Volume 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1 Chapter 7

Translator: SaltyTank

Editor: Chrof

 I looked over to the window, and just like Karile had said, there was someone there. We immediately prepared for combat. Karile took out her bow, and I held the piece of obsidian, which could turn into a sword, within my palm. The window slowly opened, and a person jumped into the room. As expected, it was him, the masked man.

 Anyone who knew about fighting would know that compared to making the first move without knowing about the enemy, defending and counter-attacking was a better move. Furthermore, there’s two of us. As long as I block the first strike, Karile would surely pierce him with her arrow. I glanced at Karile and noticed that something about her was wrong. Perhaps she could not feel it herself, but I could see it clearly; her hand on the bowstring was trembling. To a ranger, not having steady hands was a fatal mistake.

 The intruder spoke as he entered.

 “Oi, Karile. You’re as vigilant as ever.”

 “Eh?” Karile muttered, startled.

 “Put that bow down, put it down,” the masked man said as he took the bandages off his face, revealing a handsome yet weary face. The dark circles under his eyes looked somewhat unnatural.

 “Visage! Why are you here?” Karile apparently knew the uncle in front of us, but she still held her bow tightly, no, she pulled the bowstring even harder. “Shouldn’t you be in prison?”

 “I, um, escaped,” Visage put both his hands up in the air to indicate he had no hostility.

 “He must be a fake. Be careful,” Karile whispered.


 I held the obsidian in my palm tightly and transformed it into a sword.

 “Hey hey, don’t be so tense now,” Visage said as he circled towards the desk near the fireplace.

 “Don’t mo…”

 Before Karile could finish, Visage dived towards the table and grabbed the obsidian on the desk.


 The obsidian started to give off black smoke and a violet glow. Karile let go of her bowstring, firing the arrow at Visage. I thought she had struck the target, but the arrow struck the wall behind with a thud. No, she did hit the fake Visage, but the arrow passed right through him as if he was smoke and struck the wall.

 “Useless, huh. Then…” Karile stabbed the bow into the floor and chanted, “Felink!”

 The floor trembled as the wooden planks wriggled and bundled together to form humanoids, ready to strike the enemy at any time.

 “Che, what a tough opponent. I got what I needed anyways, so I’m off.”

 The fake Visage ran towards the window and threw his leather coat at me. I reflexively slashed at the coat, and by the time the coat was cut into two halves, he was already gone.


 I did not pursue the man, because Karile was kneeling on the ground while taking deep gasps. The priority here was to save my ally, not to blindly charge at the enemy. I carried her over to the bed. Looking at her appearance, it seemed she had overexerted herself and ran out of stamina, but that was clearly not the case. It was the piece of obsidian that stole her energy and vitality.

 “Are you alright?” I asked despite knowing it was pointless.

 How could she be alright? She was gasping for air while her forehead was burning hot. Someone knocked on the door at that moment.


 “I’m the boss of this place.” It was indeed the boss’ voice. “What the hell are you guys doing, making so much noise?!”

 “Nothing, nothing.”

 “Open up, where’s Karile?! Karile!”

 Against the boss who kept knocking and shouting, I could only open the door for him. He probably had back up keys anyways.

 “This…” The boss looked at the wooden soldiers and seemingly understood what had happened, then sighed. “Where’s Karile?”

 I did not think too much about it and pointed at thewho was lying on the bed. He walked over to have a look, then sighed as he left the room and signalled me over. What he said afterwards showed that the boss knew a lot about her.

 “You let her touch the obsidian, right?”

 I was flabbergasted. How did he know?


 “If I’m not wrong, you’ll have to go find the blood elves now,” the boss replied.

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