Volume 2 Chapter 06

Volume 2 Chapter 6

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 “The Obsidian Princess!”

 Before her voice even faded, the engraving on the stone wall gave off a bright glow. Starting from the top, a crack appeared and gradually spread throughout the entire wall. Chunks of rocks tumbled their way to the ground, the wall slowly disintegrating. Witsen and Karile both took a step back to avoid getting hit.

 Clap, clap, clap…

 Plato clapped as he emerged from a nearby thicket. His clothing was now different from before; he now wore a blue cloak and a wizard hat, and had a longsword hung on his waist. His identity was no longer a mere bard, but a mage of Los Lanca.

 “Good, good. Quite smart, aren’t you. Welcome to Los Lanca.”

 Along with a loud bang, the stone hill completely collapsed to reveal the scenery of the mystic nation. The trees beyond the boundary were almost like skyscrapers, and aerial roots formed bridges between the trees. Blood elves built houses on the trees, and the aerial root bridges were basically the streets in a city. Tall elven soldiers donned in exquisitely crafted silver armour stood guard at the entrance with longspears in hand.

 Witsen was awestruck by the amazing view and could not speak. Karile tugged his arm and said, “Come on, Atlantis’ even more spectacular.”

 “Uh huh.”

 Karile dragged Witsen into Los Lanca. As soon as they entered, the path behind them vanished as if it was never there in the first place. It was replaced by the view of the city.

 “Hey Witsen!” Plato shouted. “Stop standing there like a dummy and follow me, Karile too.”

 At the same time, two of the Atlantis cavalry soldiers had arrived at their destination, the dwarven kingdom Winterley and the human kingdom Hansa. Both countries had the same reaction towards the news the cavalry had brought to them

 “Nonsense! Those monsters have been frozen for over five centuries! Stop with your delusions and get your arse back to Atlantis!” The kings replied and drove away the messengers.

 Back in Los Lanca, Karile and Witsen were following Plato further into the nation of trees. They walked over gigantic roots and crossed bridges; everything just seemed so tidy and in good order. At last, they finally reached their destination—the throne room.

 The ruler of Los Lanca, King Reintis, sat on the throne made of silver birch. He radiated a powerful yet graceful aura that was befitting his identity as a king. King Reintis smiled as he walked towards Karile and Witsen and stopped in front of them.

 Plato knelt before his king and reported, “My lord, I have brought them here as per your orders.”

 It turned out that their encounter with Plato was no mere coincidence, but was in fact an order from the king of the blood elves himself. Reintis nodded in response to Plato’s report, to which Plato stood up afterwards.

 “My friends who come from afar,” Reintis said to Witsen in a gentle voice. It was almost like a god who was speaking with his creations in a merciful tone. “What brings you to my nation? Is there something I could help you with?”

 It was only then did Witsen snap out of his trance. He quickly saluted the king and answered, “Your esteemed majesty, we are here to seek medical aid.”

 “Oh? For your pretty wife?”

 Karile’s face reddened upon hearing that.

 “Uh… It’s not like that, your majesty,” Witsen stuttered. “She’s, um, just a friend of mine.”

 “I see, but weren’t you holding hands just now? From what I know, holding hands with the opposite gender is quite an intimate act between you humans.”

 “Uh… That… Your majesty…”

 Reintis chuckled and said, “It’s fine, there’s no need to deny anything. Speak up, what kind of sickness does she have?”

 “Your majesty, my wi… my friend accidentally touched an obsidian,” Witsen answered, unaware of Karile whose face was as hot as the sun.

 “Obsidian? What does it look like? Tell me more about it.”

 “It’s a hexagonal obsidian with a rune engraved on it, beta to be precise.”

 Reintis’ expression turned stern as he turned to leave the throne room. The king ordered before leaving, “Plato! Bring them over to my place!”

 “Roger that,” Plato replied. He signalled the two and said, “Let’s go.”

 Under Plato’s lead, the two walked through the palace and finally arrived at a spacious balcony. In a sense, it was basically an outdoor parlour. Reintis was already waiting for them when the three arrived.

 “How did you know about the letter,” Reintis questioned Witsen. “That letter belonged to a language which has been lost thousands of years ago. How did you know about such a language?”

 “Uh…” Witsen hesitated as he thought about what to answer. He could not be honest with it and tell the king that he learnt ancient greek through textbooks and wikipedia after all. “I learnt about it in a dream.”

 “In a dream, huh,” Reintis laughed and said. “Well I won’t force you then. Both of you are unordinary, which is why I ordered Plato to bring you here in the first place.” He turned to look at Karile and asked, “You’re Karile right?”

 “Yes,” Karile replied.

 “You call yourself a ranger, but you’re actually the Obsidian Princess. Is that right?”

 “Y… Yes.”

 “Very well.” Reintis suddenly knelt in front of Karile.

 “This… this this this is…” Karile panicked as she looked at Witsen. She was at a loss as to what to do.

 “Don’t speak,” Reintis said. “The everlasting obsidian, the everlasting cycle. Thine has finally appeared, and thy stars shall descend once again.”

 Reintis then stood up and looked straight at Karile’s eyes. “If you wish to regain power, you will have to fully accept who you really are.”


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