “But aren’t the dark forces in the north eliminated already?” Karile asked.

 “No,” Reintis corrected her. “Not eliminated, but sealed away with ice, which means one day, they might appear once again. No one knows when, maybe even today. Witsen, Corona Borealis is glowing brighter by the day. The lords will appear at any moment, the one standing beside you is one of them. She represents hope and light, I pray that you will not be her dark counterpart.”

 At this moment, an elder barged into their meeting and shouted, “Reintis!”

 This person wore full armour, and the symbol of the alliance was engraved onto his chestplate. A longsword hung on his waist. The hilt was made with obsidian, and the words “The Northern Protectors” were engraved onto it. Reintis looked at the person and said, “Oh! Rawls, what brings you here, my friend.”

 “Something very important,” Rawls replied and shot glances at the two unfamiliar faces.

 “Don’t worry, they’re one of us. Oh, you might want to make the oath now too.” Reintis pointed at Karile. “She’s the Obsidian Princess.”

 “The Obsidian Princess…” Rawls was surprised, but he quickly regained his composure and kneeled in front of Karile. “The everlasting obsidian, the everlasting cycle. Thine has finally appeared, and thy stars shall descend once again.”

 “Alright, alright,” Reintis helped Rawls up and asked, “You’re in such a hurry to meet me, is something the matter?”

 “The North. Gustav Fortress and the undead legion are no longer icebound. I got back as fast as possible to bring you this news.”

 “As expected… Rawls, what about their numbers?”

 “My guess would be around a hundred thousand.”

 “A hundred thousand…” Reintis felt troubled. “What about the other kings?”

 “Only Atlantis took action. All the other countries merely scoffed at the news.”

 “A bunch of retards! Rawls, bring these two kids to Atlantis as quickly as possible. Find Karl, I still have something to do here.”

 “These two…”

 “Mr. Rawls, this is Witsen,” Plato said while pointing at Witsen. He then pointed at Karile and continued, “This is Karile, the one whom you’ve just made your oath to.”

 “Got it. Reintis, take care,” Rawls said.

 “Plato, go with Rawls,” Reintis added.

 The group rested in Los Lanca for a day before embarking on their new journey. Witsen’s mind was in turmoil; the more he knew, the more he didn’t know. Every answer was only branching to more and more questions.

 The person the group was looking for was Atlantis’ greatest mage. Only he had proved through his extraordinary talents and wisdom that elves were not the only ones that stood at the pinnacle of magic. The town which Witsen had been to before was in fact named after this great person.

 The road to Atlantis was not far, but to further save time, they decided to trek the Mountain of Demise. It snowed all year round, making the steep slopes even harder to climb. It was also said that a bunch of loathsome creatures resided in the mountain—gnomes. Some might mistake them for goblins, but that was not the point. These humanoid creatures were sly beings. They often lingered and hid around the path which people must follow, waiting for the chance to jump out and kill them. These monsters would gather their prey’s wealth then eat the body.

 Witsen’s group returned to the town before the Lion Mane Forest where Rawls bought horses for the group. Although the horses could not go over the mountain, it could at least preserve their strength and stamina before the trek.

 “Hey Plato, sing us a song,” Karile said.


 “Aren’t you a bard? Come on…”

 “No, no.” Plato shook his head. “I’m now a mage from Los Lanca.”

 “Hahaha,” Rawls also took part in the conversation. “You little brat became a bard?”

 “That was His Majesty’s order, now’s different.”

 “With that said, Plato, I haven’t actually heard you sing before anyways. One song won’t hurt,” Rawls delivered the final blow.

 “Even you… Sigh, fine.” Plato gave up in the end.

 “May twilight’s stars shine over you,

 May your heart stay pure and true,

 Even when darkness descends.

 Alone, you trudge on this lonely journey.

 Oh! How far away home is!

 Darkness soon arriving,

 Have faith and you will find your own path.

 Darkness has come forth,

 May hope survive its wrath.

 May the barrier of darkness soon dispel,

 May your journey proceed well.

 When the dark night passes,

 We shall see the sun arise.

 Darkness soon arriving,

 Have faith that you will find your own path.

 Darkness has come forth,

 May hope survive its wrath.”

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