Volume 2 Chapter 11

Volume 2 Chapter 11

Translator: SaltyTank

Editor: Chrof

 Noises grew louder and louder throughout the valley. Olive-green monsters that had been hiding behind large rocks popped out one after another. With short, flimsy limbs and a large stomach, the pointy-eared goblins looked like nothing but evil beings.

 “Prepare for battle!” Rawls shouted.

 The team immediately readied and pointed their weapons towards the incoming monsters. Both sides were in a standoff until a courageous yet foolish goblin attacked. It leapt towards Rawls with a dagger in hand, and was met with a longsword which sliced it in two. Gooey green blood splattered across the ground. Seeing their comrade’s ‘valiant’  sacrifice, the goblins no longer held back and charged in as a group.

Battle is a dangerous and cruel thing. One has to be alert the entire time; just a single attack is enough to end a life. Rawls, who had been training for combat situations his whole life, was used to these scenarios. He danced and weaved through the goblins, slaughtering them like pigs sent to a slaughterhouse. His blade quickly eviscerated the goblins faster than Witsen could count them.

 The pesky goblins were no match for Rawls, but their tiny brains were smart enough to notice that Witsen and Plato were not familiar with fighting. The monsters distanced themselves from Rawls and tried their best to avoid Karile’s arrows as they swarmed towards the two inexperienced fighters. With a staff and sword in hand, Plato fought in close proximity with the goblins despite being a mage. Close quarter combat was not his forte, but he was still skilled enough to fend off the goblins.

 “Witsen! Behind!”

 Plato’s warning was just in time for Witsen to realise a goblin was sneaking around and was about to backstab him. He immediately turned and cut down the goblin, foiling its plan.

 “Dammit, what’s with their numbers!” Karile shouted while shooting arrows one after another. She reached for another arrow from her quiver, but it was already empty.

 “I’m out of arrows!” She yelled before unsheathing the two daggers hung on her waist belt.

 “Karile, are you a ranger or assassin?” Plato teased her.

 “Having more skills don’t hurt,” Karile answered cooly. ” Rawls, I can use magic, right?”

 Rawls replied as he stabbed another goblin, “Sure! It’s not my magic anyways.”

 Witsen, however, was reminded of her condition upon hearing the word ‘magic’.

 “I thought you couldn’t use magic anymore?”

 Karile pulled out a small vial and shook it.

 “Got this from Reintis.” She then emptied the vial in one gulp. “Felink!”

 The cobblestone on the ground vibrated and joined together to form a humanoid armed with an obsidian sword.

 “Now the numbers are about right.” Karile pointed at the stone golem and ordered, “Go wreak some havoc!”

 Witsen also plunged his sword into the ground while shouting, “Everyone out of the way!”

 Karile recalled her fight with Witsen; she knew he was about to use the same spell again. She quickly grabbed Plato and hid behind a boulder. “Rawls! Fire spell incoming!”

 “Got it!” Rawls who had been slaughtering the goblins also retreated and hid himself.

 Noticing everyone was ready, Witsen finally chanted the spell. “Fiater.”

 A ring of fire spread out with Witsen as its centre. The flames roared and engulfed the surrounding goblins, burning them into cinders. The green blood covering the ground boiled from the heat, and the resulting smell was disgusting. Other goblins trembled as they stepped back with fear in their beady eyes.

 “Enough, enough! Witsen! Too damn hot!” Karile yelled and flailed her arms. Even after hiding behind the boulder, the heat was almost suffocating. It was only then did Witsen pull his sword out from the ground, extinguishing the flames. All goblins had already fled, and those that got left behind were nothing but ash.

 The three patted the dust and ashes off their clothes and went to Witsen.

 “Witsen, it’s good you stopped at the right time. My old bones probably can’t take it if you go further, you know.”

 “Sorry, sorry,” Witsen scratched his head as he apologised.

 “Alright, now’s not the time to relax,” Rawls continued. “They’ll be back for sure. We better get out of here before they do.”

 The team sheathed their weapons and continued their journey.

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