Volume 2 Chapter 02

Volume 2 Chapter 2

Translator: SaltyTank

Editor: Chrof

 Karile’s sobs struck Witsen like punches. It has been said saving one’s heart and mind was way harder than saving the world, not to mention that he knew close to nothing about her. As a person born in a typical family, Witsen knew he simply could not understand how crushing the weight of fate was. He had no choice but to caress her in an attempt to soothe her.

 After crying for a while, Karile returned to her former self, the cheerful teenage girl. However, it was indeed true that Witsen did not know Karile well. If the boss had been there, he would have instantly noticed that Karile had finally let go of her burden. She had never been as relaxed and calm as she was right now in her entire life.

 “Hah? What?!” Karile jumped up after Witsen told her what the boss had said. “I can’t use magic anymore?!”

 “If you use it again, you might die.”

 “Ugh…” Karile was apparently frustrated, but she soon put up a somewhat haughty expression and said, “Then I can only teach you. With your petty skills, you can’t even fight a troll.”

 “Understood, instructor.”

 Soon after, Witsen rented a carriage and asked for directions from the boss, who gave him a map and pointed out their route. In order to cure Karile’s sickness, they were going to seek aid from the blood elves who lived deep inside the forests. They were great magic craftsmen and were masters of magic. It was even said that the blood elves could solve any problems as long as they were related to mgic.

 “This valley is pretty dangerous. If possible, it may be better to take a detour and travel through the plains.”

 Witsen drove the carriage while Karile rested at the back. Just like that, they left Karl and headed to the major road which connected the North and the South.

 At the same time, an energy was gathering and reviving in the ever-frozen icefield in the North. Its, no, their master had finally acknowledged their presence. Countless undead broke out from the frozen soil and breathed out dark mist. On top of the highest hill, their leader had appeared. He looked down from above, witnessing the rebirth of millions of undead.

 “Warriors!” The leader spoke, his voice resounding throughout the icefield. As though his voice had the power of a necromancer, all the undead looked at him. “Our lord has finally returned!”

 Every undead roared upon hearing such great news. They roared and roared, their morale and battle intent rising through the roof. No army would be able to replicate such a spectacle. Just the noise alone would be able to make any living being feel terror from the bottom of their hearts.

 The leader nodded in satisfaction. He unsheathed the sword on his waist and stabbed it into the ground. The sword shattered the ice, which soon spread throughout the entire hill. The shattered ice slowly collapsed to reveal a black structure—an obsidian castle. The castle that was once frozen finally saw the light of day, awaiting for its lord’s return.

 The undead rushed towards the castle, some even crushed by the mini avalanche, but they did not stop their charge. Forming stairs with their very own body, the undead climbed up the castle walls. Soon enough, some of them managed to get inside and open the main gates. In the blink of an eye, the obsidian castle was in the possession of the undead.

 The leader of the undead walked towards the throne room and kneeled before the throne. He stabbed his sword into a hole that seemed to be tailor-made for it in the ground and pushed it downwards.


 The gears beneath the ground started to turn. After a while, another click could be heard. This time, the ground started to tremble. Walls began to surface outside the castle, and the castle itself was also rising. The throne was surrounded in a violet aura that gradually turned brighter as the castle rose.

 When the transformation was finally over, the castle had already turned into a city. The throne shot out a bright violet ray, so bright that it seemed to have blasted through the heavens. Immediately afterwards, grey clouds gathered and enshrouded the icefield in darkness. Purple lightning flickered within the clouds.

 An aura of fear rushed out from the castle towards every direction. It was the messenger that brought the news that they were back to the world.

 The duo travelled for a whole day, and dusk soon came, meaning it was time to stop and take a rest. Fortunately, there was a motel not far away. To be precise, it was more like a relay station where people could stay for the night. These stations provide a place for travellers to stay and restock their supplies.

 Given its location, the prices would certainly be high, but there was always demand in the middle of a major travelling route. With great profits also come great risks though; these stations were not under the protection of the armies of any city, meaning the owners had to deal with any situation that may arise themselves. Regardless, some people would take the risk as long as there was profit to be made.

 Witsen stopped the carriage next to the relay station.

 “Let’s rest here for the night.”

 “Okay.” Karile nodded and leapt off the carriage.


 Experiencing a headache out of the blue, Witsen held his head in pain.

 “What is it?!” Karile hurriedly rushed over after noticing something was wrong.

 “Nothing, go get us a room. I have to tie the horses,” Witsen said as he walked away to the simple stables.

 What the hell was that feeling just now…

 Witsen was suspicious of what he had just felt, but he didn’t care about it too much. Not that thinking about it would give any answers either. With that in mind, he walked into the relay station after tying up the horses.

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